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Big Brother 14 -- I Actually Felt Sorry For Willie

Updated on July 23, 2012

Sunday night we saw the events that played out over the weekend which ended in Willie Hantz leaving the Big Brother house. We also got to see Boogie-Woogie make one of the biggest bonehead moves of the show thus far.

The show starts with reactions in the Diary Room of Frank staying and Kara going. Janelle says she chose for Frank to stay so Willie and Frank would target each other. Dan believes he's still okay in the game. Boogie says it's the house vs. Willie. Ashley says that Kara was skating under the radar and she wants to be the one to do that so that's why she voted Kara out.

In a very creepy moment Boogie and Frank are carrying on in the Diary Room like Will and Boogie used to do. Sorry, Boogie, but Frank is no Will in any way shape or form.

Meanwhile Willie says he wants to talk to no one, which is fine, since no one wants to talk to him, either.

Shane is thinking of breaking his alliance with Willie. Janelle says she had an alliance with Britney, but Brit can control her team. Dan wants Danielle to get close to Janelle's team. She seems to have gotten Britney's Team mixed up for Janelle's, because the only person I see Danielle getting close to is Shane who is on Team Britney. It isn't long before people are suggesting they're the first showmance of the season.

Brit wishes she had never chosen Willie for her team. Things were going okay until Brit opened her big mouth and told Willie about what she thought was going to be a coach twist. That's what started everything up. Willie held that town meeting to alert the players they needed to break away from the coaches before they sold them all out to win the big prize themselves and when he mocked Wil. He wasn't mocking Wil because that man is gay, but because he didn't want to talk game. Dude, you're in that house to play the game. And the whole thing got out of hand after that. But it began with Brit telling one of the players the coaches may ultimately be put in the game giving them an advantage over the players.

I think somewhere along the line Britney forgot she was brought into the house to coach the players she picked. I was kind of appalled that when Willie wouldn't do what she told him to she told the rest of her team to shun him. Sweetie, you were brought in the game to mentor three players. That doesn't mean they had to be your mindless robots and do everything you told them to do. Your job was to give them advice which they were allowed to take or not. Just for that she deserves to be kicked out of the game. In regards to Willie, she stopped doing what she was brought in the house to do, because he refused to be her yes-man.

JoJo tries winning points with Frank, even though she voted to vote him out. She tells him Willie played too hard too fast.

Frank shows everyone his HOH bedroom. I really hate this part of the show. Unlike with Willie, the show puts Frank's family photos on display. Proof Big Brother hoped no one would discover who Willie really was. Boogie finds a picture of his baby in his room and shows it to everyone.

Boogie and Dan are worried that Britney will foist Will off on one of them if she wins the Coaches Competition. Britney makes it clear she plans to unload Willie if she wins. Boogie tries to bully her again into keeping Willie by threatening to target Shane if she does that.

Dan and Janelle have a talk about their real-life. Janelle says she misses her husband and baby when she allows herself to think about them. Dan says he's misses his wife, too, and I'm like, "He's married?" I'm sorry, but I really thought he had a thang for Kara. What was with that longing look in her direction when he and Boogie were talking in the backyard about a player they'd throw under the bus and who they wanted to keep?

Boogie decides to turn his eye to the weak link on his team, Ian. He tries to council him that he needs to watch the way he's acting in the house. Ian confesses he wants to go on a slop date with Ashley. Boogie hopes if he does it'll relax Ian and take away the weird and creepy vibe he's got going.

When Ian asks Ashley out she agrees to go. She says she likes nerdy guys. I really don't think this is going to go anywhere. Ian's just so weird and creepy. I think he'll be going home sooner rather than later. However, Ian thinks they could have a showmance and it could help him in the game.

The Coaches Comp reveals a shocking truth. Boogie is good at these competitions. Maybe even better than Janelle. Or she may not be as fit as she used to be since she had a baby. He would have won the competition if he had listened carefully to the instructions about not stepping off the balance beam until you rang the buzzer he would have won and beat Janelle again. Meanwhile, Dan thinks it's a great strategy to throw the comp again with only one player left, so the others won't feel threatened. Dude, this is the strategy that saw you losing a player. With one player left you don't throw the competition because you think that will keep your final player safe. You win so you can keep her safe. Poor little Danielle was counting on him winning to keep her safe. Guess again, sweetie.

