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Blizzard largely spares NY, but pounds New England

Updated on January 27, 2015

According to Fox News, the snow blizzard of Jan 26, 2015 was less than spectacular. It hardly affected New York and New Jersey and only buried Connecticut and eastern Massachusetts under as much as two feet of snow. I personally agree that this blizzard was not spectacular at all. Nothing like the superstorm Sandy. And here I was thinking about taking a week off from work and just staying home being lazy and doing my nails and everything. I mean thankfully I do not actually have to go to work today, however, some unfortunate individuals may be required to attend today although most of the mass transit is not working. Some people might try to show up to work just to impress their ridiculous bosses. Now let me tell you that this is nothing but a royal waste of time being that these people do not give a damn whether you live or die. So good luck with that.

Yesterday on television they over publicized this blizzard and now I feel stupid for listening to the hype. Although any disaster is always great entertainment. However, all disaster news should be taken seriously. When Sandy hit most people laughed it off initially and only realized that they were really in for some serious insanity.


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