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Big Brother 14: How Many Lives Does Frank Have?

Updated on August 9, 2012

The Super Moves Continue

Yes, I skipped reviewing a few episodes, mainly because the producers of BB14 did exactly what we thought they would do and made the coaches players. I've stated before that this was not a good idea and I still believe that. That being said, Mike Boogie is making it interesting.

Mike didn't want to play, he wanted to coach. He knew the odds were better as a coach for him to win some money. Mike was having fun watching everyone else play. Well now he's in it and they didn't try to eliminate him which makes him even more dangerous. They have somehow managed to keep Frank in the game. I'm amazed that they keep naming him as the biggest threat when he constantly fails to save himself. They should all have been centering on Shane who has won the Veto several times already.

This Week....

They targeted Frank again but Mike Boogie came up with a better idea and reasoning. He was able to flip the HOH Danielle and her team into putting Janelle on the block. This was a BRILLIANT move. They all know what kind of competitor she is and now that she's playing for real, she is even more dangerous. If the plan works and they evict Janelle from the game, it will be the first big Super Move to work and it will be worth it.

Mike Boogie Playing it Straight

Mike Boogie played the honesty card well because he came across as sincere. When the four coaches got together in the HOH room and he immediately questioned Janelle and she had nothing to say, it was a big red flag to the other coaches. He was honest and she was clearly not ready for it. It didn't seem like he was waiting for the right time to spring that trap either since Britney and Janelle walked in on his conversation with Dan. It was just one of those moments that happen sometimes that you just don't know are coming. She was the proverbial "deer in the headlights"....

Britney's Paranoia

Yes, this certainly played right into the plan to put Janelle up. During the game, players talk to each other. Sometimes they are honest, sometimes they aren't - but you can't simply avoid talking to people just because you aren't aligned with them. Janelle and Frank were talking in the bathroom when Britney happened to see them and she immeditaly thinks the worst of Janelle. Danielle jumps right on board too which makes even less sense. Don't these players know this is a game and talking is what you have to do. There aren't that many people to talk to. Janelle could just as well have been lying through her teeth to Frank about something but Britney's Paranoia wins out in the end. Nice to see Dan understanding the foolishness here.

WHat Happens Next

If the plan works, Janelle is gone. Next would be the rest of her team, Will, Ashley and Joe. Ian is safe but not for long no matter what anyone says. Now that Mike and Frank are on board, they make a far stronger team than partnering with Ian and anyone else. Taking all the punishments was an interesting ploy but they all understand it now. It's time to try a different tactic.

Veto Competition Silliness

Why did Frank take the Veto instead of the money or the Maui vacation? He had to know Danielle would take that from him but she would likely have left the other prizes so long as she controlled the power of veto. At this point anyone who plays the game has been a fan and knows what's happened in the past. Why aren't they smarter than this.....


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