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Big Brother 14: Janelle Evicted First After Reset

Updated on August 10, 2012

Janelle Out Again

Janelle Gets Back Doored

I have to say that once the house flipped on Janelle, it wasn't difficult to see her go. She was clearly blind-sided by being put up on the block. I don't watch After-Dark religiously like my daughter does but Janelle seemed defeated. I know they showed her trying to gather votes and all but we've seen Janelle before and she was always much more tenacious than she was this past week.

Britney crying over having to lie to Janelle seemed ridiculous. This is what this game is all about. Even the nicest players are forced to lie at some point and they need to be ready for it. The only person I remember getting through the game without lying was very early in the series - I think his name was Jason in season 3 or 4. But he didn't win. He got lots of respect for not lying to people but he didn't win. In fact, most of the winners are players everyone respects (usually dislikes, true) for playing the game well. It's tough to swallow but that's what makes the game interesting.

Julie showed us some humor with the "Mrs. Chen is my mother-in-law" joke which was great.

The family interviews for Ashley and Ian's families were cute as always. Ian's family seems more in tune with Ian than Ashley's family is with Ashley. We've been watching for awhile now and I've siad it to my family a few times - Ashley isn't as stupid as she sounds. I know what they are showing us and I've been told that she comes across the same way on After Dark but I think some of it is an act. I'm not saying she's super-smart, I just don't believe she's that dumb. I think it's an act.

Well Frank won the HoH competition and I have to say that it looks like all animosity towards Frank left with Janelle. Either that or these are the worst players ever. If they really fear Frank so much, how could they have left him to the end of the competition, assuring he would at least have a chance to be HoH?? Well, it should be interesting to see who he puts up. With Mike Boogie, Shane, Britney, Danielle and Dan in his "Secret Six" alliance and Ian technically in the same alliance with the "Quack Pack" silliness (assuming that still exists) then there is only Will, Jen, Ashley and Joe to nominate. They all have to go sometime so might as well start working on them.


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    • LynnWM profile image

      LynnWM 5 years ago

      I have to agree with you on Ashley... I really do think some of that 'dumb blonde' persona she puts out there is an act !