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Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder

Updated on December 23, 2011

Blades of Glory tells the story of two figure skating champions who overcome their bitter rivalry to join forces and win gold medals. It is a story of friendship, love, determination and sporting victory.

Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrel) is a sex-addicted loathario and ice-skating supremo whose edgy style captivates audiences. His rival, Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) is a pampered and effeminate ‘rich-boy’ whose completely different skills in the ice rink are the only ones to match those of Chazz.

At the world championships of the National Figure Skating Association the pair both put on impressive displays and tie level on points, meaning that the gold medal is shared between them.

However, while standing together on the podium they begin fighting and fall out the ice rink throwing punches and kicks at each other. The crow is horrified and several weeks later they are both banned from singles figure skating – for life.

Fast-forward three and a half years and Chazz is a down and-out drunk working as the ‘evil wizard’ in a children’s ice theatre production called ‘The Grublets’. Jimmy has fared no better, and works as an out-of-favour shop assistant.

Will Ferrell in ice skating movie Blades of Glory
Will Ferrell in ice skating movie Blades of Glory

Jimmy is informed by his obsessive stalker that although he’s banned from competing in singles competitions he can compete in doubles.

With a renewed sense of hope he visits ‘The Grublets’ production with the hope of recruiting a female dancer to partner with. But it is a chance encounter her with Chazz – freshly sacked for his drunken behaviour – that sparks the greatest pairing in ice-skating history.

The two former champions still have their bitter rivalry, and upon seeing each other begin fighting again. They brawl on the ice to the horror of the children before throwing each other across the room.

Chazz (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy (John Heder) begin working together on the ice
Chazz (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy (John Heder) begin working together on the ice
The male duo's new rival, Fairchild Van Waldenerg, who along with her brother Stranz try to scupper Chazz and Jimmy's bid to win gold
The male duo's new rival, Fairchild Van Waldenerg, who along with her brother Stranz try to scupper Chazz and Jimmy's bid to win gold

All is captured by the local TV cameras and the footage is shown on the news. Bizarrely, Jimmy’s former coach sees the report and is struck by how well the pair seem to be launching each other into the air (throwing a partner is one of the most difficult moves in figure skating). He visits them in a holding cell and makes the suggestion that they defy all convention and pair up together for the ice skating Olympic championships, to which they reluctantly agree.

Katie Van Waldenberg, the nice one in the family who falls in love with Jimmy
Katie Van Waldenberg, the nice one in the family who falls in love with Jimmy

There is only two things standing in the way of the skate to victory – their disklike of each other and the current world champions, Stranz Van Waldenberg (Will Arnett) and his sister Fairchild Van Waldenberg (Amy Poehler) .

After some tense training sessions the two skaters begin to mellow, and successfully qualify in the nationals, despite the Waldenbergs using their younger, unwilling e sister Katie (Jenna Fischer) to spy on their training sessions .

Now they’re on the road to the world championships in Stockholm, but the Waldenbergs are determined that this pair won’t take their crown. Katie and Jimmy have started to like each other, and they force Katie to seduce Chazz by inviting him back to her hotel room after one of his sex addicts meetings. The encounter is timed so that Jimmy walks in the room while Chazz has his hands on Katie’s breast. Jimmy takes off into the night and the unstoppable partnership looks to be in trouble. And just to make sure the male duo can’t compete, the next morning the Waldenbergs handcuff Jimmy in the toilets and lock Chazz in a store cupboard.

Eventually both Jimmy and Chazz manage to escape and they make in to the ice-just in time to perform their routine. They perform the dead ‘iron lotus’ move which involves one partner being swung round by their feet and launched into a backflip in the air while the other does a spinning karate kick with the blades narrowly missing the other’s head. The last time it was performed was in North Korea under the rule Kin jong-il, a fatal move which resulted in the female partner being beheaded.

With a male-male duo the coach believes the physics are right for it to be performed successfully. But after Chaz suffers a broken ankle mid-way through the routine when Fairchild Van Waldenberg throws beads onto the ice to try to scupper their chances the move looks even more deadly. At the last moment Jimmy suggests swapping to an unrehearsed move in which he is the male thrower part of the move and Chazz is the female. They perform the deadly throw with inch perfect precision to the amazement of the crowds and the judges and duly win the competition with gold medals.

The Van Waldenbergs are arrested and Katie breaks free from her older sister after falling in love with Jimmy. The final scene is Chazz and Jimmy receiving their gold medals on the podium and now as the best of friends, Chazz unveils a tattoo of Jimmy next to his ‘lone wolf’ ink. They then fly like superheroes out of the stadium with sparks coming off their ice skates.


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