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Big Brother 14 -- July 25, 2012 Nominations and Power Of Veto

Updated on July 26, 2012

Like I said before, I'm not a fan of Willie aka Russell Jr. But the whole everything is Willie's fault Britney and her team kept chortling all night long was really getting on my nerves. And there was still nothing on the fact that Joe said something to provoke Willie. And if you think about it, it was Joe that stirred up all the trouble about Willie mocking Wil. He was the one who went to Britney who went to Willie which caused Willie to go and confront Frank publicly, which was the beginning of the end for Willie.

I guess if there was one member of Team Brittany I find the most annoying that person would be JoJo. Her declaring how she deserves to be there just rubbed me the wrong way. Exactly why does she deserve to be there? Just what has she done that makes her so deserving of that honor? I pretty much can't think of anything.

She goes to Frank and tries to put all the blame on Willie for her trying to vote Frank out last week. Frank isn't buying what she's selling. He says Danielle had no choice but to vote for him because Kara was her team mate, but she did have a choice. That's she's only claiming to trust Frank because he's HOH. That she has to take responsibility for her own actions.

Boogie has an alternative idea for nominating both JoJo and Shane. He thinks they should nominate someone from their team and backdoor Shane. Janelle doesn't want any of her team going up. She's right. Something could go wrong and she could lose one of her team. People have tried this before and it's backfired on them.

It's no surprise when Frank nominates JoJo and Shane. He decides to play it safe and just put the two of them up without any master Boogie plan. Frank says he put up the people that are best for him to put up. They were both aligned with Willie, so they got to go.

Danielle is worried she could be a replacement nominee if someone wins the Power Of Veto.and takes one of them off the block.

Brit talks to Shane. Tells him he needs to earn points with the other house guest to insure he doesn't leave. I notice she doesn't impart those words of wisdom to Miss JoJo, who came in whining about how Wil and Jenn didn't give them hugs after they got nominated.

Britney sucks as a coach. She irritated me trying to put everything on Willie and making herself blameless for what went down. She's the one who told Willie something that made him cause the town meeting. She's the one who told Willie the whole house was talking about him mocking Wil that lead to the Frank/Willie confrontation in the backyard. It was her own creeping paranoia that ruined her alliance with Janelle. And maybe Willie wouldn't have gone off the way he had if she hadn't instructed her two remaining team members to shun Willie. She's the coach I want to see most walking out the door.

Boogie advises Frank to make nice with JoJo and Shane for next week when the one who doesn't get the boot is here and might put him back up on the block or in case one of them wins the Power Of Veto.

It's time to pick who will play in the Power Of Veto contest along with Frank, Shane and JoJo. Danielle prays it's her. It's her only hope of staying off the block. Unfortunately, Ian, Wil and Ashley are the ones chosen to play. Frank decides Joe will be the host of the contest.

Dan worries that Danielle could be back-doored and if she goes, so does he.

Ashley decides to give her long list of criteria for her perfect man. Sorry Ian, don't think you make the grade. Actually, they haven't shown any real interaction between Ian and Ashley since their Slop Date. Among the criteria he needs to: love to go out, love to go to the movies, loves to stay in a play board games and love to sleep. The girl truly is an airhead.

For the Power Of Veto Comp the backyard has been turned into a Mexican Cantina. Players are dressed as chips and have to search through the various dips for menu items. They then have to match the master menu with all the menu items they've collected. Person who does it fastest and most accurately wins the Power Of Veto.

Shane rang the bells first followed by Ian, JoJo, Frank and Wil. Then the others had to wait for Ashley to finish her menu. She thought that she might still have a chance to win if everyone else got more menu items wrong than she did. Unfortunately, Shane has all the menu items right and at the best time, so he wins the Power Of Veto. I'm sure we all know that this time he'll actually use it.

Now that it's a sure thing Shane will take himself off the block and his planned target has escaped the bullet, Frank is having buyer's remorse. He thinks he should have gone with Boogie's plan, after all. Meanwhile Shane decides to go around the house making deals. He makes one with Frank and Boogie where he promises not to say anything to Brit or JoJo about it. Brit and JoJo cross examines Shane after his chat with Frank and Boogie and he lies to them that they didn't offer him anything.

Danielle is upset because she knows she's most likely to go up. If she thought she'd get any comfort from Coach Dan, she can guess again. He basically tells her she's on her own to sink or swim. He claims if he tries to help her she'll get booted from the house. She goes to her potential showmance partner Shane who won't promise to pick her over JoJo if she's nominated. Danielle ends up feeling the way Willie did before he left the house; that she has no one who has her back. Dan claims this is just a coaching technique, but something tells me if it was Kara instead of Danielle he wouldn't done that to her.

Shane wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He goes to Frank and suggests Frank put Wil up instead and they back-door Wil. Then next week they can target the rest of Janelle's team and get her out of the house.

This week's America's Vote has some really crappy food combos for the havenots. The choice is:

Cereal and salmon

Garbanzo beans and giblets

Lima beans and lime

Frank decides to play it as safe as Shane did the week before when he won the Power Of Veto. He decides it's too soon to go after Janelle, so he puts up Danielle as the replacement nominee.

After the Veto Ceremony JoJo is once again going on about how she deserves to be in the house more than Danielle does. What did you do, JoJo? Screw one of the BB producers to be on the show? Otherwise, you've done nothing extra special to be more deserving to be on the show than anyone else. Please, let her be the one to get the boot.

Dan claims he has a surprise move. That's he's willing to throw Brit and JoJo under the bus. To that I say to Danny boy he shouldn't have thrown the Coaches Comp so he could have saved his one remaining player from being put up for eviction. I'm sorry the dude sucks as much as Brittany as a coach.


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