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Black Panther Vs. Black Lightning: What You Need to Know

Updated on February 6, 2018
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I find myself reading and learning something new everyday so i decided to share that knowledge on a platform filled with curious minds.

Origin of Black Lightning

Black Lightning aka Jefferson Michael Pierce is a hero of the DC universe. As with most heroes before him, Black Lightning lost his father very early in his childhood and as such relied on a father figure, Peter Gambi, to mentor and guide him to become more than even he realized. With Peter Gambi by his side, Black lightning pushed himself to eventually enter and win medals at the Olympics. This success further pushed him to study and graduate with an English and teaching degree.

After some times passes, Black Lightning returns to his old town o Metropolis and eventually becomes the Principal of Garfield High. A confrontation with a ruthless gang known in his community as The 100 left Black Lightning feeling powerless and unable to protect the people around him, at least not as a Principal. Confiding in his old mentor Peter, Jefferson Michael Pierce takes on the role as Black lightning. Before he could harness the power of lightning into a variety of powers, he used a device called the force field belt which could harness and ultimately release lightning.

Powers and Abilities

Through rigorous training and many years fighting crime, Black lightning harness an array of powers that really make him stand out as powerhouse among heroes in the DC universe.
Electo Blast: projecting a controlled stream of electrical energy

Electrokinesis: creating or manipulating electricity from a source.

Super strength and durability: above average strength and durability

Force field: electrical projection surrounding the body

Electric transportation: Traveling from one location to the next as an electrical entity.

Above all else, Black Lightning is a very skilled hand to hand combatant with an Olympic level physique.

Origin of Black Panther

Black Panther aka T'Challa is a hero of the Marvel Universe. He has made a a few appearances in The Avengers franchise and has become a fan favorite for many but not much is known of his background. Luckily for fans Black Panther the film will shine a light on his upbringing and how he came to be a hero for so many people.

T'Challa as a child was a prince in his home country of Wakanda. T'Chaka, his father would play a large part his life especially after the death of his mother who died giving birth. While T'Challa was still a teen, he loses his father to a hired hit man and eventual nemesis Ulysses Klaw. Ulysses Klaw would later become one of T'Challa's greatest foes.

After T'Challa participates in the Wakandan rite of passage, an important ceremony for his transition into manhood, he traveled overseas to continue his education. He received a PHD from Oxford University and later returns to Wakanda to continue his journey in becoming the rightful leader of his people.

The next leg of his journey involved the retrieval of a heart shaped herb. While searching for the herb in Wakanda, he was confronted by the current Black Panther who forced him to do battle. T'Challa was victorious in his battle and receives the herb. Little did he know, this herb would link him to the Panther goddess Bast, giving him the mantle of Black Panther and rightful king of Wakanda.

Powers and Abilities

The powers and abilities of Black Panther are vast but befitting of a king i have to say.

Inherited knowledge and wisdom: The Black Panther's of the past share their vast knowledge and experience with whomever inherits their mantle.

Genius level intellect: Received a PHD in physics from Oxford University. He also has a photographic memory and creates a new field of study known as Shadow Physics.

Multilingual: Speaks a multitude of languages which as a world leader is a necessity.

Enhanced strength, speed, durability reflexes and stamina: ALL improvements granted by the Panther Goddess Bast. We all need a Panther Goddess in our lives.

Master of unarmed and armed combat: T'Challa has trained rigorously since he was a child to master all forms of martial arts making him one of the best hand to hand combatants on earth. Also, very proficient in knives, firearms and nearly anything used a projectile.

Black Panther Suit: a power in itself, this suit hosts a variety of abilities. The abilities include cloak technology (invisibility), Vibranium mesh which absorbs kinetic energy (bullets, projectiles, impacts are essentially absorbed by the metal leaving almost no impact), Antarctic Vibranium claws which emit vibrations an can break down a metal or anything on the molecular level, teleportation device, and lastly Vibranium energy projectiles.

Necromancy: summon the dead to form an army of zombies; best used in a cemetery i believe

Black Lightning vs Black Panther would be an interesting battle if their respective universes ever crossed but i would have to give the advantage to Black Panther. The combination of genius level intellect and mastery of all martial arts wrapped up in a near indestructible suit is hard to ignore. However for those in support of Black lightning i can see where your coming from and if given the opportunity who knows what would happen. I think we can all agree, the fight between these 2 would be quite epic to say the least.


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