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Big Brother: Willie is Toast

Updated on July 23, 2012

One and Done...

Head Butt and You're Outta Here!!

Last night's (7/22/12) episode was both funny and a bit sad.

We all know that Willie's days were numbered in the house. He played way too hard and way too fast and just didn't understand how this game is actually played. Every player who has ever entered ANY reality TV show with the idea that "they didn't come here to make friends", will likely be out the door in a hurry. Reality is a social endeavor and so is Reality TV. You need to make friends and "frenemies" and play everyone as needed. Being loud, abrasive, and abusive doesn't work. Ever.

You'd think the brother of a Survivor villain would KNOW that.....

Anyway, the coaches competition was very interesting. We got to see a lot of what we know already:

1. Britney just doesn't know how to keep herself on track. She had that competition won if she could just have calmly picked up the blocks of money.

2. Dan the schemer told us very early he was throwing the competition to keep playing up the "weak" card. This is in keeping with Dan's persona but we all KNOW Dan isn't weak. His player might be though Danielle is showing signs of understanding here. Her budding Shomance with Shane makes sense.

3. Mike Boogie is a strong player who should shut up once in awhile and concentrate. How could you win the competition and lose it by not listening to the rules??? DUMB and not done on purpose either. The picture of his baby with a Team Boogie t-shirt was priceless though....

4. Janelle is a competitor. She always has been. She's a bit more mellow now but she needs to figure people out before proclaiming anything, as she did when she won. Britney and Mike Boogie screwed up and Dan wasn't trying. It isn't much of a victory when looked at that way. She was steady though and she won so you have to respect that.

5. "Hammer" pants while stylish 20 years ago are not a style to bring back. My kids didn't understand why my wife and I were laughing so hard. I told them to look up MC Hammer on YouTube. My how the world has changed.

Putting Britney's team on slop was rather mean of Janelle but, ho hum, who cares? Really somebody has to go on slop, so they'll eat pudding all week. Ian certainly looked happy. His slop date was great. They need to do more of that sort of stuff on the show - things we haven't seen before.

Frank and Boogie reinventing the Diary Room hysterics from the Dr. Will/Boogie era was great.

Willie exploding was not news. Willie getting pissed wasn't news. Willie head-butting someone and getting thrown out of the house WAS news but also not altogether unexpected. He was classless yes, but no worse than Chima from a few seasons back - hers still ranks as the worst exit in BB History. I do want to say that with all of this said, he wasn't much of a bully - he was misunderstood at times but he did make some big mistakes and does not have the equipment to handle it. Lying about his brother on Day 1 marked the beginning of the end. They all knew who he was - he should have just owned up to it.

I think that much of the "bullying" talk, especially coming out of Britney, is garbage. She wants us to believe that Boogie was bullying her when he spoke to her about the veto and nominations. Everything he said was pretty common sense really. He didn't threaten anything and stated that the choices made would reveal her intent. Well, yeah, sure, that's what happens in this game. It isn't a bullying tactic. Maybe she just wants to play up the weak girl routine, I don't know. I liked her in her season but she seems like a whiny little girl with a chip on her shoulder this time. It doesn't work well for her either.

I also think, ultimately, the coaches will enter this game. They can all see slots for keys next to the coaches pictures but they are also burning through players too fast. Getting rid of a player on the opening day and another midweek was NOT the plan here. They either need to throw in a few players or make the coahces players themselves. I have to say I don't like that idea at all. However, if they threw in a few older players (I mean fun ones like Cowboy - not Evil Dick or Brendan) and maybe a celebrity like Charlie Sheen - man that would be a fun house. This house used to be more fun years ago, now it's all about mean nasty drama. It doesn't need to be. The other night on After Dark the ladies put on a show with Wil dancing to some old songs. Cute and different from the constant gameplay that we get condensed into the regular show.


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