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Billa 2 Movie Review

Updated on July 15, 2012
Billa 2 Ajith
Billa 2 Ajith

Billa 2 review

This Billa 2 review is my personal opinion about the movie so do not mistake when I say Yuvan could have done a better job at music and the director should have written a strong screenplay for an action movie in this genre. Billa 2, tamil movie starring Ajith, is the first prequel made in India. David Billa is known for his courage and charisma earlier portrayed by Superstar Rajinikanth in early 1980s. Billa-I was remade in 2007 with Ajith in the lead. Billa-I started with Billa being killed by police and how a look alike of Billa takes his place and rounds up the entire mafia gang. Billa-II is the story of the rise of David Billa from the coastal town of Tamilnadu to a big gangster. I did not include any specific spoilers in this Billa 2 movie review for obvious reasons.

Chakri Toletti, director of Billa 2 movie could have done a better job in the second half of the movie where it seems to drag a bit. Chakri has earlier directed Kamal in "Unnai Pol Oruvan" where the screenplay was borrowed from a Bollywood movie "Wednesday". The first half is engaging where Billa is introduced in the coastal town of Tamilnadu and who is willing to do anything to reach heights. Billa 2 movie has many punch dialogues and close up shots of Charismatic Ajith to satisfy the huge fan following Ultimate Star Ajith enjoys as an actor.

Billa 2 Stills

Billa 2 review
Billa 2 review
Parvathy in Billa 2
Parvathy in Billa 2
Billa bikini
Billa bikini

Billa 2 storyline

David Billa, excellent portrayal by actor Ajitkumar, comes to Tamilnadu as a srilankan refugee after the civil war in Srilanka. He cannot tolerate the brutal life in the refugee camps and fights against the policeman who ill treats the refugees. They try to kill of Billa, but Billa comes out ahead by killing them. With his victory, he meets other mafia gangs and starts a new path in his life. First he meets a mafia gang leader Abbasi in Goa and helps in out of a tricky situation which earns Billa good credits in this gang. He then runs into an international arms dealer dmitri played by vidyut where he rubs shoulders. Billa later eliminates both Vidyut and Abbasi in his quest to live and to raise to supreme levels. Billa storyline is so wafer thin that this Billa 2 review cannot contain any spoilers.

Ajithkumar and Cinematographer Rajasekhar are major pluses for this billa 2 movie. Director Chakri and music director Yuvan are big letdowns in my humble opinion. If there was a better storyline, better screenplay and better music, Ajith would have rocked the cine world with his powerful performance. Dialogues are great esp the punch dialogues in the first half.

Billa 2 movie opens with a superb punch dialogue nicely delivered by Ajith followed by a terrific fight sequence as the title rolls in an inventive manner. The film has two female leads: Parvathy and Bruna Abdulla. Bruna looks smashing in her bikini and will make the male audience drool. Parvathy Omanakuttan was shown up so much in the news and publicity of Billa, but fails to impress in the movie. She will most probably disappear from the Tamil movie industry soon. Bruna shows more skin and is gorgeous especially in her bikini outfit. The brand name Billa has a high brand value and should be used wisely. Billa is more of a Jason Bourne type than James Bond. Actor Rahman has a minor role in this movie - remember he was the villain in Billa 1.

Billa 2 is a gangster movie with beauties like Parvathy and Bruna in bikini walking beside the hero and with many villains who are other gangsters. Vidyut requires a special mention as he has a meaty role and has opportunities to showcase his muscular body.

One disappointment to me was that the "Don Don Don" song, my personal favorite in this movie's music album is only shown in the end credits. A dedicated 5 minute video would have been great for this song.

Billa 2 leaves you wanting more and will be loved by Ajithkumar fans. For others, especially those who are Billa fans, the movie is kind of disappointing. Post your Billa 2 movie review in the comments section given below.

Billa 2 movie trailer


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