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Big Brother Is Back and is as Exciting as Ever

Updated on July 14, 2012

Expect the Unexpected is the shows motto and it doesn't disappoint

Big Brother came back in full force on Thursday night. Twelve people were invited to the house and they were wondering why didn’t they get a key when they were chosen to appear on the show? The answer came soon enough when Julie announced that only eleven players were going to stay and that one player would be leaving without even unpacking. What a blow to a player super excited about getting a chance to be in the house.

Big Brother came in like the season of summer with great anticipation. One great thing about Big Brother is it knows how to generate anticipation with its commercial previews and the scheduling of the show. Once a week and you might not be too committed, but 3 times a week and like a soap opera you are waiting by the television anxious to see our cast in action.

The cast this season is:

Ashley from Pittsburgh a mobile spray tanner.

Danielle a nurse from Alabama

Frank is from Naples, Florida where he is unemployed. It was funny the cast was suspicious of him thinking he wasn’t really unemployed and had something up his sleeve. Paranoia strikes early.

Ian is from Pittsburgh and is an engineering student. He was the first to observe that Willie and Russell (from Survivor) looked a lot alike.

Jenn is a tattooed musician from Brooklyn.

Jodi a recently married wife and step mother of five kids is from California.

Joe a chef from Kentucky

JoJo a bartender from Staten Island

Kara a model from California

Shane a house flipper from Vermont

Wil a marketing consultant from Kentucky

Willie a tanker man from Louisiana (he is also the brother of the evil Russell from Survivor)

Go to to check out the pictures of the cast and to see previews. Later there will be episodes posted if you happen to miss any.

Things were exciting from the start as groups were let in to go pick out their beds. After all groups entered the house they realized one bed was missing, but they didn’t think anything about it at the time. Drinks started flowing and the part I like each person introduced themselves and you could see everyone sizing each other up.

Julie doesn’t like the house guest to get too comfortable so she popped in and announced the dreaded phrase “Expect the unexpected”. She told the house guests that they would not be alone in the house, but there were four more people coming in four people that had played Big Brother before. They were going to be the coaches and they would choose their teams. Then one by one they entered the room.The looks on the players faces were priceless.

There was Mike Boogie winner of season 7 and he was in Season 2 in the Chilltown alliance with Wil who won. Mike has the social game , but he is not afraid to offend people too. He is a great strategist so the other players and coaches will have their hands full.

Brittany played in Season 12 and was a part of the guy’s alliance, but she didn’t know the guys had made the alliance before she was in it and they called themselves the Brigade. They weren’t about to break their bond and she was given the boot.

Dan he played in Season 10 and won Big Brother by a unanimous vote. He is known as the nicest guy to play the game. He is a teacher and a football coach, so he should be able to motivate his team to victory.

Last but not least is Janelle who has brains as well as beauty. She came in 3rd in Season 6 and in the Allstars season 7 she came in 3rd also. She is athletic and a strategy player.

Julie got the game going immediately by having the coaches choose their players.

Mike picked Ian, Frank, and Jenn

Dan picked Jodi, Danielle, and Kara

Brittany picked Willie, JoJo, and Shane

Janelle picked Wil, Ashley, and Joe

The task was a cute one. The teams dressed up in pajamas and had to leap across cushions to get to the other side of the room where there was a bed with teddy bears. They had to grab a teddy bear go back and then put the bear on the shelf. The first teams to collect 3 bears and turn off the nightlight were the winners. The coach would then choose the head of household. The losing team had the miserable honor of losing a player which was determined by the coach.

The task revealed some weak links Danielle, Jodi, and Jenn. The task wasn’t easy one cushion spun, and then the last cushion flipped up on one side. If you fell you had to start over again.

The winning team was Brittany's. She chose Willie as head of household in order for the other players to get to know him. Right away Ian recognized the resemblance between Willie and Russell. Janelle and Mike also recognized him as being related so they weren’t sure they wanted him because Russell was known to stir up trouble. They didn’t want that to deal with.

The losing team was Dan's. He being the nice guy he is noted to good points of his team and didn’t want to get rid of anyone and didn’t want to disappoint anyone by their not having a chance to play the game. After weighing the situation he decided to get rid of Jodi. She did seem to have to most trouble on her team during the competition.

Big Brother returns on Sunday with Willie as Head of Household and he will have to choose 2 players to go up for eviction.

Big Brother is the master of entertainment and suspense. You will return the night they are on to see the players in compete in fun contests to determine food winners and who will compete for the power of veto in order to take themselves off the block. Alliances are made and shaken up by unexpected events. As Julie said “Expect the Unexpected” and it is because of this that Big Brother remains an exciting fun show to watch.


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