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Big Brother 14 -- Double Eviction Night!

Updated on August 26, 2012

Who went home and who went to the Jury House?

Yes, it was that time of the Big Brother season for a Double Eviction. And although Boogie tried his best, he couldn't save himself, this time.

It was actually painful watching Boogie confiding in The Rat and never guessing the little stool pigeon was repeating every word he said. Needless to say, if Wil had been in the same position with The Rat he would have seen through him and watched what he said. Boogie's biggest failing was trusting people too much. Especially, this little rodent who wouldn't even still be in the game if Boogie hadn't save him the first week. While Frank was Boogie's number one boy, I think The Rat came in a close second. Jenn, I think Boogie regretted choosing from the moment she just laid on the mattress like a beached whale in the first HOH competition, not doing anything as the timer ran out.

Some of the house guests gave me an unexpected laugh over some of their antics and self-delusions. Like Jenn going from house guest to house guest telling them you don't want to mess with me. I'm fearsome, man. I'll be all over them like a freaking tornado. And she followed up that boasting about how fearsome she was with nothing. It was like someone talking about the fish that got away. She's all talk and no action.

Then there was Danielle sitting with Britney declaring that Boogie was terrorizing the house. Oh, honey, that wasn't terrorizing. Watch the episode of Big Brother where Evel Dick was going through the house in a tirade. Now that was terrorizing the house hold. All Boogie was doing was trying to bait Dan who did what he's done through most of the game: nothing.

Finally, in The Rat's goodbye message to Boogie he took credit for signal handedly backdooring Boogie. The little stooge is a legend in his own mind. He did what all rats do. He spilled his guts to the enemy and then hid in the shadows while someone else took the fall for him. Shane was the one who went after Boogie, not little cowardly Ian. Sorry, kid, you're just vermin he backstabbed every person in the game that ever trusted you for a group of people that will throw you under the bus as soon as your usefulness to them comes to an end.

Before Boogie exited the house, The Rat whispered something to him that tipped Boogie off that he was the enemy, and warned Frank that Ian was not to be trusted. Boogie actually took it good-naturedly when Ian revealed how he was a rat for the other team, and said it was just part of the game.

Then it was time for the HOH competition which was trivia on the game. The Rat won it, but he wouldn't get getting his own HOH room or anytime to bask in he sun. He had to pick two people to nominate right on the spot. It was absolutely hilarious how fast Kentucky Joe attached himself to The Rat. They made some sort of deal, not sure what it was. It was no surprise when The Rat put up Frank for eviction, but it was a bit of a shock that Kentucky Joe was chosen as the other nominee.

Then it was time for the POV competition. I actually cheered when Frank won. A show with the Rat's Pack picking off everyone until they finally turned on each other was not something to look forward to. Frank, of course, takes himself off the block, and The Rat proceeds to backstab someone else who trusted him: Ashley. He could have easily nominated Jenn in Frank's place, but since he didn't I wondered if te gutless wonder was afraid that Jenn might not be evicted and he was afraid of the empty boasts she made about hwo fearsome she is.

Ashley might have also become his target because she made it clear she wasn't interestd in him, so he had no further use for her. Ashley foolishly believed The Rat was her friend. Well, so did Boogie. I know The Rat thinks he's coming out as some show super villain, but he's coming off as a lowlife loser whose stabbing everyone in the back who were stupid enough to trust him.

Frank, who proves he' a better man than The Rat, tries his best to make a deal with Twitney and her puppet to save Ashley, but they vote her out. Frank is completely disgusted by what they did to Ashley and he lets them all know what he thinks of them. Basically they're all basically pond scum.

And so ended Double Eviction Night. Ashley became the first member of the jury. As much as I'd love to see The Rat be the next one out the door, Ashley is a nice girl who doesn't deserve to be stuck alone with that rodent for a whole week.


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