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Big Brother Episode Two the Games Have Just Begun

Updated on July 15, 2012
left to right back row Wil, Kara, Shane, Jenn, and Frank middle row Ashley, Joe, Danielle, and Willie first row Jodi (in yellow shirt), Ian, and JoJo
left to right back row Wil, Kara, Shane, Jenn, and Frank middle row Ashley, Joe, Danielle, and Willie first row Jodi (in yellow shirt), Ian, and JoJo

The coaches and the players aren't coasting

Big Brother returned Sunday night for Episode 2 and for a Sunday things were anything but mellow.

THE $100,000 CARROT

The coaches feeling motivated by that $100,000 carrot dangling in front of them came out of the gate with strategy to spare. Mike Boogie began the episode by taking Dan aside and asked him if he would like to work with him to get the odds in their favor. Janelle revealed that Dan had always admired Mike Boogie and would probably be in any plans he might be making. She was right though Dan had a bit of doubt saying making a deal with Boogie was like making a deal with the devil.


Janelle fearing Mike might be scheming with Dan decided to ask Britney if she would like to join forces. Britney saw the logic and agreed. The coaches have their plans in order (they are hoping) and now we go to the next part of the episode the winner’s room.


Willie won Head of Household and everyone was excited whether real or fake they all seemed as happy as Willie to see the room. It is neat each week to see what the winner’s room will look like and as someone pointed out it was a zen like room with a little waterfall and neat looking furniture. There is always a basket with the winner’s favorite food and there are pictures of the family in the room. A new twist was revealed that not only did the winner of the challenge get a room the coach also got a room. Britney was conflicted by her feelings because she had a great looking room, but it was open and about 10 feet away from Willie’s space. I think it would be awkward to sleep that close to a person you just met. A door would have been a nice touch. I agree with Britney.


Tonight’s comedic spot of the show was the scenes of Ian wandering around the Big Brother house after everyone had gone to bed. He thought it was too early to be in bed and being awe struck to be in the Big Brother house he wants to explore. Being a big fan he is so stunned to be there he had forgotten that the head of house hold can view any room at any time on their television. Willie, Janelle, and Britney are laughing their heads off to see Ian wandering around aimlessly, trying to fit underneath furniture, and smacking himself on the butt. Janelle wonders if he is up to something and all of them agree that he should be out of the house as soon as possible. Another guy who is a little strange is Joe. Whenever he makes his comments in the diary room it sounds like he was born in a saw mill. He is always almost shouting it is kind of funny.

Ian already seems to be getting on all the house guests nerves. He walks on his tippy toes, he creeps up on everyone and the ladies are afraid he is trying to look at them while they shower. Even the guys are freaked out by him.

Frank and Willie even though they aren’t on the teams that agreed to have each others backs made a pact to bond together. Later it is revealed that the pact will be broken.


Julie pops on the television screen to tell the house guests that coaches will be competing with each other. The winning coach would get to pick a player from their team to keep safe. It will also determine who would be the Have Nots. They get cold showers, slop, and they have to sleep in a weird bedroom that looks like it could cause equilibrium problems.

The coaches are dressed like horses and they have to go around a track. There are two legs of the race. Two coaches compete at a time if one coach catches up to the other coach then they pull the tail off the costume. The winner then goes against the winner from the second heat. Mike and Britney are in heat one. Even though Mike thought the course was harder than it appeared because it was so slippery he was able to defeat Britney. She admitted earlier she wasn‘t any good at challenges. I guess it was an easy win for Mike. Janelle and Dan competed in the 2nd heat. Dan for some reason claimed he was going to throw the competition. I guess he didn’t want to go against his new found buddy. Janelle was a worthy opponent, but she couldn’t catch up to Mike and he won again. Gloating he began strutting and saying any questions which got Danielle a little upset. Mike decided to keep Ian safe since he figured his guy Frank had it in the bag with Willie and that Jenn was well liked too.

The coaches had the unpleasant duty of choosing a person from their team to be a Have Not for the week. This reveals who is top on the totem pole and who is the lowest it is revealed that:

Janelle picks Ashley

Dan picks Danielle

Britney picks Shane

Willie counted on putting Ian up on the block, but that was foiled when Boogie chose to keep him safe. Willie then decided to pick Frank (a move that stunned his secret partner who was Frank himself) and he chose Kara from Dan’s team.


Viewers will have to tune in Wednesday to see who is going to be evicted will it be Frank or Kara?


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