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Big Brother 14: Finale Foolishness

Updated on September 20, 2012


The Evil Genius Was Robbed

Well, I figured I could give my opinion on the Big Brother finale from last night. I'm no fan of Janelle but she hit the nail on the head, if Dan doesn't win this game it would be a travesty. And he didn't win. And it IS a travesty. Here's why....

Ian did a great many things in this game that pushed him ahead. He won competitions and his entire social game completely changed from the awkward kid on Day 1 to the strong person he became in the house. However, in the end, he stabbed his own alliances and friends in the back (which is fine, but...) and allowed DAN to take almost all of the heat for it. He was completely enfolded in the Quack Pack who covered his butt over and over and his insistence that he made his own decisions is just plain foolish. Britney controlled his decisions and that's why she was targeted by Dan in the first place.

This isn't to say that I dislike Ian, I just don't think he desrved to win over Dan. If he had evicted Dan and taken Danielle to the final two, I think the feeling in the jury is that she didn't do much in this game but ride Dan's coattails (which is predominantly true). She did win some competitions and she did get Janelle out of the house. But Ian and Dan did more, a lot more, which is why Dan in particular had problems trying to win the game.

I don't think the jury was mad at the lying and backstabbing, I think you have to understand it's a game and that's one way to play it. I think Dan's downfall, in the end, came on the constant swearing on the most important things in his life that so angered the other players. Without taking an official count, Dan put alomst all of the jury in place and lied to most of them in order to do it. But swearing on the Bible, your wife, your grandfather's cross, etc. sent the wrong message once the jury understood how he was playing everyone.

Completely off track: The producers used to show us when jury members arrived and the new member showed the highlights of the week. I don't know why we don't get to see that anymore but it was interesting to see this in the past. Shane's curiosity about whether Danielle knew anything about Dan's plan to evict him really should not have had to play out on the finale. Why doesn't he have highlights to know that Danielle was crushed when Dan evicted him?

All in all, I think Dan was absolutely robbed of the win. He beat everyone in this house, he knocked out all of the big players except Boogie and Janelle, he completely played everyone and it's a shame the jury couldn't see just how much he did in the house.

I was happy to see Frank will America's Choice for $25,000 and I bet we see some of these players again, either on future Big Brother seasons or in TV somewhere. This turned out to be a very entertaining season though I still stand by my earlier opinion that the Coaches twist was a waste and didn't really work the way they thought it would.


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