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Bike Binge - New TV Show

Updated on November 21, 2010

If you love motorbikes of any kind, you're sure to love this new Australian TV show soon to hit the screen.

Bryan Flemming is the producer of this show which is currently in filming. Current start date is unknown but we're hoping it will be sometime after the Christmas break!

So what is the show all about? Bike Binge is a show that covers every aspect of anything to do with bikes - whether they are dirt bikes, road bikes or track racing bikes.

Whether you just want to know about bike history or want to see interviews with some of the best known characters and champions in bike racing, you're sure to find it on this show.


The show will be presented by two lovely ladies - Jemma Wilson and Courtney Knight. These two are experienced motocross and dirt bike champions and not bad on the eyes, either!

There are suggestions that Bike Binge may just be the motorbike equivalent of the hit British car show, Top Gear.

You can look forward to seeing a huge range of motorcycle related content on the show including:

  • Tests, motorcycle events (historic & current), new innovations, motorbike safety, stunts, clubs, riding gear & accessories, challenges, celebrity guests and much much more!
Some upcoming TV shows will include groups such as Eljay Freestyle. 
This is one show that is a must watch for any motorbike or motocross fan - don't miss it when it comes to your TV screen in just a few months!


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