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Blade IV? How to continue the story.

Updated on March 6, 2013

If you are a fan of the genre, of the comic or the character, I hope you also think that Blade is long overdue another run on the Big Screen. Blade is one of the few Black action hero's that exist in the mainstream comic universe, and the films have entertained those born of an older generation. Having spoken to friends over a couple of drinks, we discussed how could we bring one of the greatest comic book hero' back to a new audience. Blade's mixture of Vampire strength and martial art training should be brought back for a new audience to enjoy.

A typical interpretation of Dracula. Unlike the Blade Trinity version.
A typical interpretation of Dracula. Unlike the Blade Trinity version. | Source

The Blade Trilogy of films was completed with the events of the 2004 film Blade Trinity. The film was judged by many film critics to be weak in comparison to it's previous films. Blade and Blade Two were films which were high tempo and the story moved along with it, sadly the last installment failed to match the previous high standards. One of the major criticisms of the third film was that the Human's in Blade's "Night Stalkers" group did not seem to fear the Vampires, even though the Vampires were faster, much stronger and more lethal. I personally did not overly enjoy the last Blade movie, there were a number of reasons why but I still want to see more of the Blade universe brought onto the Big Screen.

Unfortunately it would seem that the Third film may have have ended the flow of films, maybe that was the ultimate plan by the studio. It would seem that the Marvel/Disney interest is currently concentrating on the Iron Man,Spider man and Avenger films. It would be fair to say, Blade is not a story they wish to currently concentrate on. There are still many ways to reboot the franchise and in this article I will attempt to describe what I would personally like to see done with a future film.

The case for Micheal Jai White!

If Wesley Snipes is not keen?

If Wesley Snipes is not keen to reprise his role of Blade for future installments, It would not be the same and I would genuinely be sad if that was to be the case. Wesley Snipes embodied the character and made the Character his own, to replace Snipes you would have to find an actor with similar martial art ability, physique and charisma. The small screen adaptation of Blade saw the main character played by Kirk "Sticky" Jones and although he did a decent job of bringing the character to the television audience, he lacked the charisma and presence of Wesley Snipes portrayal.

One actor who I believe could bring Blade back with attitude, power and the wow factor is the action star Michael Jai White. White is an actor with a number of Hollywood roles under his belt, one of his most mainstream roles was a small part in Christopher Nolan's Batman Film The Dark Knight(2008). In this he played the part of Gambol who was a Mob boss , playing a villain in a small role meant he had little chance to show his true abilities. White had played the lead role in the movie adaptation of the graphic novel Spawn in 1997 and was brutal in the 2009 film Blood and Bone. In Blood and Bone he played an Ex-Con who became involved in underground fighting and his movement is on par with Snipes at his best. In fact as martial art films go, White was excellent in every fight scene he was involved in.

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Blade Trinity Trailer

What of the Vampire Plague?

In Blade Trinity the creation of the Plague which was designed to target the Vampire population of the world, is a major stumbling block to having the Vampire's back as the main villains in a future film. Without the Vampire's in the film, it makes the whole use of Blade fairly redundant. One way around the airborne virus could be to have a higher level of Vampire who were resistant to the manufactured disease. In diseases some creatures of a targeted species have a genetic resistance to some ailments. The science behind the Night Stalker designed virus is based on the infected blood of Dracula or Drake as he is called in the film Blade Trinity, been the progenitor of the Vampire race. This gave the Night Stalkers a pure blood line to eradicate the global population who descended from Drake's bloodline.

I would suggest that any eventual writers of a Blade 4 bring back the idea of the Vampire Elders from the first film. They could have the Drake character as a renegade from their elder order, whose cult of personality created myths that the modern day Vampire's take as fact. They could dwell and rule in an airtight environment such as an underground city of Sub-aquatic kingdom, where they keep apart from younger Vampire's and the Human Race. A lot of Vampire films and television portray Elder Vampire's as having less of a need for blood than their younger Vampire's.

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Tone down the Night Stalkers?

After Drake/Dracula decimates the Night Stalker cell helping Blade in the third film, only two Night Stalker's remain. I would assume a continuation of their role would be to clean up any Vampire's who were not effected by the airborne virus. If not the actually targeting the Vampire's, perhaps bringing the Human familiars to some kind of justice.

The general opinion of most people who have reviewed the last film, is that the Hannibal Kane character was too chatty and trying to add comic relief when it was not needed. Also the role of Abigail Whistler lacked any real depth to the film. Some have quite sourly commented that casting Jessica Biel as the heroine of the film was little more than adding eye candy to the film to counter Parker Posey's femme fatal role as Danica Talos.

Having the character of Abigail Whistler added a link back to the previous films and allowed Blade to have allies he could instantly trust because of the connection to the man who served as his mentor.Having the character back in any further installment is a good thing in my opinion and it would stop the writers from bringing back from the dead the Kris Kristofferson Whistler character.

Whether or not Ryan Reynolds would reprise his role as Hannibal Kane is unknown, the amount of dialogue he was given in the third film was too much. There must have been some kind of falling out between Wesley Snipes and the production crew, as many lines which you would expect Blade to come out with in previous films just never materialized. Instead Reynolds seemed to have either improvised a lot of his lines or was fed several variations by the director and many made the cut. Blade was very subdued and silent during much of the story and in a future film I`d hope that the Kane and Blade dialogue would get a more equal proportion of lines.

How to end the series?

Maybe a new film could end the series outright, I would hate for the films to get stale like the Police Academy series. Blade offers many avenues and adventures to explore and is only limited by the imagination of the writers. I was told my one movie mad friend that Blade Trinity was meant to set up future films for the Night Stalker members of the film, whether Blade would take a back seat was never explored. Due to the relatively poor reviews the secondary characters received, all further films seem to have been halted.

If they made another Blade film then depending on success at the box office, another sequel could always be possible. I would prefer it if Blade was not killed off as it would halt any chance of a sequel, possibly leaving Blade in a cliffhanger scenario would be the best plan. In all the previous films he is seen preparing for the next battle at the end of the film, so to leave the character in mortal jeopardy would be a good move.

After nearly a decade since the last film, I get the feeling that a new Blade movie is not in the pipeline. I check the International Movie Data Base often, just to see if there is any forward movement on a sequel. I believe that the last film did not recoup it's original budget but given the current trend for Comic book conversions to Silver Screen, I can only hope that Blade gets another chance. The longer the franchise is left hanging, the less chance Wesley Snipes will reprise his role. For me Blade Trinity did not end the saga of Blade and I think one more film is needed to satisfy the fans.

If having read this, you feel you have something to add to the article or general discussion please comment in the box at the end and I will be happy to share your views and opinions.


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