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Birdman OR The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance : Movie Review

Updated on April 28, 2015

The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

This movie is nothing less than a masterpiece for me and it also starts with a masterpiece quote.I knew a bit about the movie plot and thought it would be like every other Hollywood high grossing non-sense that most of the people love these days.But the starting quote changed my point of view completely and i was glued with the screen from that moment on, This movie gave viewer a clear comparison between the purpose and ambition.Most people thinks that their ambition is also their purpose.But the truth is these two things are worlds apart.Most people believes that after achieving their ambition they have fulfill their purpose but the reality is that they came in this world with no knowledge of their purpose and will leave the world in same state.The Birdman helps the viewers in knowing a bit about purpose only if they are willing to know.

Riggin Thompson

In the movie 'Birdman" Micheal Keaton plays a character of Riggin Thompson.He is a famous celebrity who got his fame mostly through appearance in a comic book movie 'Birdman'.This movie gave him lot of fame and wealth,he was living an actor's dream.But underneath all that he felt miserable and felt like he never existed and his life had no importance.

To showcase his existence and to be remembered he decided to direct a Broadway play based on a book by Raymond carver a famous story writer and poet of that time.The name of the play was "WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT LOVE".Throughout the movie mostly filmed around a single Broadway theater we across the life of Riggin Thompson.Although he is popular all across the world but he is living a horrible live,and we see glimpses of it throughout the movie.


Samantha is the only daughter of Riggin Thompson from his ex-wife Sylvia.Her Role is played by Emma Stone,And from the first scene of the movie we can see that Sam and her father do not have a pleasant relations.She is a drug addict and recently joined Rehab to quit this addiction.She works as an assistant to her father in his Broadway play.Although being free of problems in her outer life we can see the rage and anger she is suffering inside and is fed up with her life.

She blames her father for not being with her in her early childhood and for being too busy in his acting career.She thinks of herself as useless and a normal person but her father always regards her as special which make her more angry.

Mike Shiner

Mike Shiner was the real deal in the movie and was the reason most of the Edward Norton fans decided to watch this just after looking up the cast.He plays a character of Mike Shiner a famous celebrity who often do not last long with a particular group of directors because of his ego and careless attitude.He was the real in your face kind of guy it did not matter to him what world think of him he did what he felt like doing unafraid of consequences.He lives his life by his own rule and do not expect anyone to follow him.

As the movie goes on we can see Mike and Sam bonded well and somewhat become a purpose in each other life.

Movie Review

This movie is a must see for anyone who want to know and learn about life and at same time have the time of their life. Birdman or the unexpected Virtue of Ignorance gave clear image of what truly life is.After having everything he wanted Riggen Thompson still felt like he never existed in the world,everything he did had no importance.Because he never felt himself as beloved in the world.All the money,fame and fulfilling his dream all could do nothing but make him more shallow.And the big purpose in his life became the realization of the fact that he is needed in the world and the world would not be the same for his family and friends after him.

This movie is a great work of art and i agree with all the awards it earned.This is simply one of the best movie of 2014.

Birdman Trailer

Oscar Awards

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Best Motion Picture of the Year
Actor in a Leading Role
Best Achievement in Directing
Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Writing,Original Screenplay
Actress in a Supporting Role

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