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Big Brother 14: The Coahes are Playing, SHOCKER!!!

Updated on August 3, 2012

Coaches are in, NOT a shocker

Oh we all knew this was coming and America's vote had NOTHING to do with it. It's a simple matter of numbers here. Big Brother 14 started with fewer players than normal, evicted somebody on Day 1 and then were forced to toss Willie mid-week. There simply weren't enough players lesft to fill out this season's worth of shows.

The choices given on yesterday's (8/2/12) show were simple. The coaches would play if even one of them decided they wanted to, or an evicted player (or players) would be put back into the game. Obviously, they needed to put some players back into the game. Neither choice was well thought out. Here's why:

Coaches Entering the Game

These people have been giving advice to these players and building there own place in the game. This reset adds four players we have already seen before and don't have any interest in seeing again. Do I need Janelle to prove to us that she can be a strong 3-time loser. No. Dan and Britney want to play but they each have certain flaws and Boogie who is the most entertaining of the bunch - BY FAR - chose NOT to play. You may not like Boogie but he is entertaining. I've said in an earlier hub that adding players was necessary so we sort of knew this was coming and a resounding NO from America would not have mattered at all - it probably never did.

Evictees Coming Back

In reality shows, evicted players from the game are NEVER wanted back by the majority of the players left in the game. They believe they have already eliminated these players and they don't want to do the work again. These players may also have new knowledge the remaining players don't. In last season's Biggest Loser several players left when the idea that an eliminated player might be reintroduced to the game. It is never a popular option to the players.

What Could Have Happened

Option 1: Nothing - find a way to lengthen the current players stay with longer competions that span 2 weeks instead of one.

Option 2: Bring back an older player not currently involved in the game - someone fun to add into the mix. There have been lots of popular players over the years that didn't win or even get close. Bring soemone back that could be interesting but not inherently disruptive.

Option 3: Bring in someone totally unexpected to add a little spice to the reality. I joked about bringing in Charlie Sheen in an earlier hub and then thought about it and decided it was a great idea. Or soemone like a Charlie Sheen. Think about what that could do to the house dynamics. These newbies think Janelle and Boogie are celebrities. What would happen if someone truly out of left field were thrown into the house with orders to be as crazy as possible. Imagine Dr. Ruth in the house, Regis Philbin, Barry Bonds, anybody famous or controversial. We let them vote, play in veto competition, put them on slop!! What an idea.

Yesterday's Episode

Frank wasn't evicted which was great, I like him and don't know what Shane was thinking trying to get rid of him. As soon as Shane or Frank goes, the other one is the biggest target in the house. Why don't they know that?

Shane isn't into a showmance with Danielle because he knows it will hurt his game. Dan knows this would also hurt Danielle's game and tells her so but she doesn't seem to like hearing it. Both guys are absolutely right of course and Danielle should play for herself alone. She really seemed to resent Dan telling her what happens AFTER the game ends - she's a bright girl, I don't know why she's so angry about the truth.

Frank is the son of a famous wrestler and I think that's just awesome. I've been a wrestling fan at many points in my life and I had to explain who Sid Vicious was to my wife. My kids, 14-year old Katelyn and 11-year old Andrew knew EXACTLY who he was. That was great. Explains a lot about Frank too.

Britney COMPLETELY twisted Ian's response. I don't know if she didn't understand him or remember that she asked him the question from his standpoint only, not his "Team Boogie" perspective but he clearly was only responding about his view. That was either really smart in order to turn Shane on Frank (which is what she wanted from the beginning) or really stupid (since doing so would have made Shane the biggest target left in the house). I'm not sure Britney truly gets the pecking order in this game - nuisances, strong players and weak alliances get tossed first, every season. You would think she would know this.

Chef Joe is just too loud for his own good. He's so loud we turn down the TV volume when he's in the diary room. Hey Joe, dial it down a few notches please. No matter what emotion he's playing, he's just way too loud and annoying. I was hoping they would evict Joe just so that I wouldn't have to listen to him anymore.

The coaches joining the game DOES completely reset the game for some players, not so much for others. Boogie is now the biggest target in the game (probably why he didn't want to be a player to begin with). Janelle also becomes a large target and is arguably more abrasive than Boogie. Players like Jen who haven't done much yet, get to continue sitting in the the high weeds waiting for the bigger targets to eliminate themselves.

It wasn't an ideal solution to the lack of players issue the BB producers made for themselves but it does change the house dynamics a bit. Though it wasn't completely fair to the evicted players to plan the season this way (which it now seems was the plan all along)...

By the way, they now have too many players so several double evictee weeks will need to be inserted as well... just saying...


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