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Big Brother - CBS

Updated on February 12, 2018

Ultimate Hubber asked the question "What is your favorite reality show?" And here, I am answering it.

My all-time favorite reality television show is by far, Big Brother, on CBS. It comes on every summer in the beginning of July and sadly finishes in mid-September. I wait the whole year for it to come on. Big Brother (which aired it's first season in 2000) is about 13 (sometimes more or less) houseguests who come into a house for 3 months to compete in challenges and hopefully win the prize of $500,000. The runner up wins $50,000. Every week someone is voted out until the end when the final 3 compete in a 3-part competition. The last 6 people voted out go to the jury house, along with the person from the final 3 who isn't picked to be in the final 2. ( In the first few seasons they didn't have this option so everyone voted.) The jury then asks the final 2 some questions, and based on their answers combined with their game-play throughout the season, they vote for who they want to win. Whoever gets the most votes wins the ultimate prize!


Throughout the game, there are many competitions. The first kind are food competitions. During the first 7 seasons those who lost had to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the week. Now they have to eat what is called "slop". Other times they have food competitions to get special rare items for the house. They might get some beer or the chance to barbeque on a grill, instead of just typical sandwiches, cereal, etc. There is also the Head of Household competition, which is the most important. Every week a new HOH is in power. They nominate two people to go "on the block". Then there is a veto competition. Whoever wins the "power of veto" gets to choose to keep the nominations the same or take one person off the block. If they take someone off, the HOH then has to pick a replacement nominee. At the end of the week, the house-guests have to vote on who they want to go home.


Host, Julie Chen
Host, Julie Chen

Julie Chen, 48, is the host of Big Brother and has been since the very first season. She was also a co-anchor on The Early Show on CBS. Chen is now one of the hosts on the CBS talk-show, The Talk, that discusses controversial contemporary issues.

Winner of BB19

Winner: Josh Martinez
Winner: Josh Martinez

Big Brother 19 began on June 28, 2017.

It featured the Den of Temptation, where each week a houseguest voted on by America got to earn the right to choose whether or not they wanted to take the temptation. This usually involved some special power they could use during the game. The temptations included: The Pendant of Protection, The Ring of Replacement, and The Halting Hex.

On the first night, all houseguests were tempted with money. When one person claimed it for themselves, it made it so the first evicted houseguest was replaced with previous year's player, Paul Abrahamian.

As the show went on, there were other temptations as well as competitions held to earn the right for safety other than veto. With lots of twists and plays to make, everyone had a lot to consider when making their decisions this season.

The members were 1. Alex Ow, 2. Cameron Heard, 3. Christmas Abbott, 4. Cody Nickson, 5. Dominique Cooper, 6. Elena Davies, 7. Jason Dent, 8. Jessica Graf, 9. Jillian Parker, 10. Josh Martinez, 11. Kevin Schlehuber, 12. Mark Jansen, 13. Matt Clines, 14. Megan Lowder, 15. Paul Abrahamian, 16. Ramses Soto, and 17. Raven Walton.

Winner of BB18

Winner: Nicole Franzel
Winner: Nicole Franzel

Big Brother 18 aired on June 22, 2016. Players were divided into teams in which they competed together for the first several weeks. The teams were Category 4, Big Sister, Team Unicorn, and Freakazoids - the houseguests named themselves. There were the BB Roadkill competition and the Battle Back added to the list of others. America also gave care packages and there was a secret room hidden that offered a Round Trip Ticket to come back into the house following eviction.

The members were: 1. Bridgette Dunning, 2. Bronte D'Acquisto, 3. Corey Brooks. 4. Glenn Garcia, 5. Jozea Flores, 6. Michelle Meyer, 7. Natalie Negrotti, 8. Paul Abrahamian, 9. Paulie Calafiore, 10. Tiffany Rousso, 11. Victor Arroyo, 12. Kakiyah Everette

4 returning houseguests also played, including Da'Vonne Rogers, Frank Eudy, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel.

