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Big Brother 14 -- July 26, 2012 Eviction Night

Updated on July 28, 2012

After The Chen's introduction and recap, the show picks up after the Power Of Veto Ceremony has ended.

Danielle feels that Dan has abandoned her.

Frank says he had no choice but to put Danielle up because it's too soon to go after Janelle's people and ruin the alliance they have.

Dan says he needs to reel Danielle back in. Dan tells Danielle he's going to help her.

Shane makes his choice between JoJo and Danielle and it's JoJo he's loyal too.

The Havenot Room becomes a true hell for Ian as he has to lay they and endure Shane and JoJo's gross flirting. It seems that JoJo nipped Shane and Danielle's showmance in the bud to save her precious privileged hide by giving Shane what Danielle may not have been willing to give.

The irony is this may be what ultimately screws over Miss I Deserve To Be Here More Than Anyone Else. Danielle goes up and crawls in bed with Janelle and Ashley and tell them about the horrible night Ian had to endure. Janelle says a showmance is dangerous. The showmance is too loyal to each other and she doesn't want that in the game. I guess there's irony in the fact both nominees crawled in bed with someone.

Brit advises JoJo on what she needs to do to stay in the house. In the Diary Room Britney is mocking JoJo at the way she kept saying, "Yeah, I know," to everything Britney said to her. Britney warns Boogie that Danielle is smart. Britney hopes Boogie will boot both Dan and Danielle as a package deal. Unfortunately for her, Boogie is as open to what she wants as she has been open to what Boogie wants.

The Chen announces America has a chance to change the face of this game. Was Britney speculated is going to happen or she gave Big Brother the idea. America gets to decide if the coaches get to play for the big money. This is just so unfair on so many levels. These coaches, who in some cases just plain suck [If your player doesn't do what you want you don't tell the other players to shun him, and if you only have one player left you don't throw the competition you could have used to save her.]. They've gotten a free ride and haven't risked being eliminated. In some cases this is their third chance to play the game, while the other players this is only their first. Look at Jodi. She got the boot by Dan because he wasn't as enthralled by her bazoombas as he was Kara and Danielle's. Come on, America. Just say no!

The Chen also makes us all relive the moment Willie went postal and got the boot. This time they actually showed pretty much what Joe said. I'm guessing a lot of people were complaining that BB was protecting Joe. Actually, Joe was the provocateur. He was just retorting to what Willie said. This isn't verbatim:

Willie: There's a lot of beyotches in this house.

Joe: The only beyotch I see is you.

Then Willie went on the attack.

The Chen also showed clips of the POV competition. You know, until they showed Dr. Will, who is still as hot and good looking as ever, I thought Shane was hot. Now I know he's not, especially after he skeeved me out with the stuff he and JoJo were doing. Dude, you've got no taste and perhaps some JoJo cooties.

The Chen had Dr. Will giving his impression on the coaches. Per usual, he wasn't politically correct or nice about it.

He thinks Boogie is doing a good job. I hate to say it, but I think he's right. Of all the coaches, he seems to be actually doing some coaching. He thinks Boogie is trying to turn Frank into Frankenstein and build a bigger and badder Chill town. He said Chilltown doesn't stab you in the back; they stab you in the front. However, he thinks Boogie's big ego could be his downfall. They even do a faux Will/Boogie Chilltown moment.

Will thinks the other coaches are lackluster.

Will says Dan is always coaching in whatever he does. Makes fun of Dan coaching his breakfast. But he says it seems that Dan got blinded by boobies. Glad someone said it. I know Dan's married, but he seemed like he had a real thing for Kara. Don't think he would have pulled on Kara half the stuff he's pulled on Danielle. Turns out Jodi was lucky he gave her the boot quickly.

Will says Britney is to blame for her own players actions. IE Brit, it's not Willie's fault, it's yours.

Will says Janelle is a phenomenal player. This is the third time to either prove herself or be a third-time loser.

Will also thinks Boogie and Ian have a lot in common. That Boogie is a 40 year old Ian.

The Chen has a private chat with Frank wanting to know what he's thinking. He says Boogie's advice has been important. He's having a good time. Is he lying to Shane? Possibly. Says he sees the alliance with Janelle lasting.

Now it's time to vote:

JoJo says she vowed she would lie and cheat, but she didn't. No, she saw Shane was interested in Danielle and to try and stay in the game she rubbed up against him so he'd drop Danielle like a hot rock.

Danielle says she's had a good time and that she'd be a good asset.

It's seems Joogie is aligned with whom to give the boot. Both Team Boogie and Team Janelle vote JoJo out. Shane is the only one who votes to keep JoJo.

The Chen tells JoJo she's been evicted. Guess the other players didn't see that she deserved to be there more than them. Now Dan and Brit are both down to a player a piece. Unless Big Brother decides to mess things up and make Team Boogie and Team Janelle give Team Dan and Team Brit one of their players. If that's the case, I think Boogie would give one of them Jenn. Have to say I haven't been impressed by Jenn since the first comp when she just say there on the bed doing nothing as the time ticked away. It's hard to say who Janelle would give up. Possibly Joe or Wil since she seems close to Ashley.

When JoJo is sitting with The Chen, The Chen wants to know why she thinks she deserves to be in the house more than Danielle. She lists all her achievements in the house. JoJo claims she's just too loyal and Brit is the underdog of the coaches.

It's another week of motley goodbyes with one being kind of nasty. Although Brit's goodbye wasn't as nasty as Joe's was to Kara, she spent her goodbye listing all the mistakes JoJo made.

This week's HOH competition is a giant Ice Hockey game set up in the backyard. Each player gets to make one shot to try and score the highest. For a second it looked like Danielle would win HOH when she scored a 12 but skeevy Shane managed to score a 20, so he's the new HOH. I don't know about anyone else, but I really hate the way Britney acts whenever Shane wins.

Dan's little inane strategy of throwing the coaches comp better cease this week and he'd better win or he's likely to go home, this week. If Britney and Shane decide to put up Danielle, a member from Team Janelle or Team Boogie will be the other nominee and they'll save that person over Danielle, this week.


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