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Big Brother 14 -- POV Comp and Noms -- August 15, 2012

Updated on August 16, 2012

The Silent Six alliance lasted a real long time. One whole week. But actually that's a long time for a Britney alliance. She had an alliance with Janelle the first week and she sabotaged it because she didn't trust her, which makes all her boo-hooing about voting Janelle out rather ironic. She also sabotaged Shane and Frank's alliance. So it was no surprise that Janelle was barely out the door before Britney began whispering in Danielle's ear about Frank in between her sniveling about voting out Janelle. Frank isn't any better. He can't seem to grasp the concept that you don't stab in the back a member of your alliance that you just formed the previous week.

Speaking of Frank, I never thought he would take off that funky looking unitard. But the way he took it off left a lot to be desired. I didn't think it was necessary to make such a production number about it. You didn't see Ian doing that after he took off the dog suit. It just kind of got on my nerves and made me think is HOH win has gone to his head..

I won't mind Frank going home, next week, which I'm pretty sure is what's going to happen. It's time. The dude has no real game play despite the irrational fear the others have of him as some kind of super player. Unfortunately, the only player that I've seen have some possibility of having real game will probably be going home, this week.

Wil is incredibly good at reading people. That's the kind of talent you need in a game like this. You need to be able to tell when someone is lying to you and about to stab you in the back. This is the person Boogie should have hitched his wagon to. Unfortunately, Boogie and Frank want Wil gone this week and that's probably what's going to happen. It's a shame no one was smart enough to try and form an alliance with Wil.

The players got to choose who would play in the POV game and Kentucky Joe got the gift of being able to choose anyone instead of picking a name. So who does he pick? Ashley, the girl that's been in severe back pain. His classless craptastic self comes shining through, again. Wil was right that he was a crummy thing to do, but then there's no bigger crumb than Kentucky Joe.

Zingbot comes to pay a visit as he plays a part in the next POV competition. He zings everyone, but his zing to Danielle seems to hit a little too close to home for her. He said that after she and Shane leave the Big Brother House, Shane will be giving her a restraining order. Seems Shane isn't all that into Danielle and she can't get the message.

The POV competition is to help Zingbot's baby Baby Zingbot be hatched. You have to hook up tubing to the zingubator and put some zingball through it first. Frank wins and Baby Zingbot emerges from the zingubator looking for his daddy.

Frank really has a monkey on his back to get Dan out of the house and wants to use the POV to back-door Mr. Dan. Unfortunately he makes the mistake of telling Ian the rat, who goes scurrying back to Britney and Danielle to tell them what Frank is thinking about. Britney tells Danielle not to tell Dan about this, as he might freak out.

The ironic thing is Dan thinks it's Boogie that wants to back door him and when Frank tells Boogie what he's thinking of doing, it's actually Boogie that saves Dan's hide and convinces Frank not to do it. This, unfortunately, causes Frank to start distrusting Boogie.

On one hand I can get where Frank is coming from. Every alliance he's gotten in has ended up with him being stabbed in the back and facing being kicked out of the house. However, if it wasn't for Boogie, Frank would have been given the boot last week. And if Frank was thinking with anything approaching logic he'd see that Boogie was right. You do not make an alliance with someone for one week and stab them in the back the next week. Especially not this early in the game. It will paint a big red target on your back and no one will trust a thing you say.

So ultimately Frank leaves his nominations the way they are, with the plan to give Wil the boot and keep useless loud mouth Joe in the game.

The smartest thing that's been said in the game by Jenn was her saying if Frank doesn't use the veto to put up Shane or Dan then there's something else going on here. It's a shame Wil will probably be evicted tonight because he had what it took to win the game.


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