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St Martins Church Bladon

Updated on February 10, 2012

St Martin's Church

Bladon lies on the south side of Blenheim Park. St Martin's Church is a Victorian reconstruction of 1894 on the site of an earlier church rebuilt in 1801.

Below are a collection of Images taken on a day visit.

The St Martin's Church is the final resting place of Winston Churchill, probably the best leader with exception to the Queen, that Britain has ever had.

Everybody's know his quote "We'll fight them on the beaches"

I hope and pray that someone will come along with the same attitude and clean Britain of its Political Correction Stigma we now have in place.

Please do not steal any of my images, they are all copyright to myself. If you like the image email me or leave a comment.

Please enjoy the Images and leave a message in the comment section.

St Martins Church Images

Winston Churchill's Grave and Family Plot

Below are two images of Winston Churchill's Family Plot.

Winston Churchill passed away on the 24th January 1965 he was laid to rest on the 30th January 1965.

It was estimated that over 70,000 people passed through the gates of St MARTIN'S Church on the weekend of the 31st January 1965 to bid farewell and see Winston Churchill's final resting place.

St Martins Church Churchills Funeral

Poem at Winston Churchill's Funeral

Drop English earth on him beneath

Do our sons and their sons bequeath his glories

And our pride and grief

At Bladon

For Lionheart that lies below

That feared not toil nor tear nor foe

Let the oak stand tho' tempests blow

At Bladon

So Churchill sleeps, yet surely wakes

Old warrior where the morning breaks

On sunlit uplands

But the heart aches

At Bladon

Stained Glass Windows


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    • mike1242 profile image

      mike1242 8 years ago from London

      Thanks for the comment rebeka

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 8 years ago from Tampa Bay

      wow, absolutely gorgeous images. really beautiful hub. I'll be back to read more. thanks for sharing. :]


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