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Big Brother 14: Staten Island Has LEFT the Building

Updated on July 27, 2012

Never Complain on Eviction Night

No Mo for JOJO

Oh well, JoJo we hardly knew you.

Last night's eviction show (7/26/12) was interesting. After being put up on the block JoJo didn't seem to do an awful lot to save herself and Britney's only advice was to keep quiet. I don't remember JoJo being all that loud a personality in this game to begin with. She definitely has the Staten Island attitude (I should know since I live there myself) but she really didn't do anything outside of stick with Willie which was a huge mistake. NOT a mistake she could see coming though, any more than Shane or Britney did. Her Evistion Night pleas to stay in the house made sure that anyone on the fence would now vote against her. Any evictee can tell you, be gracious, thank everyone and don't complain or throw anyone under the bus during this speech. That is a one-way ticket out of the house. She did deserve to stay in the house over Danielle but ultimately, her social game (which she didn't seem to have much of) just couldn't save her.

In the end, Danielle getting closer to Janelle's team worked and the thought of Shane and JoJo as a couple, really started innocently enough by Ian, seemed to make JoJo's chances even worse. You never know what someone will say in this house. If we didn't think Ashley was a complete moron before this episode, a cute moron but still a moron, we certainly think so now. She somehow described Shane as emancipated instead of emaciated - that was actually pretty funny but she's either incredibly dumb or playing it really, really well. I think she needs to take Ian in hand and make a man out of him - it might calm them both down.

Fun to see Dr. Will again who my kids have never experienced. They thought he was funny and he was his usual clever self. He's right of course, the other coaches need to get moving because Boogie is outcoaching them all so far.

Shane winning the HoH was a replay of last week where Frank was on the Block and then HoH the next week. Odd how that has played out. With Shane as HoH and the only remaining member of Britneys team, I would assume he will target Janelle's players this week since she was so mean to Britney's players last week. It's petty, but completely in line with Britney's way of doing things.

I think the players have to start playing for themselves and stop worrying about the coaches alliances, which I've stated already but with the coaches entering the game (you KNOW America will vote to do that) it will be even more important. I could easily see Shane and Frank teamed togeter with Boogie and Ian taking on the rest of the house. Anything could happen when new players are introduced into the game but these coaches have been there since day 1 so they have the pulse of the house already (not like in other Reality TV shows where contestants come into the game late and are immediately targeted by all of the original players).

The show definitely needs more players, I think we all agree with that but I don't think turning the coaches into players is a great idea. I'm not against using former players either but I'd like some fun players not the truly intense ones. Bring back Cowboy and Marcellas, Natalie and April, anybody that palyed well but wasn't insane (like Jace or Evil Dick).

Could be fun...


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