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Big Brother 14 -- July 19, 2012 Episode -- Eviction Night

Updated on July 20, 2012

Apparently the show didn't show half of what really went down in the house on the live Eviction Show. Someone on the TV Guide message board posted what went down. If you just watched the live broadcast you'd think the Branelle alliance was still intact, when it fact it crumbled to the ground because of Britney's paranoia and Janelle ended up having to align herself with Boogie. If you ever wanted to watch the live feeds, it sounds like this season is the season to do it.

If Big Brother wanted Willie aka Russell Jr. to be a polarizing force in the game, it seems they got what they wanted, as most of the blow-up they showed on the Live Eviction show was because of him. It seemed to center on two events: RJ wanting the votes to be split for Frank and his mocking of Wil.

The split vote thing, according to a person watching the live feeds, was Janelle's idea. I think the reasoning was so it wouldn't look like Branelle had pooled their votes together and were working together in an alliance. Unfortunately when Frank heard about it warning bells went off and for good reason. RJ came to him and promised him he wouldn't put him up and what does he do? He puts him up. So now RJ is promising he's going to get everyone to vote for Kara and then he hears about the split-vote thing and thinks RJ is going to double cross him again. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

The whole Wil thing can actually be laid at Britney's doorstep. If she had kept her mouth shut about what she and Janelle suspect about the coaches at some point playing the game and competing for the $100,000 RJ wouldn't have held his little town meeting where he mocked Wil in front of Frank. If you're afraid about the players finding out about the possible coach twist, you don't tell one of the players. The minute RJ strutted around like a bantam rooster calling a town meeting minus the coaches she should have known the big mistake she'd made.

BTW was anyone else laughing their head off when Dan, Janelle and Britney were wondering if Boogie was at the player's town meeting and behind the whole thing and then the camera showed him snoring his head off in bed. RJ is trying to get the players to declare war on the coaches and what's Boogie doing? Sleeping. That boy has it all on the ball, doesn't he? It was at that point Britney should have known what this was about and told the other coaches.

Unfortunately for RJ, it didn't sit right with Frank the way RJ mocked Wil and he went and told Joe who went and told Wil. And then from there it went all over the house until it got back to RJ, who confronted Frank in front of everyone and learned about the Frill alliance and what RJ promised him. It was at that point Frank totally turned on RJ and labelled him a bully and told everyone to not let RJ bully them.

Joe tried to warn RJ he was playing this game too fast and wanting to make too many moves too soon in the game, and I think he's right. RJ fell into a sweet deal when the Branelle alliance happened and they all agreed to vote the same way two weeks in a row. That insured even if he was put up he had five solid votes to save him and vote for the other nominee, but it wasn't good enough for him. So he strikes a deal with Frank. I'm guessing his reasoning was maybe Frank would be able to get Boogie off his tail, but it backfired when Branelle wanted Frank put up for eviction after he just promised Frank he wouldn't put him up. And then he back stabs Britney when she stupidly confides something to him when she's been the only one who seemed to be 100% behind him. Then he tries to rally all the players to go against the coaches. And he's done all this in the first week of the game.

RJ has also succeeded in proving he's just as big a back-stabbing snake as his brother is. If he had any chance to show people or to try and con them into thinking he was nothing like Russell he's totally blown it. I remember him telling the other house guests when he admitted to being Russell's brother that he wasn't anything like Russell. Russell was a bully and he isn't. Then he goes to show his true colors when he tries bullying Frank in front of everyone. Yeah, you're not anything like Russell, are you? That's why I call you RJ.

Frank was still pissed at RJ during the live show when he used his final speech before the vote to take a pot shot at RJ. He says no one should let a bully tell them how to vote. Just who do you think the bully was Frank was talking about? Even RJ knew he meant him.

The vote is 5-3, with Kara being voted out. Team Britney and Team Dan vote to boot Frank, while the larger Team Boogie and Team Janelle vote to boot Kara. Which means Dan is down to one player.

I felt bad for Kara when she sat down to talk to The Chen. These people couldn't even give nice goodbye messages. Danielle's was nice, but Joe's was nasty and Shane's was lecherous. Joe told Kara she didn't have game and to go back to being a model. Shane keeps going on and on about Kara's legs in his goodbye message. If Big Brother wanted to get a group that would give them a lot of drama, they picked the right group of people.

We then find out Big Brother kept waking up the house guests all night long with clips of the Big Brother House Burglar doing all sorts of nasty things in the house. That could be why Boogie was snoozing while the RJ's big town meeting was going on. Anyway, the HOH competition is based on the clips they saw. The Chen asks the players questions about the burglar and the contestants have to answer guilty or not guilty.

RJ's worst nightmare happens when Frank wins the game and is crowned new HOH. Unless Frank changes how he feels or is persuaded not to put up RJ, the latest Hantz reality star may be going home.

The Chen also gives the coaches a little surprise. Whichever coach that wins the next coach competition has the choice of saving one of their players or trading one of their players for another player on another coach's team.

Boogie wasn't happy because he was already planning on moving into the HOH boudoir. Then The Chen said the only player a coach couldn't trade for was Frank, so nothing will interrupt his carcass from staying in the HOH bedroom.

I have to say the whole coach twist is a real detriment to the new players in the game. First, they can't develop normal friendships with each other because they may be on an opposing team. Also, RJ wouldn't have been named HOH and Jodi and Kara might not have been voted out of the house without the coach twist. It might have been RJ and Ian on the chopping block. This is why some viewers complain about Big Brother, because their twists can be detrimental to the ones playing the game.


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