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Big Brother 14 -- July 18, 2012 Power Of Veto Competition

Updated on July 19, 2012

We get the aftermath of the nominations for evictions, this week.

Frank says he was blindsided. A fair statement since RJ led him to believe he was safe and that they had an alliance.

Boogie says RJ made a big move putting up Frank.

Dan comforts Kara [who personality-wise just seems kind of blah] and tells her he'll go to work for her. Kara doesn't want to go the first week. Guess what, Kara? Jodi didn't want to go the first day. If you go into this house, it has to be with the knowledge you could be nominated at any time.

Branelle celebrate the nominations.

Janelle doesn't hold back on how she really feels about Boogie. He's a tool box with a big ego.

Boogie hopes Kara will go into a shell so he can take advantage of it to keep Frank in the house. Boogie tells Frank he has to go make nice with RJ and make the house feel comfortable around him.

Jenn takes what Boogie is saying to Frank so she can use it when she's in the same position.

RJ tells Frank the Boogie thing is bothering him. He knows Boogie is after him. Frank urges RJ to forget about Boogie and declares he feels his best chance to make it to the end is with RJ. Unfortunately, RJ doesn't know how to keep Frank and get rid of Boogie.

Branelle trying to decide who needs to go home more: Frank or Kara.

Janelle starts laughing over leading the witch hunt against Doogie.

Dan says Team Blonde is a reality. Duh! Boogie says he's going to make sure they don't get him out. I swear, the more I see of Boogie [without Dr. Will] the more he reminds me of a roach. I can see him in a Raid commercial talking about how they're not going to get him out and then out comes the can of Raid and he goes running off screaming, "Raid!"

Ian seems to make friends when he demonstrates to them who he can kick himself in the head. It's his way of showing them the fun side of him. No comment.

It's time to pick the players for the Power Of Veto Game:

RJ, Frank and Kara will automatically play, but they randomly pick Danielle, Shane and Wil to play with them. Frank didn't want Danielle or Shane to be picked. JoJo is chosen as the host.

Shane realizes he could have Da Power when Kara asks him to come into the Have Not boudoir to see if he'll use the POV on her should he win. He says he doesn't want to step on RJ's toes. Not sure he wants to play for Kara. Then Shane goes and approaches Frank about a possible deal.

Boogie spread his magic around the house and ends up screwing up his own alliance.

First he goes to Brit, who isn't impressed. They've been in the house for six days and this is the first time Boogie has spoken to her. She's not impressed. Boogie wants to know if she'll put up Joe if Frank is taken off the block. She claims Janelle's people aren't off-limits to her. He then gets nasty and tells her who gets put up will tell whose side she's on.

Brit says Boogie doesn't intimidate her. She goes to Janelle and tells her about Boogie's little chat with her. Brit says she plans to slander Boogie to everyone she can. Everything he does she's going to basically broadcast all over the house.

Boogie then tries to get Janelle to team up with him after the way he screwed her over last time. In the deal he offers to Janelle he completely sells his partner Dan out. Janelle says she feels sorry for Dan. To the Boogster she says he makes some valid points. I made the same ones. From a strategic point of view, getting out another member of Dan's team is the best way to eliminate one of the coaches.

Janelle declares she hates Boogie so much, then she runs to Dan and tells him that Boogie just sold him out. She feels driving a wedge between Doogie will be good for her. And the beauty of the whole thing is she isn't making up lies; she's simply telling the truth.

I'm sorry, but if this is an example of Boogie's great game play, he sucks. In a few short moves he's basically turned all the coaches against him. If all three team up they could easily get his sorry butt out of the game. All they need to do is target all of Boogie's players. His partner knows he tried to sell him out. He tried to threaten and bully another coach and make a deal with the person he back stabbed and who hates him. Dumb, dumb and dumb! He's an idiot.

JoJo and Danielle share the time together in the kitchen as they try to teach each other their accents. It's kind of funny. Then JoJo announces it's time for the POV competition.

The backyard is filled with soap suds, wet clothes and giant washing machines. Players have to search through the soap and clothes to find coin and toss them in the slot of their washer until the meter reaches $1.25. The hardest part of the comp is to toss the coin correctly so it goes inside the slot. It's ultimately Shane who wins the POV.

JoJo and Team Brit celebrate their victory. Brit says the POV can't be used and the noms need to stay as they are. Shane, however, contemplates going rogue, declaring that ultimately this is an individual game. What he's really doing is just blowing smoke up our butts.

It's interesting that both RJ and Shane talk bravely about going against Coach Brit, but ultimately do what she tells them to do. It makes me wonder if BB tells them to say that to add some suspense to the show.

Still, opposing players and coaches approach Shane hoping he'll use it. Dan and Kara come to Shane to work on him, but he doesn't commit to anything. Just says he has a lot to think about. Frank goes to Shane, too, saying his side of the house is sinking. Boogie approaches Shane wanting to know what he's going to do. Boogie promises not to put up Shane if his people win HOH. However, Shane wisely questions whether he can trust Boogie or not. You can't. He's already said he'll throw his own team mate, Jenn, under the bus and did the same to Dan.

Shane studies the pictures on the wall before calling the POV meeting. Then he has Kara and Frank tell why they should save them. I really hate when someone does this to the ones nominated when they already know they have no intention of using it.

Kara says she's shy and takes awhile to warm to people, while Frank says if Shane uses it on him he'll appreciate it.

No surprise that Shane doesn't use it.

The Chen claims that the players will turn on their coaches in tomorrow night's show. I'm not going to believe it until I see it.


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