Winner of BB17

Winner: Steve Moses
Winner: Steve Moses

Big Brother 17 aired on June 24, 2015. It featured a twin twist, where two female twins switched in and out of the game with one another. The show also used celebrities for a BB Takeover. For the first few weeks, one new celebrity would come in to the house to announce a new twist for the week. Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race implemented the BB Fast Forward, as well as brought in two previuos Amazing Race players, Jackie and Jeff. Kathy Griffin offered the The Last Laugh, and Rob Gronkowski did Gronk Party Week and a special luxury competition.

The members were 1. Audrey Middleton, 2. Austin Matelson, 3. Becky Burgess, 4. Clay Honeycutt, 5. Da'Vonne Rogers, 6. Jace Agolli, 7. Jackie Ibarra, 8. James Huling, 9. Jason Roy, 10. Jeff Weldon, 11. John McGuire, 12. Julia Nolan, 13. Liz Nolan, 14. Meg Maley, 15. Shelli Poole, 16. Steve Moses, 17. Vanessa Rousso

Winner of BB16

Winner: Derrick Levasseur
Winner: Derrick Levasseur

Big Brother Season 16 began early, like last season. It started June 25, 2014. This season was said to have twist after twisted twist thanks to a new competition called the Battle of the Block and the fact that 2 HOHs would be crowned each week instead of only one. Plus, there was Team America, a juror competition that let one back in, 2 double evictions, and the BBRewind.

The members are 1. Amber Borzotra, 2. Brittany Martinez, 3. Caleb Reynolds, 4. Christine Brecht, 5. Cody Calafiore, 6. Derrick Levasseur, 7. Devin Sheperd, 8. Donny Thompson, 9. Frankie Grande, 10. Hayden Voss, 11. Jocasta Odom, 12. Joey Van Pelt, 13. Nicole Franzel, 14. Paola Shea, 15. Victoria Rafaeli, and 16. Zach Rance.

The houseguests were evicted as follows:

1. Joey

2. Paola

3. Devin

4. Brittany

5. Amber

6. Jocasta - First member of the jury

7. Hayden - Second member of the jury

8. Nicole, after a double eviction -Third member of the jury

9. Zach -Forth member of the jury

The first 4 jury members got to compete to get back in the house. Nicole won.

10. Donny -Now the fourth member of the jury

11. Nicole -Now the fifth member of the jury

12. Christine, after a double eviction - Sixth member of the jury

14. BBRewind button pushed. No eviction

15. Frankie - Seventh member of the jury

16. Caleb - Eighth member of the jury

17. Victoria -Ninth member of the jury

The final 3 are Derrick, Cody, and Victoria. Cody won the 3-part competition and chose to take Derrick to the final 2. Derrick won with 7 votes, and Cody was the runner-up with 2 votes.

Winner of BB15

Winner, Andy Herren
Winner, Andy Herren

Big Brother Season 15 started earlier than previous seasons, providing even more episodes to enjoy. There was also a larger cast, with 16 completely new houseguests, except that one of them, Elissa, was actually season 13 winner Rachel Reilly's sister. Since this season featured more houseguests, it meant there was a 9-person jury instead of the regular 7-person jury. Also, there were three nominations each week, instead of two. Two people were nominated by the HOH and the third person was nominated in secret by the M.V.P. that America got to vote for. (It was usually Elissa.)

The members were 1. Aaryn Gries, 2. Amanda Zuckerman, 3. Andy Herren, 4. Candice Stewart, 5. David Girton, 6. Elissa Slater, 7. GinaMarie Zimmerman, 8. Helen Kim, 9. Howard Overby, 10. Jeremy McGuire, 11. Jessie Kowalski, 12. Judd Daugherty, 13. Kaitlin Barnaby, 14. McCrae Olson, 15. Nick Uhas, and 16. Spencer Clawson.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • David, nominated by the MVP, was the first person evicted.
  • Nick, chosen as the MVPs renomination, was the second person evicted.
  • Jeremy was the third person evicted.
  • Kaitlin was the fourth person evicted.
  • Howard was the fifth person evicted.
  • Candace was the sixth person evicted, and the first member of the jury.
  • Judd was the seventh person evicted, immediately after Candace in a double eviction night. He became the second member of the jury.
  • Jessie was the eighth person evicted, and the third member of the jury.
  • Helen was the ninth person evicted, and the fourth member of the jury.

