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Big Brother 14 -- Which House Guest Has Gotten An Early Eviction?

Updated on July 21, 2012


If you were on Twitter last night or if you are watching the Live Big Brother Feeds this is old news to you, but one of the Big Brother house guests had a major meltdown in the house and was shown to the door. This is all based on what people on Twitter were saying. Since I don't have the live feeds, I'm not sure just how accurate any of this is. Just that Willie Hantz has left the building.

According to the tweets of Evel Dick and other watchers it all began [or maybe it started from the moment Frank won head of household] when Janelle won the Coaches Competition and she chose all of Team Brittany, including Willie Hantz, to be a Havenot for the week. No word if she saved someone on her team or decided to trade someone on her team for a member of another team. Earlier, Janelle, Boogie and Dan were afraid if Britney won she would dump Willie and foist him on one of them and they didn't want that to happen.

Anyway, after Janelle won; JoJo, Shane and Willie were chosen as a Havenot by Janelle, . Although, that doesn't really make much sense, and the people on Twitter may be wrong, since last week each coach got to choose one person to be a Havenot. So maybe Janelle, Boogie and Dan all chose a member from Team Brittany's team, but for some reason Willie was blaming it all on Janelle.

As the story goes, Willie threw pork rinds at Janelle. That was one of the food choices viewers were allowed to vote for the Havenots to eat for the week. He also called her a nasty name for a female dog and an equally nasty name for a female body part. Then he head butted Joe several times. After that, the feeds went dark, apparently. When they returned, Willie's picture on the wall was now black and white, indicating a house guest that's been evicted.

The ironic thing was Frank hadn't even nominated anyone yet. Willie didn't know he was going to be put up. It was being named a Havenot that set him off.

Some are saying they think the beginning of his downfall started the moment Britney told him what she suspected about there being a coach twist down the line. They may have a point. The town meeting is where he mocked Wil and Frank taking offense and mentioning it is what set Willie off in front of everyone to confront Frank.

There's also another possibility. Willie may have decided he wanted to go out on his own terms and not wait for the Thursday Night Eviction. There didn't seem to be any reason Frank wasn't going to put Willie up for eviction and unless Willie won the Power Of Veto there probably was no way he wasn't going to be evicted. When he learned he'd also have to sleep on an uncomfortable bed and eat something he might not like, he decided to take control of how he left the game. From the minute he was named HOH he was trying to take control of the game, so I wouldn't put it past him purposely acting this way so he'd be kicked out.

Don't know if this is true, but someone on Twitter claimed that CBS also had plans to put another Hantz on The Amazing Race. It may be an unfounded rumor, since people have been speculating that CBS would put the Hantzs' on The Amazing Race next. There's apparently another one of them we have yet to meet. The question is, will this incident finally cool CBS's love affair with the Hantz family?

Tomorrow night we should see just how CBS handles this and just how much they show of the incident on Sunday's show. I didn't like the man, but I was shocked that this was how he went out of the game. If Willie Hantz comes out and says he faked the whole thing just to get kicked off the show, I won't be surprised. Like I said, to me it seemed like he was trying to control the game, so I could easily see him deciding to control just how he left the house, as well.


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