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Big Brother 14 -- Coaches Choice

Updated on July 12, 2012

The charcoal has gone out on the barbecue and the fireworks have faded from the sky. It's that time again. It's time for a new round of Big Brother.

The new houseguests are:













They're let in the house in three groups of four to call dibs on the beds.




and Frank get to enter first.

They're followed by:




and Danielle.

The last group is:




and JoJo.

The houseguests get to know each other and go round the circle introducing themselves. Some lie and some are honest about who they really are and what they really do.

Wil goes first. He's a creative marketing consultant.

Willie [may or may not be someone who loads and unloads tanker. What he is is Russell Hantz's brother. When asked about being related to Russell he lies. I don't know what CBS's obsession is with the Hantz's. They all look like they've been dipped too deeply in the creepy pool.

Ian thinks Willie is related to Russell. So the fool may as well just admit who he is. People are already figuring it out.

Joe is a chef. He claims he can even make slop taste good.

Danielle lies that she's a kindergarten teacher when she's actually a nurse. I think it's a dumb lie. I doubt anyone would feel a nurse is some big threat unless she's got a syringe and trying to give them all a shot.

Jodi just got married and now has five kids.

Ashley is a spray-tan tech.

Ian is a chemical engineer.

Frank is unemployed

Jodi thinks Frank is lying and hiding something.

JoJo is a bartender.

Jenn is a musician/DJ.

Kara is a model.

and Shane is a carpenter who flips houses. If you watch TLC you know what that means. It's someone who buys a house, remodels it and tries to sell it for a profit.

Already, Willie seems like Russell Jr.

The Chen announces that four former BB players will come into the houses as coaches for the current houseguests. She bills the coaches as the greatest players ever. Sorry, I don't even remember half of them.

The coaches/returning players are:

Dan, Britney, Boogie and Janelle. Sorry, they had a choice of bringing back Evel Dick and Dr. Will and they picked Dan and Britney instead?

Frank reveals in the Diary Room he doesn't want to be on Team Britney.

Boogie wonders how he and Janelle will get on since they have some bad history.

Dan asks Willie if he's some relative of Russell's and Willie lies. Boogie and Janelle figure out he's related to Russell, as well, and neither plan to pick him for their teams.

The Chen announces another twist to the game. The houseguests were sent invitations and not keys because there's only eleven keys and one of them will be leaving, tonight. The coach of the losing team will decide which houseguest on his team leaves.

Dan chooses Kara, Danielle and Jodi for his team.

Britney chooses Willie, Shane and JoJo for her team.

Boogie chooses Frank, Ian and Jenn.

And Janelle chooses Wil, Ashley and Joe.

On a personal note Janelle and Britney have both gotten married since they were last on the show. And Boogie has had a child, but is still declaring himself the best player in Big Brother history. Sorry dude, riding on Will's coattails doesn't make you the best.

The Chen instructs the houseguests to get in their PJ's. The first HOH comp is about to begin. Instead of competing individually, this time they'll be competing as teams.

The comp seems pretty easy on the surface. You have to walk across three mattresses to grab a teddy bear and bring it back to where your team is and place it on the shelf. When you have three on your shelf you have to go across the mattresses again and ring a bell.

However, this is Big Brother, and they always like to add some nasty twists. Like one mattress spins and another is like a seesaw and if you don't jump far enough on it you get knocked to the floor and have to start all over again.

I was hoping Team Britney would lose in the hopes we'd get rid of Russell Jr. right off the bat, but she won and to make matters worse appointed Willie Head Of Household. It isn't long before he's declaring that he's running the game. I don't think Britney gets who he really is and she said she made him HOH because she thinks he needs to be able to make deals and get a firmer foothold in the house.

All the coaches are competing for a $100,000 prize if one of their team members win the game.

Janelle comes in second

Boogie comes in third.

Dan is last and he has to choose who has to go. I knew who he'd pick before he even said it. Jodi says Danielle gave up too easily in the game and Danielle says she believes Jodi could be a troublemaker. In the end Dan keeps the pretty Danielle who has a nice figure and gets rid of Jodi who is slightly overweight.

Ian thinks it was a cruel twist that Jodi got dumped before she even got a chance to play the game.

While watching the show I couldn't help doing a compare and contrast between Big Brother and The Glass House. Watching this show, you can really feel just how claustrophobic The Glass House is. It was nice seeing the players having some control over their own destines unlike TGH where everything is decided by the viewers. If I had to say which show I prefer, it would probably be Big Brother.


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    • EFranz13 profile image

      EFranz13 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

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    • EFranz13 profile image

      EFranz13 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      I'm new to HubPages.

      Please check out my BB14 Hub when you get a chance and see what you think about my "first impressions" of the HouseGuests! :)

    • EFranz13 profile image

      EFranz13 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      Great wrap-up!

      I'm new to HubPages (3 days) Please check out my BB14 Hub when you get a chance and see what you think about my "first impressions" of the HouseGuests! :)

    • sam3m profile image

      sam3m 5 years ago from New York

      thanks for the summary. i missed it. foolishly watched a news/political program.