The first 4 jury members got to compete in a competition to see which one of them could come back into the game. Judd won and got to come back in.

  • Aaryn was the tenth person evicted, and now the fourth jury member.
  • Amanda was the eleventh person evicted, and the fifth member of the jury.
  • Elissa was the twelfth person evicted, immediately after Amanda in a second double eviction night. She became the sixth member of the jury.
  • Judd was evicted again as the thirteenth person, becoming the seventh member of the jury.
  • McCrae was evicted by GinaMarie's vote, making him the fourteenth person evicted, and the eighth member of the jury.

The final 3 were Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer. Andy won the 3-part competition and chose to take GinaMarie to the final 2 with him. Andy won with 7 votes and GinaMarie was runner-up with 2 votes.

Winner of BB14

Winner, Ian Terry.
Winner, Ian Terry.

Big Brother Season 14 had 12 new house guests and also 4 previous house guests who were there to coach the newbies. The coaches got to pick teams of 3. If one of their players ended up winning the game, that coach would receive $100,000. If all of a coach's players were evicted, that coach would leave as well and be out of the running.

The returning house guests were 1. Janelle Pierzina, 2. Dan Gheesling, 3. Britney Haynes, and 4. Mike "Boogie" Malin.

The new members were 1. Willie Hantz (who is the brother of Survivor's Russel Hantz and uncle of another Survivor's Brandon Hantz), 2. Kara Monaco (who was the playboy model of the year in 2006), 3. JoJo Spatafora (promotional model/bartender), 4. Jenn Arroyo (aka Miss Jenn City, musician), 5. Ashley Locco (spray tanner), 6. Jodi Rollins (restaurant server), 7. Danielle Murphree (nurse), 8. Wil Heuser (from "The Wil Show"), 9. Ian Terry (college student), 10. Frank Eudy (who is the son of wrestler Sid Vicious), 11. Shane Meaney (house flipper), and 12. Joe Arvin (chef).

The coaches and their players were:
Britney: Shane, Willie, and JoJo
Mike Boogie: Frank, Ian, Jenn
Janelle: Ashley, Wil, Joe
Dan: Kara, Danielle, Jodi

Every week, 2 people were nominated, and 1 was evicted.

  • The very first day after his team lost the competition, coach Dan had to evict one of his own players. He chose Jodi.
  • Kara and Frank were on the block, and Kara was sent home.
  • Willie was expelled from the game for headbutting Joe!
  • JoJo, who was a member of Willie's team, was sent home simply because she had been loyal to Willie, whom no one liked. Since he was the target and had been expelled, their next two choices were Willie's team members, JoJo and Shane. But Shane won POV, so it was JoJo who had to go.
  • America voted to give the coaches the opportunity to stop being coaches, and play in the game. If just one of the four coaches pushed the button in the diary room, then the game would be restarted and no one would get evicted this week. 3 out of 4 coaches pushed it, so the game restarted.
  • Janelle (a former coach) was back-doored this week.
  • Wil and Joe were on the block, and Wil was sent home.
  • This week Mike Boogie and Frank were on the block. Mike was sent home.
  • The same night that Boogie was sent home, it was a double eviction. The house guests had to play a whole week of Big Brother in 1 night. Ashley was the 2nd person evicted, and became the first member of the jury.
  • Dan was almost going to be the one going and was even up on the block with Danielle at first, but he convinced the Power of Veto winner, Jenn, to take him off the block and Britney was put up in his place. Britney became the 2nd jury member.
  • Frank was the 3rd jury member.
  • Joe was the 4th jury member.
  • Jen was the 5th jury member.
  • Shane was blindsided by Dan and evicted instead of Ian, becoming the 6th member of the jury.

