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Black Women White Men Romances In Movies

Updated on February 23, 2013

Black Women White Men Romance On The Screen

Today, Americans are tolerant and open to Black women White men relationships on the big screen. So much so that showbiz has been increasing the theme in movies and on television shows over the last three decades. Now, you can find a large number of cinema presenting Black ladies in partnerships with White males. As the dating trend between these two individuals grow, certainly the role of companions among Black women as well as White men will increase.

Black Women White Men couples in film and on television seems to be a rather new trend to Americans. Little do people know that interracial relationships on film involving Black women White men couples go as far back to 1920 with the soundless film Without Our Gates by legendary Black film maker Oscar Micheaux. I've crafted a list of shows and movies that come to mind when I think of Black women and White men in affairs together on tv and in movies.

Flashdance - Jennifer Beals and Michael Novri
Flashdance is about a young lady named Alex Owens who wants desperately to go to school for ballet. She works two jobs - one as a welder and the other as an exotic dancer. Michael Nouri performs as Nick Hurley - the guy who falls for the determined woman.

Bulworth - Halle Berry and Warren Beatty
This comical film about a senator on the verge of suicide (Beatty) along with a young woman who happens to find her way into his life during the fall of both his sanity and political career. It's so funny to hear Beatty rap in this movie.

John Tucker Must Die - Ashanti and Jesse Metcalfe
This film is a great film to watch after a break-up - so long as you don't take any of the film serious. Ashanti plays Heather, one of three ex-girlfriends of the doggish hunky player John Tucker, played by Jesse Metcalfe.

Skyfall - Naomi Harris and Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig plays 007 also known as James Bond in this action thriller where he saves the day but may or may not get the girl at the end. Naomi Harris plays Eve, another agent who works with Bond to get the bad guy.

The Leading Man - Thandie Newton and Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi performs as Robin Grange in this film about an actor who happens to get himself involved in an interesting web of affairs. Thandie Newton plays Hilary Rule, a mistress to the playwriter in the movie. She eventually falls for Robin Grange's advances.

Soul Man - Rae Dawn Chong and C. Thomas Howell
C. Thomas Howell performs as Mark Watson, a White teen who wants to get into Harvard on a full scholarship. He pretends to be Black in order to accomplish this. Rae Dawn Chong plays the role of his love interest, Sarah Walker, who believes that Watson is Black.

Lakeview Terrace - Kerry Washington and Patrick Wilson
In this film Samuel Jackson performs as Abel Turner, an undercover racist police officer hell bent on terrorizing the interracial couple who just moved in next door. Kerry Washington plays Lisa Mattson, wife of Patrick Wilson's character Chris Mattson.

Constellation - Gabrielle Union and Daniel Bess/David Clennen
Gabrielle Union performs as Carmel Boxer, a southern Black woman who comes to an untimely death. Her past loves and family members are all explored during this film.

Once Fallen - Taraji P. Henson and Brian Presley
Brian Presley plays an ex-con (Chance) who falls in love with Taraji P. Henson in this film about second chances and running from your past.

Alfie - Nia Long and Jude Law
Alfie is such a dog of a man. Alfie, played by Jude Law, has affairs with several women in this sexy romance movie. Nia Long and Jude Law has a very steamy sex scene on a pool table but their relationship doesn't grow any further than that because she is in love with Alfie's best friend. There's a bit of a twist in the end.

I tried to avoid adding spoilers to the descriptions so forgive me if I was a bit too vague. Over the decades there have been a lot of movies with Black women and White men in romantic relationships with each other. I think that it is really great when I watch a film that has a Black woman and a White man as the protagonists and their race is not part of the plot of the movie. I believe that through Hollywood and the media we can continue to tear down the walls of racism and learn to appreciate the beauty of love no matter the color of a person's skin.


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