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Biography of Ayyan ali Pakistani Super Model - Story of Ayyan Ali Money Laundering Scandal

Updated on April 28, 2015

Ayyan Ali's relationship with Asif Ali Zardari

Who is Ayyan Ali

Ayyan ali Super Model of Pakistan

Ayyan Ali is the super model of Pakistan. She was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on July 30, 1993. Ayyan started her career as a model when she was just 16 years of age. In 2010 she earned the award of Best Female Emerging Model. The Supermodel of Pakistan has the following rewards in her credentials.

Nominated four times for the Lux Style Award

In 2010 Ayyan Ali was awarded title of Calvin Klein ‘Beauty of the year

In 2013 she was the brand ambassador of Walls Magnum Ice Cream.

Ayyan Ali was the brand ambassador of Sunsilk, Ufone, Samsung, Honda and McDonalds. The ads in which Ayyan Ali performed are very popular due to her beauty and style. Ayyan Ali will turn to be 22 years of age on July 30, 2015. Ayyan Ali has millions of fans all over the world especially in Pakistan who are crazy about his beauty and style. Height of Ayyan Ali 5.9 feet,

Ayyan Ali was experiencing the heights of popularity when all of sudden a news appeared in the newspapers which suggested that Ayyan Ali is arrested on 14th of March 2015. Ayyan was about to take her flight from Islamabad airport for Dubai. On checking, the customs authorities found US$ 500,000 in her luggage. She could not provide any legal justification for traveling outside the country with such a huge amount of foreign currency. According to the customs law a passenger could travel outside the country just carrying maximum amount of US$ 10,000. So she was arrested and an FIR was lodged against her on the charges of money laundering.

According to the media reports in Pakistan the culprits are using super models for illegal money laundering. Even the models are used for drug trafficking and arm smuggling. Pakistan is the paradise for the corrupt people. Especially, the politicians of Pakistan earn millions of hard cash in the shape of illegal gratification. Most of the money is invested in Pakistan but in the countries like UAE these politicians consider their money more safe and sound. So they use models of Pakistan for transferring the money to other countries as the customs personnel do not check the luggage of celebrities minutely.

Now the question is: what compelled Ayyan Ali to indulge herself in such an illegal activity when she was earning handsome income from legal sources (though immoral) and she has also earned popularity which one could not even imagine in such a young age. Only Ayyan Ali could answer this question.

Ayyan Ali also recorded a song which could not win any popularity. The element of vulgarity in the pictures of Ayyan Ali is very obvious.

Media reports also say that Ayyan Ali was working for Rehman Malik, The amount of US$ 500,000 belonged to Rehman Malik, though, he denied such reports. Ex-Interior Minister of Pakistan who was the right hand of Asif Ali Zardari, the corruption king of Pakistan. There are some other reports that the money were the belonging of Asif Ali Zardari and Asif Ali Zardari was about to marry with Ayyan Ali. This was alleged by Zulfiqar Mirza, Ex-Interior Minister of Singh Government. He said that if Ayyan Ali was not arrested she would be the stepmother of Bilawal Butto Zardari.

This is a high profile crime and in Pakistan rule of law does not exist at all and it is expected that Ayyan Ali shall be equated from all the charges and soon will be released. Hopefully she will celebrate her 22nd birthday which is going to happen on 30 July 2015 shall be celebrated in her home not in the jail. In Pakistan the courts take too much time to decide the cases and in the first instance after some time Ayyan Ali will be allowed bail and case would linger on for months and when it will not be in the limelight Ayyan Ali will be released.

Before the Judge Customs, Ayyan Ali said that she received the money from Khalid Malik, real brother of Rahman Malik as a consideration of sale of her house. Khalid Malik was also traveling with her in the same flight to Dubai. Ayyan Ali also told the court that she was unaware of the fact that it is a crime to take such a huge amount with her. But she will not be given any relaxation on this pretext as ignorance of law is a no excuse. Bail request of the celebrity was refused and she was given in the judicial remand till 27th April 2015.

Father of Ayyan Ali told the court that life of her daughter is in danger. He also told the judge that media is propagating against her daughter Ayyan Ali.

Elite case of Pakistan is making all out efforts to rescue Ayyan Ali as such like women are very powerful in the countries like Pakistan.

It is further reported in the media that request of Ayyan Ali for B Class category in the jail was rejected by the jail authorities as she is still in judicial custody. She is in Adiala Jail. There are also other two co-accused in the crime namely Dubai based businessman Muahmmad Awais and Mumtaz a property dealer.


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    • profile image 2 years ago

      Now she is releasd honourably a predictd and chief guest ofivateUni in khi uni.what a surprise amazing of triumph of a criminal corrupt model mee for country .b

    • profile image

      sara 2 years ago

      Shame on our polititian.

    • profile image

      Fazal 2 years ago

      Rehman Malik denies of having any connection with Ayyan ali, Super Model of Pakistan. Too little too late. According to Ayyan ali Rehman Malik's brother was the person who handed over the money allegedly for sale of her house.

    • profile image

      Fassee Ullah 2 years ago

      Ayyan Ali Super Model of Pakistan is under arrest. She is the love of Zardari and going to the Bhabhi of Faryan Gohar.

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 2 years ago from Pakistan

      30th April 2015. According to the reports, Ayyan Ali is held guilty of money laundering.

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 2 years ago from Pakistan

      Ayyan Ali is one of the most beautiful model of Pakistan. But unfortunately, she is in jail. This is a rare incidence when such a beautiful prisoner like Ayyan Ali is brought in the Jail. So every official is very anxious to get the duty at Ayyan Ali cell. The staff of jail was so anxious that the Superintendent of Jail has to play a lottery for selection of jail staff. Now the Ayyan Ali is the bone of contention among the jail staff