The final 3 were Daniele, Ian, and Dan. Ian won the 3-part competition and chose to take Dan to the final 2 with him. Ian won with 6 votes and Dan was runner-up with 1 vote.

Winner of BB13

Winner, Rachel Reilly, with fiancé Brendan.
Winner, Rachel Reilly, with fiancé Brendan.

Big Brother Season 13 had 8 new house guests and 6 previous ones, making 14 total. The 6 previous house guests were called "Dynamic Duos" as they were strong pairs on their original seasons.

The Dynamic Duos were 1. father and daughter, Dick and Daniele Donato from Big Brother 8, 2. long-distance couple, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11, and 3. fiances Rachel Reilly and Brendan Villegas from Big Brother 12.

The new members were 1. Cassi Colvin, 2. Dominic Briones, 3. Adam Poch, 4. Kalia Booker, 5. Keith Henderson, 6. Lawon Exum, 7. Porshe Briggs, and 8. Shelly Moore.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Dick (wasn't evicted but had to leave due to a personal matter)
  • Keith
  • Cassi
  • Dominic
  • Brendon
  • Lawon
  • Brendon (was voted back by America. He had to compete against whoever was voted out that week [which was Lawon,] and whoever won got to come back in the house. He won, but sadly was evicted again later that same week.)
  • Daniele
  • Jeff
  • Shelly
  • Kalia
  • Jordan

The final 3 were Adam, Porshe, and Rachel. Rachel won the 3-part competition and chose to take Porshe to the final 2 with her. Rachel won with 4 votes and Porshe was runner-up with 3 votes.

Winner of BB12

Winner, Hayden Moss.
Winner, Hayden Moss.

Big Brother Season 12 had 13 house-guests. On day 1 they were told that someone would be the Big Brother saboteur. The saboteur cause chaos in the house by doing what America wanted them to. If they survived in the game for 5 weeks, they would win $50,000.

The members were 1. Andrew Gordon, 2. Annie Whittington, 3. Brendan Villegas, 4. Britney Haynes, 5. Enzo Palumbo, 6. Hayden Moss, 7. Kathy Hillis, 8. Kristen Bitting, 9. Lane Elenburg, 10. Matt Hoffman, 11. Monet Stunson, 12. Rachel Reilly, and 13. Ragan Fox.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Annie (she was the saboteur so she didn't receive the $50,00 since she didn't last 5 weeks, she only lasted 1.)
  • Monet
  • Andrew
  • Kristen
  • Rachel
  • Kathy
  • Matt
  • Brendon
  • Ragan (he became the 2nd saboteur later in the game and if he completed his tasks he would win $20,000. He completed the tasks and won the money before being evicted)
  • Britney

The final 3 were Enzo, Lane, and Hayden. Hayden won the 3-part competition and chose to take Lane to the final 2 with him. Hayden won with 4 votes and Lane was runner-up with 3 votes.

Winner of BB11

Winner, Jordan Lloyd.
Winner, Jordan Lloyd.

Big Brother Season 11 started with 12 house-guests. The house was split into 4 different cliques (3 members each), the Athletes, the Brains, the Populars, and the Off-Beats. 4 previous house-guests from past seasons were revealed and whichever clique won, their supporting person would get to reenter the Big Brother house on their team. Michael Ellis from Big Brother 5 was supporting the Off-Beats. Jessica Hughbanks from Big Brother 8 was supporting the Populars. Brian Hart from Big Brother 10 was supporting the Brains. Jessie Godderz from Big Brother 10 was supporting the Athletes. The athletes won and Jessie got to come back to the house, on their team.

