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Big Brother 14-- HOH Comp and Noms -- August 19, 2012

Updated on August 20, 2012

This is why Boogie should have kept Wil

It was an interesting HOH competition with only three houseguests actually trying to win HOH. Big Brother muddied waters by giving the houseguests the choice of going for $10,000 in cash or safety from being nominated.

Boogie was the only one who went for the $10,000. Seeing how fast he was able to do it, if he had went for the HOH odds are he would have won it. He looked like he was the only one who didn't fall once on the slippery mat you had to traverse across.

Five people went for safety instead of trying to go for HOH: Britney, Dan, Kentucky Joe, Ashley and Jenn. For once Dan actually tried to win something, but he got edged out by Britney. The sad part is watching how fast he caught up to Shane, the leader for HOH, Dan could have won HOH if he had gone for it, first.

Ashley might as well have just sat the whole thing out. She was making itsy-bitsy baby steps in the challenge and had no chance on winning everything. The one time I noticed Kentucky Joe he was sitting on his butt flapping his jaws. And for Jenn it was shades of the first mattress jumping competition where she just hung on to the mattress without moving as the clock ran out. She fell and it was like an elephant had been felled and she couldn't figure out how to get back up.

Shane wins HOH because Dan wasted too much time trying for safety. In a way it was Dan getting his just desserts. After all the HOH comps he threw, the one time he actually tried to win, he failed.

Frank isn't happy that Boogie went for the money instead of trying to win HOH to keep him safe. After all, Frank wanted to put Dan up but didn't because Boogie convinced him not to. It's because he got Frank not to put up Dan and thus showing their loyalty. Unfortunately, Boogie makes a serious mistake when he talks to Ian The Rat about who should go next: Britney or Shane. The Rat scurries off to tell Britney this, who is appalled Boogie could suggest giving her the boot, so she scurries up to her puppet Shane and convinces him to put Frank and Boogie up for eviction.

The sad thing is The Rat drops clues right in front of Boogie that he can't be trusted when he declares if Big Brother does a Heroes vs. Villains edition of Big Brother, he'd be cast as a villain. The even sadder thing is if Boogie hadn't gotten his nose out of joint because Wil wouldn't kiss his and Frank's butts, Wil could have told Boogie The Rat couldn't be trusted. With the uncanny way Wil could read people. he would have seen right through the little rodent.

The Rat also wants to re-establish his flirtmance with Ashley, after her date with Frank. He asks her out and makes her pizza, but talk about an awkward date. They can barely find anything to talk about. Ashley looks bored out of her mind. She says she thinks Ian knows they're just friends.

When Shane asks who wants to see his HOH bedroom, Frank and Jenn take a pass. Jenn eventually drags her tail upstairs. She claims she's emotionally devastated by Wil's eviction and physically hurt by falling during the HOH comp. I'm sorry, but Danielle fell a lot more than Jenn did and she didn't take to her bed. Jenn's a husky girl, but it looks more muscle than fat. She really is pretty useless.

I really don't get why Frank didn't go up to Shane's bedroom. At least, Jenn had the excuse she fell in the competition. Frank didn't even compete and just played commentator flapping his mouth. Did he really tire himself out that much rattling his tongue? Maybe if he had gone up to see Shane's HOH bedroom, Shane might have had second thoughts about what he did.

After making some cryptic speech about why he did it, he named Boogie and Frank as the nominees. Needless to say Boogie was gobsmacked by it. Well it won't be like Boogie is leaving empty-handed. He made $16,000.


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