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"Bloodline": Season 3 Spoiler Review

Updated on June 19, 2017

I was pretty excited when it was announced that Bloodline would be getting a third and final season. It is a pretty linear story, after all, and I figured that they'd be able to wrap it up quite nicely and cap off a decent series. Unfortunately, that's not really what happened.

The overarching problem with this season is that it doesn't feel like a final season. Instead of focusing purely on wrapping up the main storyline, a lot of screen time is dedicated to new (and old) minor storylines that in the end have no real payoff. Why focus on the main cast when you can focus on Ozzy, who ultimately adds nothing to the story? Right? No, it just doesn't make sense. A lot of time is also given to Kevin and his partnership with Roy, as well as his inevitable screw ups. I understand that this is a storyline that they had been working towards for a while, but it really fell flat with me. It felt a lot like a storyline I'd see on any other cop show. A generally good guy gets involved with a bad guy and ends up doing some drug deals, and the FBI hunts him down. Very original.

It almost felt like Danny Rayburn's murder all the sudden wasn't as important as it was in the first two seasons. The big question was always "will they get caught? Will they go down for what they did?" But they never really seemed to be in any danger of getting caught this season. That, no doubt, is largely because of Marco's death, but I figured Eric would somehow, someway bring down the family or at least make them feel very nervous. That didn't happen.

Another issue with this season is that a lot of the episodes have quite a bit of hot air in them. By that, I mean not lot of important stuff happens in a lot of the episodes. The biggest event of the entire season was Eric's trial, the aftermath was largely inconsequential. Especially episode nine, which was completely misplaced and, while I somewhat enjoyed the episode, it really left me scratching my head as to why it was the penultimate episode. That brings us to the ending. I'm kind of torn on it, to be completely honest. It was definitely a risky choice by the writers to 1: make Aguirre all the sudden not care about whether or not John was involved in the murders (in season two he definitely cared) and 2: ending the series with John getting ready to tell Nolan the truth (we assume). I feel like the ladder choice was solid, but the former was a mistake. In certain stories, I think it's a great choice to let the bad guy get away with the crime–even if he doesn't want to. But Aguirre all the sudden deciding that he doesn't care about John's confession or potential crimes just doesn't make any sense for that character. It made the end very bitter-sweet for me, and I'm sure lots of other fans feel the same way.

The bottom line is that the creators took some creative risks with the story and the characters for the final season and it didn't pay off. The main cast doesn't receive enough screen time, the story is messy, the characters aren't developed that much more than they were in the second season, and the ending leaves a bit to be desired. I don't think it's an absolutely terrible season of television, but it's not all that great, either. If you have watched the first two seasons, I have to suggest that you watch this season because it will give you some closure. But if you haven't started the series, maybe just watch the first season because the two that follow are not nearly as good.


3 out of 5 Stars (60%) for Bloodline: Season 3
3 out of 5 Stars (60%) for Bloodline: Season 3


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