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Black Sabbath 13 Album Review

Updated on June 11, 2013
5 stars for Black Sabbath '13'
Black Sabbath '13' Album Artwork
Black Sabbath '13' Album Artwork | Source

The Gods Have Returned

We have reached an age where many of the classic Rock and Metal bands are reuniting and releasing new material. Van Halen recently regroup with David Lee Roth for a new album and many thought they wouldn't ever see that.

One band that we didn't expect to get a reunited album from was Black Sabbath. With Ozzy Osbourne back in the fold, Sabbath had the band back together. However, drummer Bill Ward would back out over personal reasons and doubt was cast on the new album. Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine slips in behind the drums and the album was ready to record.

What we got is a mixture of classic Black Sabbath sounds that bring back all the memories the creators of modern metal instilled in our minds when they exploded on the scene or you grew up discovering years after the fact.

Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tony Iommi Reunite Black Sabbath
Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tony Iommi Reunite Black Sabbath | Source

13 is Our Lucky Number

Black Sabbath's "13" opens with the eerie and atmospheric "End of the Beginning." The trakc is reminiscent of classic Sabbath songs. The guitar is slick and haunting. The song tells a unique story and pulls you into the album. A great way to open the record and get you sucked into that great Sabbath sound.

We move on to the first single off the album, "God is Dead?" The song shows off how great Ozzy's vocals are this time around. Ozzy really delivers his A-game on this record. He sounds better than he has on any of his recent solo outings. This is the Ozzy we all love and made him one of the most iconic voices in Rock.

The next two tracks, "Loner" and "Zeitgeist" are reminders that this is a metal album and this is Black Sabbath. As if you had possibly forgotten. Both tracks with be subtle hits for the band and you'll find yourself rocking out before you even realize it.

"Age of Reason" keeps the mood going and you will become lost in the sound. Like the way most classic rock album force you to listen to the music, you will forget everything else you are doing and focus on the sounds coming from your speakers.

Then we get into "Live Forever." This track is my personal favorite on the record. The lyrics have a good bounce to them that will keep you invested in the story being told. Ozzy strikes all the right chords with his delivery and you will be tapping your foot and banging your head. A great track that raises the peak of the middle of the album to new heights.

"Damaged Soul" is a lengthy track that features all the classic perks of a Black Sabbath song. The bass line is smooth and quality. Geezer Butler can still deliver the highest quality metal bass lines. Geezer is still the best at what he does.

"Dear Father" and "Methademic" lead us into the homestretch of the album and it shows no signs of slowing down. The tracks are hard and heavy. The songs keep you hooked in to what Sabbath is dishing out. The record keeps you fully on edge as the terrifying sounds pierce your ears.

"Peace of Mind" and "Pariah" close the album in grand fashion. Both songs are high points to leave your remembering that Black Sabbath started this Metal business and they are still the very best at it. No one has topped Black Sabbath since their debut and this record shows they can still come together and deliver the best music of ay act.

Many of the songs are lengthy tracks that bring to mind an era of days gone by when albums would feature tracks that are well over five of 6 minutes long. Some track even clock in at seven minutes in length. This is greta because it feels like you get your the most bang for your buck when the songs aren't over before you even realize it. Black Sabbath draws you in and unfolds a wonderful story.

Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Brad Wilk create an amazing album that will stand up next to any classic Black Sabbath album. The tracks are all high quality and this is the record Black Sabbath fans have wanted for years. It's great to receive new material from the greatest metal band of all time.

You will absolutely want to buy this album. This is metal at its very best by the very best. Black Sabbath delivers an amazing experience with "13."

God is Dead? Music Video


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