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Blondie - Eighty Years of Comic Strips

Updated on July 13, 2011

Blondie a Comic Strip that Keeps Going

Blondie is a classic comic strip that has been around for eighty years. She was created by Chic Young who drew her until his death.

When he died many thought the magic was gone but his son Dean has kept he magic alive for all Blondie's fans.

The Cartoonist - Chic Young

Murat Bernard Young came into this world in 1901. The Century of Industrialization where farmers and other people in small towns came, wanting a better life. It was a time of change and hope. Being born into a family of artistic people.

His mother was an artist, she understood that creative muse never sleeps. His sister loved to teach art and share her wisdom on how to draw with others. His brother works at King features drawing a syndicated strip.

His family often thought in pictures and not words. His mother never wanted him to become an artist. In high school he earned the nickname “Chic”. The closest he ever got to an art class was when he was dating an art school model.

Working for the railroad when his best friend Eagar Martin sent him a wire. He had exciting news for him. It said that NEA was looking for someone who could draw a comic strip about a girl. Chic leaned against a wall pondering about this information.

He took his railroad pass and rushed off to Cleveland, He went to see them about a job and got it! He was thrilled. His job would pay twenty-two dollars, it was only three less that what the railroad was paying him.

An old Blondie

Blondie's Creator

“The Monkey Room” was were the artists drew their comic strips watched over by the chief artist.

He was liked for his smile and easy going nature. He was easy to make friends with.

Every artist was a practical joker. They would often play jokes on one another and laugh about it.

Chic received a telephone call. When he answered it the person on the other line told him that he was from King Features Syndicate and asked him to come to New York. They wanted him to do some comics for them and would pay him $10,000, for his time.

Chic thought it was a great gag and wondered why no one reacted when he told them.

Months passed and he asked for a raise. He was told “No” and fired him. He was just another comic strip artist. There were dozens like him. He proved them wrong.

Gathering up his things he went to New York and talked to J.D Gortatowaski, who was the head of the art department at King Features. When asked why he refused them he told them he thought it was a gag.

Chic Young

He got the job. He drew a comic that lasted four months and was called Beautiful Babs. After he did that he served as an apprentice that lasted a year. After that he began to work on Dumb Dora. From that was born Blondie. She appeared in the comic strips on September 8, 1930.

It was a hard and fast rule that characters in comics shouldn't changed, However there are exceptions to that rule. Young was one of them.

Blondie got married to Bunbstead on April 15th, 1934. The fans loved it! The other change was when their son was born. Through the years it became accepted by the fans.

Chic's own 1st born son died of diphtheria in 1937. He and his wife took a year off in Europe. This caused a rumor that he would give up on Blondie. That wasn't true. Chic and his wife needed time to deal with their loss.

When he returned to the US he began working on Blondie again. Fans would send him tons of letters.

Chic Young drew Blondie until he died in 1973.

The Comic Blondie

Blondie Boopadoop appeared in comics September 6th, 1930. She was a flighty flapper gal who had a ton of guys after her. Why not? She was a foxy lady. Dagwood Bumstead was one of her many admirers.

He was the son of the richest man around and considered himself a playboy of sorts.Yet he really liked Blondie and chased after her much to the disapproval of the Bumstead family. How could their son want a girl far below his class?

They fell in love and got married, much to the disgust of the father. He didn't like this girl, whom he felt was after all his money. He disowned his son.

They settled down to raise a family, work, struggle with bills but through it all their love has kept them together.

Blondie has not only touched the heart of America but of the world. People everywhere can relate to the families struggles. Paying bills, working hard to make ends meat and the everyday struggle to live.

There are more than 2,000 comic strips print Blondie. 55 countries distribute this comic to their readers who can relate to the comic because it deals with everyday life in the family unit. Blondie is spoken in 35 languages as movies, TV shows, comic novels have been published all over the world.

After 80 years of Dagwood's goof-ball antics and Blondie's practical intelligence, the comic hasn't lost it's magic.

Handing Over the Torch - Dean Young

Dean Young was born in Flushing, New York. He loved to draw and be active like any boy.

In high school he was State Swimming Champion. When he entered collage he took art and was a cartoonist. He worked as an advertising accountant. When he was down on his luck he called home for some advice. His father asked him to come help him draw Blondie and he did. The year was 1963.

It came as a blow when his father died in 1973. He never thought he could walk in his footsteps. Papers began to drop Blondie thinking it was over. Before Chic died he gave advice to his son that he shouldn't worry, just do the comic strip. He did and they came back and more.

On Labor Day, 1991, Blondie opened her own catering business. This created a stir. Dean has changed some thing to computers, cell phones and more modern appliances while keeping the core of the comic. Bumstead's sandwiches, him racing out the door and whamming into the poor mailman, sleeping on the couch and many other little things that brings this alive.

Yes he's kept the magic alive so millions of people across the world can enjoy Blondie.


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