The members were 1. Braden Bacha, 2. Casey Turner, 3. Chima Simone, 4. Jeff Schroeder, 5. Jordan Lloyd, 6. Kevin Campbell, 7. Laura Crosby, 8. Lydia Tavera, 9. Michele Noonan, 10. Natalie Martinez, 11. Ronnie Talbot, and 12. Russell Kairouz, along with the 13th, Jessie Godderz.

The teams were POPULARS: Braden, Jordan, and Laura. OFF-BEATS: Casey, Kevin, and Lydia. ATHLETES: Jeff, Jessie, Natalie, and Russell. BRAINS: Chima, Michele, and Ronnie.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Braden
  • Laura
  • Casey
  • Ronnie
  • Jessie
  • Chima (she wasn't evicted but kicked out of the house by the show due to her deliberately and continuously disobeying the house rules)
  • Lydia
  • Russell
  • Jeff
  • Michele

The final 3 were Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan. Jordan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Natalie to the final 2 with her. Jordan won with 4 votes from the jury and 1 vote from America (who was voting in Chima's place) and Natalie was runner-up with 2 votes.

Winner of BB10

Winner, Dan Gheesling
Winner, Dan Gheesling

Big Brother Season 10 had 13 house-guests. America voted on "America's Player" who, for one week, had to complete 3 tasks. If they completed them and stayed in the game, they would get $20,000. This player was Dan, who did complete the challenge. The first head of household was voted on by the other house guests. Jerry won with 4 votes.

The members were 1. Angie Swindell, 2. April Dowling, 3. Brian Hart, 4. Dan Gheesling, 5. Jerry MacDonald, 6. Jessie Godderz, 7. Keesha Smith, 8. Libra Thompson, 9. Memphis Garrett, 10. Michelle Costa, 11. Ollie Bryan, 12. Renny Martyn, and 13. Steven Daigle.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Brian
  • Steven
  • Angie
  • Jessie
  • Libra
  • April
  • Michelle
  • Ollie
  • Renny
  • Keesha

The final 3 were Jerry, Memphis, and Dan. Dan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Memphis to the final 2 with him. Dan won with 7 votes and Memphis was runner-up, but received 0 votes.

Winner of BB9

Winner, Adam Jasinski
Winner, Adam Jasinski

Big Brother Season 9 (also known as Big Brother- Til Death Do You Part) had 16 house-guests. There were more members in this season because this season had a twist. The players played in pairs and for the first 3 weeks they were HOH together and got eliminated together. This was also the first season and only season to air during winter because there was a programming concern due to the writer's strike. On top of that, this season was the first to have 2 separate people previously evicted to return to the show.

The members were 1. Adam Jasinski, 2. Alex Coladonato 3. Allison Nichols, 4. Amanda Hansen, 5. Chelsia Hart, 6. Jacob Heald, 7. James Zinkand, 8. Jen Diturno, 9. Joshuah Welch, 10. Matt McDonald, 11. Natalie Cunial, 12. Neil Garcia, 13. Parker Somerville, 14. Ryan Quicksall, 15. Sharon Obermueller, and 16. Sheila Kennedy.

The couples were 1. Sheila and Adam, 2. Ryan and Allison, 3. Sharon and Jacob (then Sharon and Joshua), 4. Neil and Joshua, 5. James and Chelsia, 6. Matt and Natalie, 7. Alex and Amanda, and 8. Jen and Parker.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Sharon and Jacob
  • Neil (wasn't evicted but left because of an urgent personal matter; his partner got to choose who he wanted to come back to take his place and he chose Sharon)
  • Jen and Parker
  • Alex and Amanda
  • Allison and Ryan were "fake evicted". But then the twist of couples ended and the house guests instead had to choose just one of these two to evict. They chose Allison.
  • James
  • Matt
  • Chelsia
  • Joshua
  • James (on day 28 the house guests got to vote on which of the first 6 people they wanted back in the house and they chose Alex. But then America got to pick someone to come back, unknown to the house-guests, as the "mystery house guest". Thinking it was someone from a previous season, they chose the mystery guest instead of Alex.)
  • Natalie
  • Sharon

The final 3 were Sheila, Adam, and Ryan. Ryan won the 3-part competition and chose to take Adam to the final 2 with him. Adam won with 6 votes and Ryan was runner-up with 1 vote.

