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Blu-Ray or DVD Movies

Updated on June 30, 2013

What version?

As an avid viewer of films, their is nothing that I enjoy more than being able to sit down occasionally and escape for a couple of hours.

What I'm sure a lot of are noticing during this transition is the content that is available to us. Let me explain a little further, I'm sure that in the past if you've collected your various editions of releases i.e the the Star Wars sagas or the Blade Runner's. And we keep looking for more to see, what was added after each VHS then DVD then DVD extended and so on.

Now Blu-Ray comes along and a lot of us are looking out wondering what the quality is and how well the film will play on our specific systems. But how many of us are also looking trying to find out which version of the films we are purchasing.

Again let me try to explain. I recently purchased the Lethal Weapon series on Blu-Ray, looks great but for some reason Lethal Weapon 1 is the original cut and not the Extended cut that was on DVD. Not sure why the studios would back track and release this version.

I follow the forums all the time searching for this information and with the recent release of the American Pie Trilogy on Blu-Ray, I noticed that all most people were trying to find out, again if they were releasing the Uncut versions of the film or the theater cut as it wasn't clear.

So are we to have the same with Blu-Ray as we did with DVD constant re-releases of editions which I can understand with new films but the older finished products I don't see what they are hoping to gain from this.

In all it's not so much a picture perfect experience I'm after because I accept that we can't always have that, but surely a little more clarity on what it is that we are buying would be nice.

TV Series

With TV now largely been released for us to own I'm sure that we all have a box set or two. I myself have a multitude of series to pick from and enjoy the odd series marathon.

But it appears that we are not even safe when it comes to TV releases. With now multiple versions of episodes available to own which do you pick?

I'll show you one in particular, you possibly know of it.

Now there have been a number of Friends releases over the years VHS, DVD and now BluRay. After the 15th anniversary edition DVD with all the deleted scenes added was released is was great and for myself an instant purchase. So why when they released the BluRay they decided to back track and not contain the footage in the latest DVD release is beyond me unless we have a 20th anniversary BluRay coming out soon and the recent release was just a means to fund it.


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