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Big Momma Rhymes

Updated on October 9, 2017

Big Mommas House

Lester's Stash

MALCOLM TURNER works for the FBI.
He finds out that a really bad guy.
That's supposedly in jail for life.
Has escaped and books a flight.
Meanwhile, Hattie "Big Momma" Pierce.
Has no clue of the man that's near.
LESTER VESCO is on his way to Big Mommas.
To find SHERRY PIERCE and his hidden treasure.
Malcolm arrives and stakes out.
He sneaks in Big Momma's house.
While in, Sherry calls her grandmother Hatti.
Malcolm answers, and begins disguising.
Disguising his voice as Hattie Mae.
To lure Sherry there to say.
That she helped Lestor Rob the bank.
Before arriving, Malcolm puts on the fake.
Sherry arrives but immediately recognizes.
That there is a change in her appearance.
In the cooking, there is inexperience.
She sees the difference but tries not to believe it.
Malcolm damages the suit while sleeping.
So he tries to sneak out with hopes of repairing.
But Sherry catches him, while he's trying to leave.
Malcolm using his skills to deceive.
She buys it. She thinks he's her handyman.
Malcolm advances to fulfill his plan.
He repairs the suit and goes back as Big Momma.
He Lures Sherry out has his partner.
Searches for clues but he gets nothing.
While Malcolm's on the trip bonding.
He's bonding with her son Trent.
While bonding with Trent, he and Sherry get.
They get closer. But Malcolm's not blowing his cover.
He's doing good work while undercover.
As Big Momma, they go to church.
While returning home, they find that the worse.
Malcolm accidentally finds the stolen.
Stolen cash that Sherry didn't know was hidden.
He finds the stolen cash in Trents Locker.
Sherry tells the story but Lester.
Lestor is waiting at Big Momma's house.
Waiting for Sherry but Malcolm comes out.
In a brief battle, he subdues Lester.
But there is a disappointment after.
Sherry and Trent find his intentions.
All along, he wanted a confession.
He wanted her to say that she was involved.
But truthfully, it was all Lester's call.

Martin Lawrence
Malcolm Turner/ Big Momma
Nia Long
Sherry Pierce
Terrence Howard
Lester Vesco

Big Momma House 2

Just a face

Malcolm has Sherry and Trent by his side.
While still working for the FBI.
But;s assigned a desk Job in Public relations.
But he's still, one of the best agents.
Meanwhile, there is an incident.
That kills Malcolm's old friend Doug Hudson.
Malcolm wants to avenge his friend.
So he asks the Chief if he can get in.
But the Cheif declines his request.
He tells him to stray from Saftey Analysis.
but Malcolm disobeys his orders.
He joins the case while undercover.
Meanwhile, the FBI finds that TOM FULLER.
Is the suspect, so they send undercover.
Undercover agents to infiltrate his home.
Malcolm feels this is a good time to put on.
To put on his big momma suit.
He does so and goes to the interview.
He eliminates, the other candidates.
& becomes the Nanny of Fuller's place.
Bigg Momma meets the Fuller Children.
After failing to perform.
To perform the tasks that were assigned.
She was fired but made them change their minds.
She is fully accepted inside.
She Becomes a part of their lives.
While closer, Malcolm gains access.
Access to Tom's Intelligence.
He sees how fast Tom's progressed.
He sees that Tom has full access.
To FBI classified evidence.
Big Momma notices him giving it to a man.
Malcolm then realized that the plan.
Malcolm goes to help Tom Escape.
& realizes that Tom was was just a face.

Martin Lawrence
Malcolm Turner/Big Momma
Mark Moses
Tom Fuller

Big Momma House 3

Seals the Deal

Trent has grown into a young man.
Going to college but different plans.
He plans to become an artist.
He has a contract but needs Malcolm to sign it.
Malcolm refuses because disagrees.
His plans to ambush him because he needs.
He needs Malcolm's signature.
Meanwhile, Malcolm is trying to capture.
Trying to capture a gang member.
Using an informant to deliver.
To deliver a flash drive to his gang.
All the while, he's on to Trent's game.
The Gang member is named Chirkoff.
His gang get's the flash drive and wipes off
Wipes off the informant that delivered it.
& Trent is there to witness all of it.
Malcolm rescues Trent and they escape.
While Trent's car still at the place.
Because of that, he knows they'd trace.
So they both agree to put on the fake.
Wigs and suits. Trent says he's CHARMAINE.
Malcolm is Big Momma, his disguise doesn't change.
She takes a job as a house mother in Georgia.
At the school where Charmaine meets other.
Meets other attractive young ladies.
She meets a girl named HALEY.
A piece of the school's history.
Has been stolen from the library.
Big Momma scopes the library.
In the midst, she sees Security,
They offer to give her a tour of the facility.
Then she sees an old picture of friend Canetti.
Meanwhile, that gang is looking for Trent.
They don't know that Charmaine exists.
The gang finds that Trent is on a date.
There is no more looking, they begin the chase.
Trent helps Haley with the showcase.
They both kiss, at the end of the date.
Haley encourages trent to pursue college.
But the gang members come and he changes.
He changes, to Charmaine and he throws them off.
Big Momma reveals her true ID.
Malcolm finds that the box was stolen by Haley.
Haley wanted to become, a full-fledged diva.
She stole the box to impress the other divas.
Malcolm forces Trent to retain.
Telling Trent to stay as Charmaine.
Trent doesn't list. He breaks his disguise.
Haley storms off the stage and the gang arrives.
Even in his disgrace, he recovers the drive.
The gang members catch him but are surprised.
Surprised, by Big Momma. She blows her disguise.
Malcolm and Trent about to be killed.
But Kurtis the guard comes and seals the deal.

Martin Lawrence
Malcome Turner/Big Momma
Brandon T Jackson
Trent Pierce/Charmaine
Tony Curran
Faizon Love

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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