(Adam was arrested for using his winnings to start a drug business, even though one of the reasons he won was because he said he was going to donate some of the money to an autism fund.)

Winner of BB8

Winner, Dick Donato
Winner, Dick Donato

Big Brother Season 8 started with 11 house-guests.They were then informed that 3 of them had someone they knew already in the house, watching them. The 11 competed in an HOH in pairs and the pair that won then had to be voted on by the 3 watching. That person would be HOH. Another twist was that someone was to be America's player and do what America voted for them to do. For every 5 tasks Eric completed, he would get $10,000. He completed 21 out of 28 tasks and therefore earned $40,000.

The first members were 1. Amber Siyavus, 2. Carol Journey, 3. Daniele Donato, 4. Eric Stein, 5. Jameka Cameron, 6. Jen Johnson, 7. Joe Barber, 8. Kail Harbick, 9. Mike Dutz, 10. Nick Starcevic, and 11. Zach Swerdzewski. The three other members were 1."Evel Dick" Donato, 2. Jessica Hughbanks and 3. Dustin Erikstrup.

The 3 pairs who knew each other were non-speaking father and daughter Dick and Daniele, ex-boyfriends Dustin and Joe, and ex-best friends Jessica and Carol.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Carol
  • Joe
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Kail
  • Dustin
  • Jen
  • Amber
  • Jessica
  • Eric
  • Jameka

The final 3 were Zach, Daniele, and Dick. Dick won the 3-part competition and chose to take Daniele to the final 2 with him. Dick won with 5 votes and Daniele was runner-up with 2 votes.

Winner of BB7

Winner, Mike "Boogie"
Winner, Mike "Boogie"

Big Brother Season 7 was actually Big Brother: All-Stars. All 14 members were previous house guests. Twenty potential candidates were voted on by America. Originally there were going to be 12 house guests and the top 3 males and top 3 females were going to be let in, but they decided that they would change it to the top 4 males and top 4 females due the high voting. The producers then chose the remaining 6.

The members were 1. Alison Irwin from BB4, 2. Danielle Reyes from BB3, 3. Diane Henry from BB5, 4. Erika Landin from BB4, 5. "Chicken" George Boswell from BB1, 6. Howie Gordon from BB6, 7. James Rhine from BB6, 8. Janelle Pierzina from BB6, 9. Jace Wirey from BB5, 10. Kaysar Ridha from BB6, 11. Marcellas Reynolds from BB3, 12. Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon from BB5, 13. Mike Malin from BB2, and 14. Will Kirby from BB2.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Alison
  • Nakomis
  • Jase
  • Diane
  • Kaysar
  • Marcellas
  • Howie
  • James
  • Danielle
  • George
  • Will

The final 3 were Janelle, Erika, and Mike. Mike won the 3-part competition and chose to take Erika to the final 2 with him. Mike won with 6 votes and Erika was runner-up with 1 vote.

Winner of BB6

Winner, Maggie Ausburn
Winner, Maggie Ausburn

Big Brother Season 6 was also known as Big Brother Summer of Secrets. Each person had a secret partner that they knew in the real world that they had to keep a secret. Also, they originally didn't know that any one else was a secret pair but themselves.

The members were 1. April Lewis, 2. Ashlea Evans, 3. Beau Beasley, 4. Eric "Cappy" Littmann, 5. Howie Gordon, 6. Ivette Corredero, 7. James Rhine, 8. Janelle Pierzina, 9. Jennifer Vasquez, 10. Kaysar Ridha, 11. Maggie Ausburn, 12. Michael Donnellan, 13. Rachel Plencner, and 14. Sarah Hrejsa.

