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Big Brother 14 -- Why I Quit Watching

Updated on September 20, 2012

The simple answer was there just wasn't anyone left to root for. I really only found two players root-worthy this season: Wil [because he actually had some intelligence and could tell when someone was trying to play him] and Frank [who fought so hard to stay in the game to be constantly stabbed in the back.] After Frank left, I had no desire to see any of the remaining players win. As it turned out it came down to The Snitch vs. The Backstabber and The Snitch won. While everyone, including Julie Chen, were anointing Dan as the best player ever, I said he'd never win because he was a total dirtbag to all the members of the jury.

The Not The Best Player Ever only thought about backstabbing people to make it to the final two and never considered that none of the people he backstabbed would then turn around and give him all the money. A certain amount of backstabbing is required to win the game, but not the way Dan did it. After backstabbing Britney and throwing her under the bus he wouldn't even speak to her or even admit what he did. Yet he thought she'd turn around a vote for him to win? Sorry, Dan, Britney isn't Danielle, who you emotionally abused and she still wouldn't cut the cord with you. With Frank when he backstabbed him he also wanted Frank's only true ally, Jenn, to backstab him, too, so Frank would be sent out of the house with not one vote supporting him. Guess Dan was morally offended that Frank stayed in the game by winning challenges instead of throwing them like Dan does. He took too much pleasure in tap dancing of his victims graves for them to then turn around and vote for him to win. What made Dan's behavior so gross and disgusting was the guy had already won once, so was why he so hungry and desperate to win again? Guess the money he got wasn't enough for him and he just wanted more no matter what he had to do to get it.

Bottom line, the Big Brother team cast a very bad cast this year. Ashley got called on being not very bright, but neither was Danielle or Shane or many of the other contestants. All Kentucky Joe was good at was flapping his big mouth and wasting food. When I stopped watching the guy hadn't won one challenge. Jenn was a legend in her own mind who you even forgot was there, but I give her kudos for being the only one aside from Boogie who never stabbed Frank in the back, to show Frank that not everyone is a backstabber like the people he played with in this game. Ian had no intelligible game play and only stayed by being a snitch for the people who wanted to give him the boot week 1 and backstabbed the man who saved his miserable hide and kept him in the house. As for Danielle and Shane, they were puppets that let their coaches pull their strings.

The coach twist also helped make this one of the worst seasons of the show. Maybe this motley crew they cast could have been interesting if they'd been allowed to interact normally with each other normally, but the coach twist prevented that from happening. They were segregated from each other into teams the coaches picked. Some also formed unnatural attachments to their coaches that they didn't break when the game was reset and the coaches started playing for themselves.

Ultimately, Big Brother needs to stop with all the gimmicks and twists and just get back to the basics. Let the players play the game and stop stacking the deck against the newbie players. Like what they did to Jodi. The coach twist got her booted before she ever got a chance to play because she didn't have a hot bikini bod that turned Dan on. In the next edition Jodi should be allowed to come back and allowed her chance at playing the game.

Anyway, I'm glad this season of Big Brother is over. I'm glad Dan didn't win. And I'm sorry Ian did. Maybe Big Brother should adopt The Glass Houses format of allowing viewers to decide who should be up for eviction based on their popularity with the audience. As of now, The Glass House proved to be the better show this season.


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    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      Although I do not watch this show you have made some good points as well as observations. Maybe their next season I'll give them a go and see if they are worthy of my attention.