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Big Brother 14 -- Eviction Night -- Will It Be The Queen Be Or Unitard Man?

Updated on August 10, 2012

Tonight was the night we'd find out is the Boogster's plot to get Janelle evicted would work. Or would the Silent Six crumble and decide to finally get the Frankster out of the house? But first...

Everyone reacts to Janelle being nominated. Wil is thrilled. Not only is he off the hot seat, Janelle has been put on it. It's win-win for him.

Boogie can't stop braying, per usual. He declares he took Danielle's HOH from her and got everyone to do what he wanted. While Boogie's egotism is cringe-worthy, he's got a point. Danielle really hasn't owned her HOH win; she's been Dan's puppet doing with Dan told her to do.

Janelle comes up to Danielle to find out, "What's up?" Danielle claims everyone warned her that Janelle was out to get her, while Janelle claims Danielle wasn't on her radar. Which is actually the truth, since Janelle has been out to get Frank, even though Frank hasn't really done that much in the house to be a threat. I think it was more because she knew how attached Boogie was to Frank and by getting Frank out she'd be sticking it to Boogie. Janelle tells Danielle she made a mistake.

Dan talks to Janelle and claims he was totally taken by surprise by what Danielle did. Claims it must be a girl instinct type of thing. Dan says if a coach goes then he's screwed. Janelle goes trolling for votes and everyone lies that they'll be voting to keep her. So, Janelle feels she has the votes to stay.

Britney says Janelle makes her feel horrible and now is thinking of changing her vote. You know, Britney can save her crocodile tears and claims she's just not this type of person to do this to someone. She had no problem doing it to Frank and with a smile on her face. And all the talk about not telling Janelle what they were going to do to her; they did exactly the same to Frank, and none of them had a problem with it. It's just the same game with a different victim this week.

The Chen interviews the house guests. Boogie says he feels better about the twist now. I'm sure he does. He and his boy Frank were at the bottom of the deck and because of his clever re-shuffle they're not sitting at the top.

Then The Chen does a piece where Big Brother is trying to sell Ian and Ashley as Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. They show footage of Ian being a dog and Ashley leading him around on a leash. Then they interview their respective families. Ian's mommy thinks his intelligence could be considered a bad thing in the game. From Ian's mommy's comment about Ian liking intelligent girls, I don't think she's Pro-Ishley. But Ashley's mommy seems to be when she says Ashley goes for hot guys that don't treat her as well as Ian does. Poor Big Brother. They're so desperate for a showmance they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, this time.

It's time for the vote: Frank says he's tried to play it classy even though his name has been dragged through the mud. He's also still wearing that ugly uni-tard or spirit-tard as it's being called. The votes go 8-1 for Janelle's eviction. The only one who remains loyal to her is Kentucky Joe.

The Chen interviews Janelle afterwards. Janelle says everyone wanted to back door her because she's such a great player. She still wants Frank out. Says he's too strong of a player. Sorry, Janelle, just not seeing it. The only reason he's there and you're gone is because of Boogie. Frank also didn't have a clue he was about to be back-doored the previous week. It's why I'm Team Wil The guy knows when he's being played, unlike Frank. When The Chen brings up Janelle's Waterloo moment of not saying anything when Boogie put her on the spot about throwing one of her players under the bus, she says she didn't want to do that to one of her people. Yet, she expected Boogie to do that to one of his players. I actually think it was more she didn't want it getting around the house she was willing to throw one of her people under the bus. I think it spoke volumes that when she was asked who she wants to win it all she picked Dan instead of one of her players. She also doesn't think Boogie can win it, again, and on that I agree.

Dan and Britney leave nice goodbye messages for her saying they're sorry about this, but Boogie brays and cackles and flashes a Chilltown T-Shirt at her, which has quite a few obscenities comings from Janelle's mouth. But the truth is the truth; Boogie did it to her again. He got her out of the house before she could get him out. Game set and match.

Next, it's on to the new HOH competition. It's called Big Brother's Battle Of The Bands. Two house guests compete against each other as they listen to a song and try to figure out which HOH, Coach or Veto Competition the song is alluding to her. When Boogie goes up against Frank he totally throws it by buzzing in before the song even plays. It turned out to be a good move, since Frank with the HOH comp and is crowned new HOH.

Of course, the question is who will Frank nominate? Will he remain true to the Silent Six alliance or will he break his alliance as so many others have broken their alliances with him? If he stays true to his alliance he has a limited pool of people to put up:



Kentucky Joe



I think since Kentucky Joe was the only one who wasn't brought in on the plan to back door Janelle, he's a pretty safe bet.


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