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BlogTalkRadio, Be a Radio Host

Updated on October 18, 2010

Listen and Speak on BlogTalkRadio


How To Set Up A BlogTalkRadio Show

BlogTalkRadio is online internet radio where you can host your own internet radio show. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a phone and a few people.


The Basic service is free. You get an online switchboard for up to five concurrent callers at a time, 30 minutes per day of show time and some low level promotion.

If your show takes off you can upgrade to Premium, Plus or Pro. The Premium is $39.00 a month, the Plus version is $99.00 a month and Pro is $249.00 a month. Each upgrade in service gets you more callers on your switchboard, more promotion and a longer show time.

BASIC--30 minute show, 5 concurrent callers, basic promotion. (FREE)

PREMIUM--2hr show,50 concurrent callers, 5,000 impressions a month.

PLUS--3hr show, 100 concurrent callers, 10,000 impressions a month.

PRO--3hr show, 250 concurrent callers, 20,000 impressions a month, featured show status.


You set up a free account with a user name and a password. Click Create My Talk Show. Follow the prompts.

Most shows are set up for the level for Everyone which allows people under 18 to participate. If your show isn't suitable for all ages, you can also choose Mature, Explicit or Adult as the rating for your show.

You must have a phone line to have a radio show. It can be a cell phone or a land-line but you cannot host without a phone line and an internet connection.

Set up your phone line for the switchboard, choose a show time, upload a picture for your logo.

Then all you need is to advertise it to your friends and their friends through social media outlets such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Don't forget to include your work associates (when appropriate) and your face to face friends.

Have fun!


This is the great thing about BlogTalkRadio, the content is yours. You can spend your time ranting about politics, giving out self-help advice or even running a basic psychic service. My personal favorite is the live poetry shows where poets read their work live over the internet. It is your forum.

You can debate your hot topics, gather readers for your books and blogs or build relationships with others. BlogTalkRadio gives you a radio talk show where you get to be the boss.

Not sure if you want to be a host?

Then sign up as a listener and get access to 24/7 live internet radio. When on the site click On Air for shows in progress and click Featured for popular shows.

How To Read Poetry On BlogTalkRadio


Live Poetry Readings on BlogTalkRadio

I'm a poet in an area that doesn't offer me a lot of opportunities to get readers or listeners. In some area such as Chicago, you can read your poems at Poetry Slams, open mic nights on college campuses and at coffee shops.

In Kentucky where I live there are very few chances for me to share my work except over the internet. So now I have an online workshop, online magazine submissions and online readings.

BlogTalkRadio has several live internet poetry shows.

On my favorite show, I log on Tuesday nights and sometimes I just listen to the show. Listen to all the new poets read work that hasn't been heard before. I wonder if the people who heard Poe read or Frost, knew they were hearing history being made?

I feel like I'm a part of new poetry history.

On other nights, I either Skype in or call in on my cell phone and read my poem. I get live comments from the host and usually a guest host. I also get written comments in chat room from the other listeners all over the world.

For those that don't know, Skype is a free internet call system. The quality varies but you can use your computer's modem to call out. A good audio headset with a microphone is required. If you don't have one, you can call in on a regular phone as well. But there is usually a wait so keep an eye on your cell phone minutes.

In the past, poetry has been shared in pubs, on street corners, in little paper books sold in shops and how its being shared on the internet. This is the future for poets. This is the new coffee shop of the internet age.

Besides, I love having a open mic night each week. I practice my poems out loud. I edit them more closely. It helps me grow as a writer and as a listener.

I hope you'll give it a try as well. address for BlogTalkRadio.


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      aware 7 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      Again, i got cool info from you. TY for the Blog TalkRadio site info.