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Big Brother 14 -- POV Comp And Meeting -- August 22, 2012

Updated on August 23, 2012

Boogie forgot the cardinal rule!

And that is you don't trust anyone in the Big Brother house. Boogie has forgotten that rule. He really thought the Silent Six alliance had his back, so he didn't think he needed to go for Head Of Household, instead they stuck a knife in his back. And Boogie has absolute trust in Ian The Rat and doesn't realize that everything he says that he thinks he's saying in confidence, The Rat is scurrying up to tell Blubbering Britney. The sad thing is these same four people that Boogie is trusting are the same four that two weeks ago lied right to his face as they were trying to backdoor Frank.

What made matters worse was the absolutely inane speech Shane gave for nominated Boogie and Frank. It made absolutely no sense, at all. Granted, he didn't want the alliance outted in front of the other houseguests, but when Frank and Boogie came up to the HOH bedroom and ask for a real reason he put them on the chopping block, he could have said the truth: Frank thought about putting up Dan and that made me worry if he wins HOH next time he'll put me up. He should have said exactly that when Frank declared he'd been loyal to the alliance. Sorry, dude, if you're in an alliance, you do not even think of putting a member of your alliance up on the block. Just thinking about it is a betrayal of trust and a breaking of said alliance. And Frank told both Shane and Dan what he was thinking. End of alliance.

Instead, Shane tries to answer without giving an answer, then he finally says it was Britney who suggested it, which is the truth. When Britney learns about this she accuses Shane of throwing her under the bus, while Shane wants to know why he has to always have blood on his hands. Because that's the way Britney likes it. That way she can pretend she's innocent of any wrong doing. If Shane were smart, and not the idiot Boogie said he was, he'd see the only back Britney has is her own and really throw her under the bus. Team up with Dan and Danielle, and boot her butt right out of the house.

You know the reason I think Britney wants Frank gone so badly? Because he's just like her. While Frank was declaring he stayed true to the alliance last week...NOT! She's claiming she's not the puppet master pulling all of Shane's strings and trying to claim it wasn't her idea to put up Frank and Boogie when it was all her idea.

One thing that really bugged me in her little speech to Shane was how she gave up her job and family to be there and she basically hadn't given up everything to not get the money. Excuse me, you came there to be a coach, unless someone in production told you ahead of time that you'd be able to play for the $500,000 after being protected from eviction for weeks. And no one forced you to give up anything. You chose to give up everything, so stop playing the pity me party.

Dan ultimately agrees to take the hit for the team, but doesn't like that The Rat has risen above him in the pecking order. He also warns that if The Rat isn't appreciative he'll throw him under the bus so fast it'll make his head spin.

This weeks Power Of Veto competition is to guess how many candies make up an object. Along with Shane, Frank and Boogie, Jenn, Ian and Ashley play. Frank easily wins the POV much to the whining of Britney and her alliance. She whines they're never going to be able to get rid of him.

Boogie tries to unite the floaters against the Fantastic Four alliance, never suspecting The Rat is spying on his efforts and scurrying back to Mama Rat, Britney, spilling everything he hears. Boogie also tries to get Shane to put up Dan, but when Frank takes himself off the block, Shane puts the worst player, Jenn, up as a replacement.

The most funniest part of the night had to be Jenn declaring they didn't know who they were messing with by putting her up. People across America had to be falling off their chairs and they laughed in hysteria over that.


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