The secret pairs were 1. April and Jennifer- sorority sisters, 2. Ashlea and Janelle- former roommates, 3. Beau and Ivette- former coworkers, 4. Eric and Maggie- friends, 5. Howie and Rachel- friends, 6. James and Sarah- dating, and 7. Kaysar and Michael- neighbors.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Ashlea
  • Michael
  • Eric
  • Kaysar
  • Sarah
  • Kaysar (voted to come back by America but was evicted again the same week.)
  • Jennifer
  • Rachel
  • James
  • Beau
  • Howie
  • April

The final 3 were Janelle, Maggie, and Ivette. Ivette won the 3-part competition and chose to take Maggie to the final 2 with her. Maggie won with 4 votes and Ivette was runner-up with 3 votes.

Winner of BB5

Winner, Drew Daniel
Winner, Drew Daniel

Big Brother Season 5 was also known as Project DNA. It had 13 house-guests. 2 were half-siblings that didn't know about each other until they found out the 2nd week and told everyone and Adria who switched in and out of the game with her twin sister, Natalie, which was revealed to everyone after week 5.

The members were 1. Adria Montgomery-Klein, 2. Diane Henry, 3. Drew Daniel, 4. Holly King, 5. Jase Wirey, 6. Nakomis Dedmon, 7. Karen Ganci, 8. Lori Valenti, 9. Marvin Latimer, 10. Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, 11. Mike "The Don" Lubinski, 12. Natalie Montgomery-Carroll, 13. Scott Long, and 14. Will Wikle.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Mike
  • Lorri
  • Holly
  • Scott
  • Jase
  • Natalie
  • Adria
  • Marvin
  • Karen
  • Nakomis

The final 3 were Diane, Michael, and Drew. Drew won the 3-part competition and chose to take Michael to the final 2 with him. Drew won with 4 votes and Michael was runner-up with 3 votes.

Winner of BB4

Winner, Jun Song
Winner, Jun Song

Big Brother Season 4 had 13 house-guests. It was known as Big Brother EX-Factor because 5 people had their exes also competing.

The members were 1. Scott Weintraub, 2. Amanda Craig, 3. Michelle Maradie, 4. David Lane, 5. Dana Varela, 6. Nathan Marlow, 7. Justin Diovinco, 8. Jack Owens Jr., 9. Jee Choe, 10. Erika Landin, 11. Robert Roman, 12. Alison Irwin, and 13. Jun Song.

The exes were1. Jun and Jee, 2. Alison and Justin, 3. Erika and Robert, 4. David and Michelle, and 5. Amanda and Scott.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Amanda
  • Michelle
  • David
  • Dana
  • Nathan
  • Justin
  • Jack
  • Jee
  • Erika

The final 3 were Robert, Jun, and Alison. Alison won the 3-part competition and chose to take Jun to the final 2 with her. Jun won with 6 votes and Alison was runner-up with 1 vote.

Winner of BB3

Winner, Lisa Donahue
Winner, Lisa Donahue

Big Brother Season 3 had 12 house-guests.

The members were 1. Amy Crews, 2. Chiara Berti, 3. Daniele Reyes, 4. Eric Oullette, 5. Jerry Lancaster, 6. Jason Guy, 7. Josh Feinberg, 8. Lisa Donahue, 9. Lori Olsen, 10. Marcellas Reynolds, 11. Roddy Mancuso, and 12. Tonya Paoni.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Lori
  • Tonya
  • Amy
  • Eric
  • Josh
  • Chiara
  • Gerry
  • Roddy
  • Marcelas
  • Amy (she got to come back after Josh's eviction)

The final 3 were Jason, Danielle, and Lisa. Lisa won the 3-part competition and chose to take Danielle to the final 2 with her. Lisa won with 9 votes and Danielle was runner-up with 1 vote.

