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Big Brother 14 -- Bye Bye Brittany?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Will Dan's Plan Work?

Julie Chen began the show with a pretty sickening monologue about Dan being the greatest Big Brother player ever because of what he did. I've watched Dan in his Diary Room interviews and the dude is a pretty big braggart. He wanted to cause a big scene. I will give him credit for the fact he recognizes that the people in this game are damn dumb. It's like he waved a shiny ball in front of their eyes my flattering them and then trashing Danielle to distract them and while they were staring at the pretty shiny ball mesmerized, they didn't even really he slipped upstairs with Frank. Even after Brittany went up on the chopping block, I'm not sure if they realized he threw them all under the bus. Like I said when Evel Dick did his cringe-inducing rant through the house; it wouldn't have worked without the right sort of people in the house. If the people in the house weren't so dumb it wouldn't have worked.

Brittany's pet rat had a fit about his queen being nominated. It's hilarious that the only person he's actually been loyal to is the person that threw him under the bus to Boogie and Frank so she wouldn't get blamed for Shane putting Frank on the block. The Rat was trying to claim to Frank that he had his back until he put his beloved Brittany on the block. Give it up, Rat, no one is buying you're loyal to anyone but your new blonde crush.

Dan sat smirking in the Have Not room as Frank told the Rat that he was nothing but a little sneak, which the Rat had a fit about to the point he kept giving Frank the middle finger when his back was turned. Frank brought up how Boogie saved his ungrateful butt the first week and how Boogie gave him money. I almost wished this little slug could have been given the boot instead of the super-annoying Brittany.

Meanwhile, Brittany got bombed and went on a rant about what an evil rat Dan was. Danielle kept pretending she didn't know anything about this. She was still pissed off at Daddy Rat, as she called him a Judas before the live vote.

The only one who voted for her to stay way her loyal little rat, Ian. He even vowed in his goodbye speech that he would take down Frank for what he did to her. And this is what I mean about dumb. The person she blamed for this was Dan, so if he wants to avenge her eviction he should go after Dan. But this isn't really about avenging Brittany, it's about getting back at Frank for calling him out for the low down little sneak that he truly is. Rats and roaches scurry and hide when a light is turned on them. They don't like being exposed for who they are.

I thought Brittany's goodbye interview was kind of telling. She basically said Shane was a mindless puppet who would latch on to someone else to tell him what to do. And this is the guy that remained loyal to her throughout the competition and allowed her to get him to do all the dirty work, while she stayed in the shadows acting all innocent.

America seems to loathe Boogie, but he was the only coach that actually was loyal to the people he picked. When Janelle got the boot, she didn't hope any of her players might win it all; she said she hoped Dan would win it all. And now Brittany saying that the last player she picked and who did all her dirty work for her was just a mindless puppet. Real nice.

Once the dust settled from Brittany's departure, the house guests start an endurance contest that seems catered so a certain scrawny little rat can win it all and enact his revenge for the ouster of his fair lady. House guests had to balance on a thin perch while they were rotated in a circle and bumped by planets or meteors or whatever they were. Someone top heavy like Jenn and Joe or muscular like Shane would have a difficult time not falling, while the bird-like Ian wouldn't have any problems to staying on it. As I watched I even saw Big Brother slow Ian's perch down so the obstacle that would hit him wouldn't jar him and would only gently tap him. The fix is definitely in for this rodent to win.

Tonight, will learn who won the HOH, but I think we all know who that will be. Then we'll have to endure this nasty little rodent strutting around with his chest puffed out like he's the ruler of the roost. Oh, joy!


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