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Blue Eyed Soul Singers

Updated on September 2, 2011
Soul Music
Soul Music

Who are the Blue-Eyed Soul Singers?

Soul music stems from gospel and rhythm and blues (R&B), traditionally; gospel and R&B singers have been black artists.

Because of its close ties with what is widely considered to be “black music,” soul music is classified as black music as well. Therefore, when a person who is not black has the ability to bring a soulful sound into their musical style, they are attributed to as being a “Blue Eyed Soul Singer.”

Some of the biggest blue-eyed soul singers are performers we know well, and others are just beginning their musical journey.

Wherever they may be positioned in their music careers, and regardless to the color of their skin, one thing is for sure, these singers are exceedingly gifted, and they have the ability to belt out a tune that stirs the soul.

Teena Marie

Teena Marie (Lady Tee, Vanilla Child) had one of the most expressive to ever record a tune. If you do not know her music, and you need proof; all you need to do is give one listen to Fire and Ice, the much-loved Lady T duo with Rick James from the late 70s.

If you have never heard it, get ready to be amazed. Ms. Marie continued to bring her special brand of soul in hits like I Need Your Lovin,’ Lovergirl, and Square Biz

Teena Marie was frequently mistaken for being black because her voice was so soulful. On December 26, 2010, Teena Marie was found dead in her home, a subsequent autopsy reported that the singer dies of natural causes - without a doubt, the world lost one of the strongest voices in history on that day.

Crisitna Aguilerra

When I first noticed Cristina Aquilerra, I dismissed her as being just another plastic pop singer trying to be a Britney Spears clone - I am sure that many people did the same. What we did not realize, is the fact that Cristina can actually sing.

Aguilerra can carry a tune exceedingly farther than most of the people we call singers today. The whole world saw her intense vocal ability during a tribute to James Brown, with her rendition of “A Man’s World.”

Cristina Aguilerra’s voice is right up there with confirmed soul and R&B greats like Regina Belle, Angela Winbush, Stephanie Mills, and Whitney Houston.

Robin Thicke

As a child of the 80s, I grew up being familiar with Alan Thicke, the TV dad from the 80s classic show, Growing Pains. In all honesty, Alan Thicke was a rather vanilla sort of guy…but his son, Robin Thicke is a completely different story.

Robin Thicke exudes so much soul in his songs, until you have to wonder if he wasn’t born in the wrong time - it seems as though he should have been singing with Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.

The soul in Robin Thicke’s voice flows naturallyon tunes like Sweetest Love and Magic. If you haven’t checked him out, do yourself a favor and listen to some of his music


The first time you hear Adele’s chart topping single Chasing Pavements or Rolling In The Deep, you know that you are in the presence of a talented artist with a soulful voice.

What you do not expect, is that she is only 22 years old, because her voice sounds as though it has been aged and crafted like a fine wine.

Adele’s brand of soul is clean and pure, and it shines through without any aid from backup singers or instrumentation.


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