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Billion Dollar Tiger Part Two

Updated on December 27, 2009

Tiger Woods is the greatest and probably the youngest billionaire. Now, What do you do at thirty after you have secured your future? You enjoy what every other athlete enjoys.You are forced to hangout with people who have time for pleasure that this type of income provides. Unfortunately, some of these people have hidden agendas. Some of these people have not and may not ever be able to enjoy this type of lifestyle. So they like the parasites they are began to suck the life out of a living organism.This phenomena is not new it occurred in a Shakespearean play.The play is Othello one the characters is so jealous he creates a problem between Othello and his wife. All of this is done on the one hand because one of the characters believes that Othello's wife should be his and the other character believes he has been snubbed by the Moor. Here is one of the first plays that indicates what can happen when a person of marries into what is classified as the dominant race. There are those who hate it so much that they will use any tactic to disrupt the joy they may have. The Moor in the play was drugged and lies feed to him about his wife until it ended in disaster. Those people of yesteryear are still around creating havoc for the sake of profit. Tiger may not have been aware of the jealousy harbored by some of his close associates. This gave them opportunities to get closer to him and report to the media and disrupt his life. One the media claimed his wife was involved in some slimy photos at that time the Tiger almost broke into tears. That is when these people discovered his Achilles heel. His wife and family is that heel and the media when for it and the jugular vein. They are upset because he is wealthy, smart, and a great golfer. They believe he is on the ropes in the 15th round or maybe getting the 10 count. However, I don't believe he is in this condition. One of the great's in golf stated recently, He is young and will figure it out and that it was not his business to comment on the subject" This particular person I have great respect for. The model/madame who is responsible for some of the arrangement of these affairs should have hot coals poured over her head and her life disrupted. If you are going to disrupt do it across the board.


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