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Big Brother 14 -- Eviction Night -- August 16, 2012

Updated on August 17, 2012

There were no real surprises on tonight's episode. The sheep in the house baaed like they were told to and voted out the person the HOH wanted them to vote out. Even though they learned the HOH almost betrayed the alliance by trying to back door one of their own. And thus went the only other player aside from Boogie who actually acts like he has a brain and actually thinks. Actually, Wil was better at reading people than the Boogster, as he could figure out things without even knowing anything and he knew when someone was conning him, unlike Boogie.

The Chen did a special piece on Kentucky Joe. Since it was pretty obvious Wil would be going home, I don't know why he wasn't the one who got the special piece instead. Maybe they want us to find find this loud mouthed douche bag likable. Wouldn't be surprised, since Big Brother is the most manipulative reality show on TV. Sorry, not going to happen. Watching this slug have a choice for anyone would could play for the Veto and he picks a woman who has been in intense physical pain to make her compete just showed what kind of creep this guy truly is. And his goodbye message to Wil just sealed the deal. In the word of Weird Harold [I think it was] from the old cartoon Fat Albert and the Crosby Kids, "No class."

Other events in The House before the live eviction was a date between Ashley and Frank. She took the initiative and asked him out. Ian the rat had a fit about it, acting like he owns her or something or like he actually has a chance with her. Shane may not be the only one who needs to take a restraining order out once they leave the house. If the little rat had known that Ashley and Frank had necked, who knows what the little worm would have done next.

You almost have to laugh. Big Brother is desperate for some kind of showmance, but none of the house guests are cooperating. Shane won't put out for Danielle. They evens scraped the bottom of the barrel trying to build up Ashley and The Rat into some kind of real life Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. And since Frank is most likely to get the boot if it isn't Boogie, there goes there hope for a Frank and Ashley showmance. But they only have themselves to blame. I think this whole coach twist just thrown the entire game off. They even had to resort to bringing back Jeff to talk about his relationship with Jordan and showing their showmance is still going strong.

The vote went down in a predictable fashion. Jenn and Ashley voted to give the ever annoying Kentucky Joe the boot and the rest voted to give Wil the boot just as Frank and Boogie wanted, even though Frank thought about betraying them. Baa baa baa. That's the sound of the sheep doing what they're told to do.

It seems Big Brother has to include one nasty goodbye message this season, since to the best of my memory every out-going house guest has got some nasty goodbye message. Kentucky Joe the braying donkey was the nasty one going on about how Wil betrayed Janelle. Even if Wil hadn't voted for Janelle, she still would have gotten the boot. Boogie, to my surprise, actually left a somewhat classy goodbye wishing they could have worked together. One of the live feeds site said Kentucky Joe is on Big Brother in hopes of getting himself a cooking show on TV. Maybe he isn't aware there are actual reality shows for that called Hells Kitchen and Master Chef. Perhaps he should have tried getting on one of them, but they would require he worked his butt off, opposed to working his mouth off.

The Chen also revealed to viewers that next week will be a Double Eviction. Something the house guests aren't aware of. We could see both Frank and Boogie walking out the door. The HOH comp this week will be an endurance competition. House guests have to walk back and forth over a patch of slippery ice [or at least that's what it looked like] to fill up a jug with liquid. They actually have three choices of jugs to fill up: HOH, safety and $10,000.

Maybe Boogie grew weary of Frank after all the trouble he had to get Frank not to go after Dan, but instead of going for the HOH jug to protect his boy, he went right for the $10,000. Boogie seems to be the only one in the house that gets they're there to make as much money as possible. Dan and Britney go for safety from being nominated. Ashley tries going for safety, too, but she's moving so slow so she doesn't hurt her back, she's really no competition.

Sunday we'll learn who wins HOH and who is up for eviction. Think it's a no brainer that one of those people will be Frank.


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