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Updated on December 7, 2017
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Having grown up in a martial arts family I had the good fortune of enjoying such chopsocky classics as this movie, Bloodfight (1989).

Revenge Stories

Where would martial arts movies be without the Revenge story line? It's a familiar tale we have all heard many times before but we never seem to get sick of hearing again. Bloodfight follows that tradition by using the well established roles of the reluctant hero and the wise teacher. As we have become accustomed to, the reluctant fighter must train hard to learn the secrets of martial arts so that he can correct some injustice in the world.

Inevitably, the obligatory training montage follows as the up-and-coming hero puts himself through all manner of torments in his efforts to harden his body and become a physical dynamo of justice.

NO SPOILERS! I almost never read movie reviews because they often give away twists or secrets or other important plot points that ruin the movie for me. So I won't do that to you. Instead I'll talk about what you can expect from this film and, if you want more details about the story itself, there is a pretty nifty teaser trailer below that will fill you in very nicely.

Bad Ass Bolo Yeung

Fan Favorite Bolo Yeung
Fan Favorite Bolo Yeung

Good Fun Entertainment

This movie is best enjoyed with friends. When I am in Arizona, I attend my friend's weekly Bad Movie Night, where we watch all kinds of schlock and B-movies, drink a few beers and generally have a great time. Bloodfight is perfect for an evening like that. This movie practically begs you to be involved in the trials and tribulations that the characters on the screen are suffering through. When you see the over the top punks with their mohawks and their sunglasses, you will definitely want to punch them in their television faces.

What is Bloodfight About?

Movie LIke Bloodsport


Many reviewers have described Bloodfight as a cheap, Hong Kong knock-off of the Jean-Claude Van Damme hit movie, Bloodsport, made the year before in 1988. But is that true? While yes, there are many similarities int he story line, there are also some important differences. For me, a true fan of the genre, both movies stand alone and are worthwhile additions to your film library.


That Bad Guy Looks Familiar

If you find yourself thinking "Jeez, that bad guy sure does look familiar. I wonder where I have seen him before." Don't worry, you're not going crazy. The head baddie in this tale of woe is played by the always entertaining Bolo Yeung. He's been in quite a few movies that you might have seen but you probably know him best from his role opposite Bruce Lee in his epic martial arts classic Enter The Dragon. A memorable scene from that fight-film was when Bolo (playing a character name Bolo) faces off against the vastly underappreciated John Saxon.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The movie starts off boldly, not wasting any time on trivial things like story or dialogue. Instead it opts to show us stern faced goons strutting around looking angry to help us understand that we are in for a serious ride. The good effect of this is that it doesn't immediately confront you with details that you might not care that much about. You are, after all, watching a cheap, Asian kung-fu flick.

The bad part is that the pace can be a little slow at times. I don't know about you but when I watch a kicky-punchy movie, that's mostly what I want to see. I'm not saying their isn't room for story, but it's really the action that I came for.

The ugly. Unlike many revenge films, this one doesn't exactly turn out the way you might expect. In keeping with my promise not to ruin it with any spoilers, I won't give you specific details but know this: Bloodfight isn't a feel-good, hug a teddy bear and ride off into the sunset on a smiling unicorn kind of movie.

No Height Limit

Well sure, he's got the reach advantage
Well sure, he's got the reach advantage

Which Movie is Better?

Did you like Bloodfight or Bloodsport more?

See results

Take Her Advice

You Better Listen To Her
You Better Listen To Her

No Subtitles or Dubbing

Speaking for myself, I don't mind subtitles and, for me anyway, even dubbing has a certain charm that I have grown to appreciate over the years. You won't get either of those in Bloodfight because the actors all speak in English. Legend has it that this was because the producers were determined to make this movie an international release, hot on the heels of Bloodsport. A movie in which this film's villain, Bolo Yeung, also played the bad guy. In fact, he played nearly exactly the same bad buy.

© 2017 Dale Anderson


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