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Big Brother 14 -- July 29, 2012 Nominations

Updated on July 31, 2012

Things pick up after JoJo has been evicted.

Frank is glad Shane is on his own.

Shane sad to see JoJo go. Wonder how much she did for him sexually before she bopped out the door.

Brit whines about only having one player. By the way, I don't know anything about Britney's past, but I saw a very early episode of Criminal Minds and I could swear the girl in it was Britney.

Wil is glad that the trash [JoJo] got thrown out.

Then it's reaction to Shane winning the HOH comp.

Brit is thrilled that Shane won; she thinks it's give her a new lease on life in the game.

Joe thinks Shane will come after him.

Meanwhile Shane is back to playing in Danielle's pool and she's letting him. I'd like to think if he wasn't HOH she wouldn't.

Wil think Shane will go after Team Boogie and Team Janelle because their teams are still intact.

Boogie is thrilled Shane won because they have a deal with Shane. Question is, will he honor it?

Ashley says Britney is drunk with power, as Britney goes around declaring that certain people are going to find out what it's like to have the tables turned on them.

Shane gets everyone to see his HOH bedroom. Britney is thrilled to see a picture of her husband and baby in her room there.

It was hilarious, but everyone couldn't think of anything to say and was just sitting there, afraid to be the first one to get up and leave. It was like an endurance contest.

Joe tells Janelle he's sure Shane is going to put up him and Wil, so Janelle decides she has to try and rebuild her relationship with Britney.

Again, I don't think Britney understands that being a coach means you advise your player but then allow him or her to make their own decision to what they want to do. She thinks it gives her the right to call all the shots. That's why even though Shane won HOH she's acting like she's the one who won it and she's making all the decisions.

Brit says Danielle is safe. They want to go after the coaches whose teams are still intact. Britney wants to put up a member from Boogie's team and a member from Janelle's. Unfortunately, Britney wants to go after Frank, while Shane wants to keep Frank safe because of their alliance. Shane declares he's going to have to do what's best for him. He'd better watch out. Britney has a history of shunning the players that don't do exactly what she says.

Joe goes in major suck-up mode. He makes this special breakfast for Shane and delivers it to him in bed. I'm surprised he didn't offer to feed it to him, as well. Boogie, who was watching him, said he was pathetic. Even Shane thought it was ridiculous.

Ashley admits to Boogie she's a modern day hippie. She tells him about her dream board where she's written down all her dreams. She says you have to really believe in it for it to work and for your dreams to come true. Boogie says his dream is for his 3 players to play against Ashley. He feels she'll be easy to pick off.

Frank goes up to see Shane in his HOH bedroom to see if Shane's going to have his back. To insure that Frank offers to get the votes for Shane to vote Wil out.

Jenn reveals to the house guests how she came out of the closet. In the Diary Room Danielle says she used to be afraid of lesbians, but Jenn has calmed her fears. What on Earth was she afraid of? Did she think they would try to convert her? Maybe she isn't just billing and cooing with Shane because he's HOH and to save her butt. Ashley wears her dumb right where you can see it, while Danielle keeps it a little more concealed.

In one of their cuddles sessions, Danielle tries to get Shane to put up Frank for eviction. Shane begins to wonder if maybe everyone is right, since everyone is telling him to put up Frank. You know, Shane isn't very bright, either. I also say that before the JoJo thing I thought he was hot, not he just seems skeevy, especially how he bopped back to Danielle. For what it's worth, Danielle and Shane make a final two pact.

The Coaches Comp really bordered on the raunchy this week. Big Brother came up with all these exercise competitions. Like the butt burn which seemed to be mimicking the sex act. Then there was the hip bump. The final was using your tongue to move a stick back and forth. I think Janelle is lucky Boogie got eliminated during the hip bump thing, because the way that boy loves to rattle his tongue, I think he would have beaten her. Fortunately for Janelle, Dan seems to have an extremely short tongue and was barely any competition for Janelle, who won.

Janelle picks to save Wil, knowing he had a target on his back. I really don't know why. Wil doesn't seem to have done much in the game up until now.

As each coach was eliminated they got to pick a prize. Britney got to pick two people to go on slop. Ian volunteered again. It's part of his strategy. Joe is the other person that Brit picks to be on slop. Boogie picks $10,000 which he has to share with two of his players. The guy seems to have a nose for money. Boogie gives himself $6,000, Ian $3,000 that makes him cry and Jenn $1,000. Dan picks a cocktail party that he invites all the coaches two as well as Shane and Danielle. He figures that will stop any strategy sessions behind his back.

America voted for the Havenots to have cereal and salmon for the week. Of the disgusting food combos available, that was the least disgusting. Ian is thrilled He considers the salmon as good as last week's pudding.

Joe comes up with Janelle to suck butt with Brit and Shane. Janelle blames everything on Boogie. Offers them safety for next week if they give her team safety this week. In other words, go after Boogie's players, in particular, Frank.

Boogie and Frank do the same. They suggest putting up Joe and Ashley. Brit says she wants one from each team put up. Brit says she doesn't believe a thing Boogie or Frank said. Brit wants to know what Shane's going to do, but he doesn't tell her.

As the nominations approach several house guests are very nervous:

Frank's worried Shane will do what Britney wants him to do and put him up. After all, he had an alliance with Willie, and Willie did the same to him. Will history repeat itself?

Joe says if Shane doesn't put Frank up he isn't smart. I think I covered that, earlier.

Boogie's worried Shane may target Frank because he thinks with Wil safe he's got a free pass.

Shane sticks to his alliance with Boogie and Frank and puts up Joe and Ashley. Unless someone wins the POV and changes the nominations, that means Boogie will be the only coach with his team entirely intact.

Shane claims he wanted Janelle to know how it feels to have her players up.

Ashley is crying; says she can't trust anyone. Well, to be fair, we didn't even see her trying to suck up to Shane. With what a dog Shane proved himself to be when he dumped Danielle for JoJo, if she'd offered to put out, she might not have gotten nominated.

Shane hopes Boogie and Shane will remain loyal.

Janelle says game on.

Frank says he can trust Shane completely.

Joe says it's on, vowing to take Shane down.

The one person they didn't show reacting was Britney. Something tells me she's mightily peeved by this. Shane didn't do what she wanted. In this case she can't shun Shane because without him she's out of the game, so she's just going to have to suck it up for once.


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