Winner of BB2

Winner, Will Kirby
Winner, Will Kirby

Big Brother Season 2 had 12 house-guests. This season occurred during 9/11. It was postponed for a week after it happened. Also, even though normally house guests aren't allowed to know what goes on in the outside world they were informed of what happened and sadly one guest was told a family member was missing at the World Trade Center.

The members were 1. Autumn Daly, 2. Bill "Bunky" Miller, 3. Hardy Ames-Hill, 4. Justin Sebik, 5. Krista Stegall, 6. Mike "Boogie" Malin, 7. Monica Bailey, 8. Nicole Nilson Schaffrich, 9. Shannon Dragoo, 10. Sheryl Braxton, 11. Will Kirby, and 12. Kent Blackwelder.

The house-guests were evicted as follows:

  • Sheryl
  • Justin (wasn't evicted but expelled from the house after getting drunk and holding a knife to Krista's throat. This wasn't the first time he had threatened other house guests.)
  • Autumn
  • Shannon
  • Mike
  • Kent
  • Krista
  • Bunky
  • Hardy

The final 3 were Monica, Will, and Nicole. Nicole won the 3-part competition and chose to take Will to the final 2 with her. Will won with 5 votes and Nicole was runner-up with 2 votes.

Winner of BB1

Winner, Eddie McGee
Winner, Eddie McGee

Big Brother Season 1 (referred to at the time as Big Brother 2000) had only 10 house-guests. It was modeled after the British version and was set up almost exactly the same.

The next couple of seasons dramatically changed from this one to make it America's own. During this season each house-guest nominated 2 people, and the 2 (or sometimes more) people with the most votes were "marked for banishment". America then had to call in to vote on who to be "banished" that week. Since all of the controversial people were "banished" by America right away, the show changed to add more game-play plus vetoes and HOHs so the houseguests did the work, not America. Instead, America gets to now vote on other things like "America's Player" and what types of gross foods those on slop get to also eat. On season 1 the house-guests had a weekly challenge for the whole group. They had to wager anywhere between 20% and 50% of their grocery money. If they won, they got ___% extra. If they lost, they got ___% less.

When there were 6 house-guests left, CBS brought in $20,000, then another $30,000, making $50,000 total to tempt one of them to leave. If one had left, they would have been replaced with a new house-guest (a blonde, opinionated one.) Since everyone was getting along so well in the house and there was no fighting or controversy, CBS wanted to spice things up. No one took the money, however, much to everyone's surprise.

Big Brother Season 1 is the forgotten season. Since the 2nd season and so on were so different, not many people remember this one. Also, house guests on Season 2 were told to not even mention the first season.

The members were 1. Brittany Petros, 2. Cassandra Waldon, 3. Curtis Kin, 4. Eddie McGee, 5. George Boswell ("Chicken George"), 6. Jamie Kern, 7. Jean Jordan (went by Jordan), 8. Josh Souza, 9. Karen Fowler, and 10. William Collins.

The house-guests were "banished" as follows:

  • Will
  • Jordan
  • Karen
  • Brittany
  • Cassandra
  • George
  • Jamie

The last 3 to be voted on by America to win were Curtis, Josh, and Eddie. Curtis received only 14% of the vote and won the third place prize. Josh received 27% of the vote and won the 2nd place prize. Eddie, the first place prize winner, received 59% of the vote.

Who else, besides me, is a fan of Big Brother on CBS?

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How many seasons of Big Brother have you watched?

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    • urgurl_bri profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandi Swieter 

      7 years ago from Holland, MI

      EFranz13, no, I do not have another hub for season 14. I just have this one all about Big Brother and will update the evicted houseguests each week. And also, yes I watched last weeks. I haven't seen this weeks yet though because I was on a trip with my family. But I have them recorded on my dvr and will be watching the ones I missed tomorrow probably. This season definitely is crazy and interesting.

    • EFranz13 profile image


      7 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      Do you have another Hubdevoted solely to Season 14?

      If yes, please share the link so I can check it out. Thanks.


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