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Big Brother 14 -- HOH Comp And Noms And The Return Of Pandora's Box

Updated on August 29, 2012

Big Brother 14 – HOH And Nominations

I saw a lot of people complaining because Frank reamed everyone in the house out for their treachery, but I loved every moment of it and was cheering Frank on. All these people walk around the house getting away with their garbage and it was a thing of beauty to hear each and every one of them called on their garbage.

The one that killed me is Mama Rat Britney telling Frank not to yell at the Baby Rat Ian. Seems The Snitch is fine sneaking around behind people’s backs ratting them out and hiding behind people and letting them take the blame for him, but when it comes time for his victims to confront him he scurries away to some dark hole he can hide in. Hence the name, The Rat.

Frank realized he was lone man on the totem pole so he tried to make an alliance with Mama Rat. She promised him if she won HOH she wouldn’t put him up, but by her reaction to what happened during the HOH competition, she was lying through her gnarly rat teeth.

The HOH competition was a thing of beauty. There were all the little ratettes out to get Frank and one-by-one he took each and every one of them down. The competition was this vertical rectangle box with holes and numbers in it. First the players threw a ball to see what they scored and Frank scored the lowest. He would have to beat all the ratettes to win HOH and they thought it impossible. In the challenge round you had to balance a ball on a wooded ledge and move it slowly up to the top of the box in the hole at the very top. Each one of the ratettes failed as Frank won HOH again, while in the Diary Room Mama Rat was having a fit because Frank won. So if she or one of her minions had won, despite the deal she made with Frank, she would have definitely stabbed him in the back and put him up for eviction.

This week they skipped the whole, “Wanna see my HOH bedroom.” I don’t think Frank was in the mood for it. He just went up to his bedroom alone and found Pandora’s Box. He has the choice to not open it or to open it. He chooses to open it and only gets about $3,000 and some change for opening it. He should have learned from Boogie going for that money and ending up going home to not open the box and play it safe.

Unfortunately, because he opened it the other house guests compete to find coins in a bunch of plastic balls dropped from the sky to put in the machine in the arcade to try and capture the golden veto ball. Some true feelings were revealed during this comp. Dan was the first to get some coins and he lied to everyone he got the ball so they’d stop looking for it. The Rat scurried in to double-check to see if Dan was telling the truth, and scurried over to Mama Rat to tell her Dan had lied. Of course, Mama Rat got holier than thou about that. Ultimately, The Rat won the ball and basically rubbed it in Dan’s face, showing how much gratitude he felt for Dan for taking the heat as he hid behind him and played innocent when Boogie wanted to confront the person who’d stabbed him in the back.

Frank decided to put up Dan and Danielle for eviction and Mama Rat was already coming up with a scheme that would enable all The Rat Pack to be saved and Frank to be forced to nominate the last two floaters, Jenn and Joe, for eviction, then next week they’d easily pick Frank off. All the while pretending to Frank that she had his back.

And tonight we’ll find out if Mama Rat’s plan will work or Frank will mess up her plans yet again.


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