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Bill Cosby: dozens of sexual assault allegations: no signs of remorse

Updated on August 16, 2015

Women and all other human beings have basic rights and should be respected.


Most men who rape women are not remorseful

This hub, really, was written to remind men that it is wrong for us to stand by and not say anything when men rape women, that's all.

It just so happened that Bill Cosby was a useful example for me to bring attention to in order to make a point.

I am not backing off of my position. I think it is a shame to have things like this happen in a civilized society. Enough said.

I often wonder, "Do men who rape women have an inner, hidden hatefulness toward women in their hearts?" Seriously, I ask this question! Having said this, bear with me as I write this short discourse.

Rapists cause their victims a lot of grief. Well-to-do, powerful, men who are respected by the greater global community cause women who they rape even more grief. What does a woman who is raped by a powerful man do? Does she report him to the authorities, at the risk of being ridiculed, or does she just "keep it all inside of her," and move on. In the cases, dozens of cases, the sexual assault allegations involving the alleged serial rapist "Bill Cosby," these women chose to keep these ugly secrets bottled-up, inside their hearts for all these years.

I am a simple man, trained in theology by men and women professors at the Divinity School, at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I have a work history from my pass where I did Bone-marrow transplantation work in a lab in Bethesda, Maryland. I also did primary care medical work in many different settings, the world over, before retiring from medical arena. I now spend my days taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer's disease. And in addition to caring for my mother, I engage my spare time (what little I manage to find) in doing research and teaching home schooled children (when they manage to find me, and practicing Japanese Nature farming methodologies. I enjoy the simple life that I live.

I told you a little about myself above because you need to know who I am and why I severely dislike acts of rape. Not to mention, hundreds of people, men and women, alike, and of all racial and ethical backgrounds, have asked me to explain to them, why, a guy like Bill Cosby would commit such acts of violence, and then lie about it all. When people ask me such questions, it would be too simple to just say, "I don't know and go on."

Actually, however, the truth is, "I really cannot explain why a highly successful man, who appeared to be psychologically stable, would commit such violent acts toward women."

One woman who approached me asked me a simple question, however, that appeared really simple until I tried to reply to her with an answer. She asked me, "What advice would you give Bill Cosby if he approached you for personal counseling?"

I said, "Wow!" "That's a good question!"

Then I began to speak to her:

"I would say, Mr. Cosby, you have destroyed, single-handedly, a stellar career that have earned you a decent living for most of your adult life, while at the same time wrecking the souls of some of the finest women that God have sent your way. You could have made contributions to these women's lives and careers that would have greatly enhanced the legacy of a great man, but you, instead, chose to do great harm to them by sexually assaulting them. In this regard, you have brought shame, disgrace and dishonor to yourself and to all the people who have loved you down through the ages."

I also told this woman who approached me that I would advise Mr. Cosby to, somehow, bring himself to except what he has done to these women's lives and to come to grip with the fact that he is a very bad man. If he could, somehow, come to except the fact that he is a criminal, in the sense that he has committed great wrongs toward these women, then he may find, or understand why it is absolutely necessary for him to become remorseful. If he can come to the place where he is sincerely remorseful for the wrongs that he has done, then he will find in his heart the wherewithal to say "I am very sorry for the wrongs that I have done toward these women."

It would be big job, but a necessary task, to approach them all and to personally say, "I am sorry for the sinful act of rape that I committed to your personhood."

And so, this is how I feel about Mr. Cosby's shameful situation and all situations where sexual assaults are committed.

Who knows? If Mr. Cosby could bring himself to become remorseful, some of the women may actually forgive him for his sins. Sins toward them and sins toward Humanity in totality.


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    • Dr. Haddox profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Freddie Haddox 

      3 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Momma Mia, you have a point, for sure, about his long term signs of anger toward women. I had not thought about a "sex addiction," but it makes a lot of sense given the number of women that he abused that way. Thank you for your thoughts and valuable feedback.

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 

      3 years ago from North Carolina

      Personally, I could not have said it better my friend. Bill should literally be ashamed of himself and remorseful too.

      However He started his shameful behavior VERY early in his career. Which indicates to me he has always had anger toward women and possibly a sex addiction. His character has always been flawed tho his acting skills were not at all


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