The comp this week was to walk on a balance beam and transfer money bricks from one side to the other and if you dropped them on the ground or touched the ground you were eliminated. Britney had an early lead, but in his hurry to win, she knocked several bricks on the ground and was disqualified. Since Dan wasn't even trying to win, it was down to Boogie and Janelle. Boogie beat Janelle, but he hopped off the balance beam before hitting his buzzer, so even though he technically won, he got disqualified. So Janelle won.

Janelle chose to save Ashley. Then she chooses for all of Britney's team to be a havenots. For some reason they changed the rules this week and let the winning coach decide who gets to be havenots. Weird and creepy little Ian volunteers to be a havenot again.

JoJo declares that Janellie is a beyotch. She blames Willie for Shane being on slop two weeks running. Actually, it's Britney who is to blame. It was Britney's paranoia that started the falling-out between her and Janelle. Now Janelle is trying to get rid of Britney. She's aligned herself with Boogie as a result so she couldn't put up any of his team. If Ian hadn't volunteered there's every possibility Janelle would have chosen Danielle as a havenot.

The havenots get pork rinds and pudding to eat. Willie tries to rally Team Britney, but Brit instructs both Shane and JoJo to stay away from Willie and to not talk to him. A bit hard as they'll all be sharing the same bedroom for a week. Then Brit tells Willie to stay away from Shane and JoJo. Willie goes to HOH bedroom to tell Frank not to blame the rest of his team for what he did.

JoJo declares she's not going down with Willie. She tells Willie she can't associate with him. Willie sits eating a pork rind as he's being shunned by everyone as he declares he's not going out this way. Joe came in and said something to Willie and Big Brother blocked it out, but whatever it was it set Willie off and he attacked Joe. He head butted him. He also calls Janelle a few nasty names and throws a pork rind at her. Willie is summoned to the Diary Room and he never comes back.

Executive producer, Allison Grodner's voice comes over the loud speaker to inform the remaining house guests that Willie has left the game. That they can't abide violence in the house. The HOH nominations will still go on as planned, so Willie's departure has saved no one from possible eviction.

Shane says Willie leaving is going to be bad for him and JoJo and the house flipper may just be right. Boogie still has a sort of alliance with Dan and he and Janelle have an alliance as the people who still have their teams intact. So odds are Shane and JoJo will be put up on the block, since the three coaches seem to be targeting Britney, this week. JoJo and Shane are really the only two that can be put up. If no one takes them off the block, Team Britney will be down to one player, too.

Joe says he prays Willie finds peace. Whatever, dude. Ever since that nasty goodbye message he gave to Kara, I don't trust this little turd. I want to know what he said to set Willie off. He said something and Big Brother blocked it out. So he can keep his hypocritical words to himself. In all my years of watching this show I've never seen anyone leave such a nasty goodbye message to a departing player who never did anything to him. Dude showed his true colors.

Anyway, even though I hated that he was in this game and called him RJ, I ended up feeling sorry for the guy. I do think he did the whole thing on purpose when he went after Joe. He said he wanted to leave on his own terms, and really, what was the point of staying? So he could be voted out by everyone after being shunned by them until the live vote on Thursday? There was no way he wouldn't be nominated and voted out.

I do think the low key way Big Brother handled the whole thing, we haven't seen the last of the Hantz family. Maybe after they stick two of them on The Amazing Race [the only reality show left they haven't been on] they'll give them their own reality show.


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    • EFranz13 profile image


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      Great Hub!

      I completely agree about Britney - not coaching. What the heck? Is non coaching her coaching strategy? LOL

      I also feel bad for Willie. Being a HUGE Survivor fan, and BIG fan of Russel Hantz, I was rooting for him to show him up and show the world that a Hantz could actually play a "social" game. What a let down... Obviously, he knew he was going to be voted off, so he'd rather be "removed" for something stupid.


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