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Big Brother 14 -- HOH Frank's Nominations -- August 12, 2012

Updated on August 13, 2012

We get the aftermath of Janelle's exit and Frank's HOH win.

Kentucky Joe feels he was blind-sided, not to mention odd man out, since he was the only one who didn't abandon the Good Ship Janelle. Ashley tells him she's sorry, and he won't speak to her. He won't speak to anyone, as for once he keeps his big mouth shut and doesn't go off half-cocked. Wil says he didn't tell Joe for two reasons: Joe has a big mouth [which is very true, since it's Kentucky Joe's big mouth that has caused a lot of the trouble in the house.] and it put a nice big target on Joe's back and hopefully off his own. Wil also says he had a feeling that everyone would turn on Janelle and that he didn't trust her.

Kentucky Joe finally decides to mix with the rest of the population in the house only to hear the words I dread hearing every Sunday show: "Anyone want to come up and see my room?" That and every HOH feeling the need to explain the whole voting and nomination for the eviction process like this is the first time it's been done. "Really, dude? You put keys in the lock and the ones that aren't in there are the ones that got nominated for eviction? I didn't know that." It's even worse when someone has been the HOH before and explained it before and explains it again.

Minus-Will-Town celebrates their victory in saving Frank's bacon and giving Janelle the boot. Even if Boogie were the next to go, he'd still have his victory over Janelle and with that a sense of satisfaction. Okay, I've got to ask? Just how long is Frank going to wear that funky looking unitard? Seriously, was it for a week instead of 24 hours. It's as bad as Janelle wearing the exercise clothes she wore in the Coaches Comp for almost a week.

Britney's still boo-hooing about voting out Janelle. I think she's playing to the camera since Janelle is a popular BB player. I'm sorry, but every time she saw Janelle talking to Dan or Frank she was ready to turn on her. Save the crocodile tears. She already started whispering in Danielle's ears that no one will be able to beat Frank if he makes it to the finals and he's got to go. So if either one of these twits manage to win the next HOH you can bet they'll be putting Frank up, even if he stayed true to the Silent Six alliance. And you can also bet good old Brit won't be boo-hooing about it, either.

Dan says this week will be the acid test that Frank and Boogie can be trusted. Actually, Boogie is more trustworthy than Frank, as Boogie has to keep telling Frank that if he puts Dan up it'll show their word can't be trusted. The mystifying thing is why Frank is so focused on Dan. Britney's the one who convinced Shane that Frank was going to betray him and got him to back-door Frank. And Shane is the one who betrayed their alliance and lied to his face when he was trying to back-door him. Yet, all Frankie can think of is Dan lied to me. Shane lied to your worse, dude.

Anyone get a sick kick out of Kentucky Joe's diary room rantings? He was going on about how the house was filled with despicable human filth. Wonder if he counts himself as a piece of that filth, because he isn't any angel, himself. In fact, he goes up to see Frank and throws Wil under the bus in hopes Wil will get nominated. He goes on about how he's been loyal [not to Frank, though] and Wil hasn't been.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Wil are worried they have no one on their side and may be plucked out one-by-one.

Frank tells Shane about the wet dream he had about JoJo. Shane starts trash-talking JoJo. Of course, he wouldn't have minded if she'd crawled on top of him and rubbed up against him, and Little Ian could testify to that. Meanwhile, Danielle is wondering why Shane doesn't try anything with her when they're alone. And Boogie figures out that Danielle lied about being a teacher and is really a nurse.

Ashley is having back spasms and Frank offers to fill in for her during the Have Not Competition. Competitors dresses as lemons and limes and it's the Lemons vs. the Limes to see who can fill up bottles with juice, first. The contestants soak themselves in juice and have to bring themselves back to their stations to be de-juiced by the person appointed a farmer.

Jenn was appointed a farmer, but she didn't seem to be doing much de-juicing as the other players seemed to be squeezing the juice out of themselves more than she was. Not really a surprise since she really doesn't do anything anyway. Also no surprise that Farmer Jenn's team loses and Joe, Shane, Britney and Danielle get to be Have-Nots for the week. The special food they get is candy canes and cod. Danielle cringes because she hates fish. Well, there's always slop, Danielle. It seems Joe is the male Jenn as he just sat in the juice not doing much during the comp.

Wil goes to see Minus-Will-Town and he guarantees that he gets himself nominated. Boogie doesn't like his attitude. Wil didn't do any butt-kissing. Worse than that, he said he had a feeling there's was some big alliance in the house, which basically scared the two boys, and they thought he was hinting he knew about their Silent Six alliance. Hey, Boogie-Woogie, take a good look at Wil. There's you new Will, not Unitard Boy. Frank once again talks of his desire to back-door Dan. Minus-Will-Town admits they don't want to be in the finals with Dan, but Boogie tries to make Frank see it's too soon to make a move against Dan.

Funniest moment of the night for me was when Dan was declaring himself to be too much of a threat to go on the block as a pawn. At home, I was scratching my head as the only sound that could be heard was crickets chirping. Exactly why is Dan such a big threat? What has he done in the game, really? He's throwing competitions. Danielle saved herself from eviction by telling Janelle JoJo and Shane were getting into a showmance. He also blabbed to Boogie that Frank was going to be back-doored. I think one could term Dan as a floater.

Another cricket chirping moment is Brtiney's declaration that no one can beat Frank. Frank is not the brightest bulb in the package. He's too much about wanting to get revenge against people who put him up and that's not smart game play. Frank survived being up for eviction last week thanks solely to Boogie pulling off the Silent Six coup. And the week before Big Brother saved him by revealing the coach twist before the vote. If Wil could survive to the end, I think he could win, because he's smart. He can size people up and see the games they're playing. For my money, he and Boogie are the only two smart ones in the house.

Anyway, Frank nominates Joe and Wil. His reason is because they lied to him. Boo-freaking-hoo. As Wil put it, everyone lies to everyone in this game. He also calls Frank a hypocrite on his claim he's playing classy. Meanwhile Kentucky Joe vows revenge. You'll have to survive the vote to actually keep that promise, Joe.

You know, if Frank was smart and playing strategic, he'd have put up Dan and Britney. That way another of the coaches would get the boot and either Danielle or Shane would be left flailing without their puppet-masters to pull their strings.

Dan declares he doesn't trust Boogie. Someone should tell Dan that if not for Boogie, his butt would be warming the hot seat. In short, Boogie save Frank last week and Dan this week.


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