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Big Brother 14: Same Old Song and Dance

Updated on July 19, 2012

Coach Boogie: Not Necessary

This is the Big Twist??

I've watched Big Brother since the beginning and I've loved it. It's interesting and fun to watch, yes, a guilty pleasure. Ihave to say though, that I am completely blown away by how much more boring this show is getting and I'll tell you why.

The Power of Veto is almost meaningless.

As soon as Shane won the Power of Veto yesterday (7/18/12) I knew he wasn't going to use it. Because almost nobody ever does unless they are on the chopping block themselves. But Big Brother editors go through the motions of bringing Shane into the Diary Room to explain to us the good and bad points of using the blasted thing. We know already!!! We've been watching for many years now, we know why you should/shouldn't use it..... if YOU have a question about it, go ask Marcellas......

If the Big Brother writers wanted to add any interesting drama to the show (not just blow-ups and fights and nastiness), they would change the rules so that the winner of the Power of Veto MUST use it. Having the choice not to use the power has rendered it almost useless. Nobody goes out of their way to use the Veto and thus change the HOH's choices. It's boring and it also makes this in-betweener telecast worthless.

I thought the challenge was interesting and fun to watch, and they usually are but to invest the time and then watch Shane talk to the nominees and then pass on using the power is a huge waste of time. And it's a waste of time I knew was coming.

The coaches twist is also very, very worthless. I like all of the coaches since they were all great players but what's happening here is two completely different games that don't coincide with each other. The coaches would have been much more useful as game coaches not alignment engineers. This completely forced people together that likely would not have been linked to each other. Imagine Willie, Shane, Frank and Ian as an Alliance instead of the foolishness they have now. All four coaches are incentivized to play for themselves since they win money as well - that should not have been part of the game play here since it has caused some really awful game play on the part of Britney and Janelle who can't get over her distaste for Mike Boogie. How does that help her players?? Imagine if the coaches had to advise people in different alliances - that would actually PROVE something. Instead, they chose who they wanted, forced them together and have some really weak teams flopping around in the house.

Dan the schemer has been left with the two hottest girls in the house who have already proved that they aren't really good at competitions - at least not yet (they weren't even close last night). If his players are eliminated, so is he. What a waste of an idea and a great player. The coaches should be coaching, not competing against each other.

I'll end this with a question my 14-year old daughter asked: Why do they always pair some gross food with a cool dessert on the America's Choice food questions?


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    • EFranz13 profile image


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      I really hope they don't start doing that every season....

    • dblyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Thank you. I agree, the coaches twist didn't work really well.

    • EFranz13 profile image


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      Great Hub! Very Funny.

      I am liking your idea about the POV, and plan to mention it in my own Hub.

      I also agree that the Coaches twist has added quite a mess for the HouseGuests this year. Don't like it, and hope they don't continue to do it on future seasons.

    • dblyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Thank you. I agree. The competition was fun to watch but the rest of the show was very predictable....

    • Pop Culture World profile image

      Pop Culture World 

      6 years ago from United States

      The only fun part of last night was watching them in the laundry obstacle course. Well-written hub!


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