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Black Magic – The Misunderstood Art

Updated on September 7, 2014

What is Black Magic?

Magic is something everyone likes to see, from children to old people everyone loves to see the tricks and be amused by it. But then there is another art form of Magic which scares people by the mere mention of it. A lot of people rubbish it as a fiction and yet many people believe and sometimes wish for something that they can use it for their personal gains.

What is Black Magic?

Logically speaking there is nothing such black magic or white magic, it is simple magic. A form popularly known to amuse people or audience is referred to as Magic or White Magic. Its mass appeal keeps people returning to it time and again. Be it birthdays or special act by well rehearsed magicians, the show goes on.

On the other hand there is magic performed for various other reasons, this branch of magic scares people by the mere mention of it. For some people it is appealing as they like to be adventurous in life. What is this form that people talk about discuss in forums, talk about it but in general public they do not utter a word. After all it is magic, then why be scared. As it is unacceptable in society and associated with Wizards and Witches it is referred to as Black Magic. So in simple terms it is recitation of set of words that make things happen and the performed at a time when people to witness are lesser.

Why is it performed in the Dark?

There are a lot of attributes to it. First the mere mention of it scares people. As per legend it involves animal sacrifices and also the way it is performed scares people a lot. Then there is a lot misconception about it and attracts nuisance value. Hence to avoid further misunderstandings people will perform it at odd hours when the attention paid is the least. Thus the Dark hours or after midnight hours are the best to perform this Art.

What Does this art Do?

As in the case of magic this art as well is for the people. Only thing is that a specific task is assigned and desirable goal which will be person specific. The objective is not to entertain people but to attain or achieve something. An inner most desire or maybe something that forbidden in general terms is asked for in this art form. People try to use it achieve things that they would have managed otherwise. Most of the cases known to use it are for love, lust, greed or revenge.

Does it really achieve what is desired?

This is a question that will remain unanswered until this form is recognised and bought under governance. There are informal claims that it is successful to vouch for this one can say that it is been over centuries yet the title Black Magic has survived. There has to be a reason that it has managed to survive. One cannot write it off for the mere reason that they do not believe in it or they haven’t seen it. As per stories told, the people who have succeeded in achieving results are under oath and hence will not reveal the secret that it exists. They will only refer people if they are certain that their identity is not at stake. So one can say that it has to be fairly successful or else it would have not been spoken of at all.

Why are people scared of it?

This is the most interesting part of it. Being under oath the ones who tried it will not speak due to fear of backlash. There have been unvoiced claims that certain things have happened due to Black Magic. The areas where it is performed are the ones not so frequently visited by commoners and hence the scary part goes on to becoming legend. The ones who claim success informally boast of what they have done. The ones who do not have an explanation to there sudden downfalls in life attribute it to Black Magic or the evils of it. All in all most of them end up claiming that black magic should be tried in extreme cases or when desire is certain. Thus people willingly or unwillingly whether believers or not have a fear factor to address to.

Claims of Backlash?

Either ways there is a backlash. They claim that those who successfully try it have to give something that is dear to them and hence the backlash for them. For those whose desire is not certain and chicken out half through face worst of nightmares in their day to day lives. The ones who try it but fail to penetrate are at the receiving end. And the target ones trying to stop it face a lot of music. So the backlash element as per claims is very strong.

Is there a way of knowing that it was Black Magic?

Considering the claims so far there is no way that it can be claimed that some Black Magic has been performed or not. People would love to attribute the unexplained to the Devil or to Black Magic. Thus there is no concrete way of administration to know what is due to Black Magic or what is a simple failure in general life.

Does this need Governance?

Looking at the facts above whether or not it exists there have to efforts made to understand if it really exists and bring it under influence of law. Bold steps need to be taken as this will ensure people being exploited through false claims of Black Magic. If it truly exists then the harm it can cause is way to dangerous and people practising it need to be governed this in turn will ensure that it is not abused. After all it is an art form to achieve the difficult or to overcome certain difficulties in life. One more reason would be to ensure that people will stop addressing their failures to Black Magic. Once governed its use can make it an useful art instead of a forbidden one. Of course if it is truly successful art then one cannot rule out misuse of it. But at least the percentage will be lesser.

So will recognition help?

As argued in the earlier part recognition will definitely bring down its misuse if any and bring it under proper control. The end result will be beneficial to the society as whole and over period of time maybe it will end up being a useful art form against a forbidden one.

So to summarise, it cannot be conclusively claimed that this form of art exist, and if it does then it needs to address it carefully. Success or failure in doing so cannot be claimed until tried. And for the goodness sake there has to control over everything that can cause harm to people or flow of nature. Thus in the end one can argue that it has to be recognised.


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    • Aniket Lawand profile image

      Aniket Lawand 3 years ago from Pune, India

      Great Thanks. :)

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      You might add the following.

      Make a plan.

      Develop alternatives.

      select among the alternatives.

      Revise the plan.

      Execute the plan.

      Test to see whether the plan worked.

      If the plan works, proceed.

      If the plan fails, seek alternatives.

    • Aniket Lawand profile image

      Aniket Lawand 3 years ago from Pune, India

      thanks for the errors I will read before I submit.

      The desire to get anything has to be strong and then along with the recitation makes things happen. Things in this case means the desire or wish that needs to be fulfilled.

      I agree pictures would help a lot. But I did not have any for Black Magic. As far as possible I would like to add original pictures.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      The first two headings are repeated, "What is Black Magic?" As best I can make out the definition is, "So in simple terms it is recitation of set of words that make things happen and the performed at a time when people to witness are lesser." This definition is not clear. Do you mean: It is a recitation that makes things happen? What things? Is Black Magic done at a time of few witnesses? Why should that matter? You might include some citations to accepted books. Pictures would also help... whatever your point is.