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Blue Man Group, Jersey Boys, or Beatle's Love Cirque de Soleil, Which Las Vegas Show Is Best?

Updated on April 19, 2013
My visit with the "Blue Man!"
My visit with the "Blue Man!" | Source
The "Eiffel Tower" in Front of Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This picture was taken from the Bellagio hotel with the fountains in front of the tower. Beautiful hotel and very recognizable with its version of the Eiffel Tower in front!
The "Eiffel Tower" in Front of Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This picture was taken from the Bellagio hotel with the fountains in front of the tower. Beautiful hotel and very recognizable with its version of the Eiffel Tower in front! | Source
Thanks for visiting Las Vegas, Come Back Soon!
Thanks for visiting Las Vegas, Come Back Soon! | Source

My choice for Best Show In Las Vegas!

Since relocating to Las Vegas, we have decided to take advantage of the show opportunities that are available on "The Strip" here. All three of these shows have something for everyone... but the BEST show in my opinion is the "Beatle's Love" Cirque de Soleil show at the Mirage!

Judging purely by "which show would I pay to go see again?" This show was the winner, hands down! From the time you walk IN to the Beatle's theater, you are immersed in the period of the Beatle's greatest popularity. The ushers are dressed in period "costumes"... dressed as Bobbie's and other assorted characters.

We overheard one young lady who had to be just in her 20's say "I just LOVE the Beatles!" Here is a fan who wasn't even BORN yet when the Beatle's were in their "heyday". Their music transcends down through the generations, and will continue to do that for years to come. It wasn't just the MUSIC that was the highlight of this show, the interpretations of the music done in true "Cirque de Soleil" fashion, as only they can do it, make it a stellar show for all ages!

From the pure athleticism of songs like "Help"... young men on skateboards doing an exhausting series of stunts that go through most of the song, to the BEAUTIFUL flowing scenery during songs like "Octopus's Garden", this show keeps your attention throughout. It will tug at your heartstrings when "video's" are shown of the Beatles actually performing (on a transparent screen... I'm still not sure how they did that!) It is an amazing, entertaining show that was worth every penny!

Jersey Boys, a fun and entertaining musical performance show at "The Paris Hotel" would have to be a close second.. if you have two nights to go see shows while you are in Las Vegas, I would recommend both of these, Beatle's Love and Jersey Boys!

Jersey Boys is based on a Broadway show with the same name. It is the fascinating story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Told in a way that only performers in Vegas can do it, it is fascinating to find out the family history behind these singers and the back-story behind this famous legend, Frankie Valli, and the group that he was such a special a part of.

The show is based on the beginnings of this entertaining group, as they say had its beginnings from "under a street lamp on the corner into the spotlight." Guys would get together and sing on street corners in New Jersey. Crime was so much a part of life, someone was always getting sent "away" and throughout this show, you'll see it happen to one of the guys.

They sing all their most popular hits, from "Sherry" to "Big Girls Don't Cry" to "Walk Like A Man". Just tell me when you see these song titles, do you "hear" the songs in your head like I do? I hear the famous "falsetto" sound of Frankie Valli and this group that made them so identifiable and unique. This is a fantastic musical show that will bring back great memories of a simpler time... or do we just think it was a simpler time? This is a fantastic show to see next time you are in Las Vegas, your toes will tap and your heart will sing along. You won't regret it!

Now the "Blue Man Group" (which is now at "The Monte Carlo Hotel," ~ when we saw them they were at the Venetian Hotel) is another story! I guess if you are very young, or simply have a child-like sense of humor, you will find this show to be very funny and entertaining. There WERE parts of the show that were very good, but there are other parts that drag on and on (possibly a bit too long!) The playing of the drums was very good, and the effects of "paint" being splattered in the air was definitely different. We did like the audience participation part of it, I would say that the young lady who participated in the "twinkie eating" section of the show was actually MORE entertaining than the "Blue Men" were! Maybe she should have a part in this show? To watch Captain Crunch cereal and twinkies being spit out just wasn't really our idea of something "funny". It was a bit strange at times!

It was a different kind of entertainment that not everyone will "get" or appreciate. The end of the show was good, I won't spoil it for you, but one member of the audience walked away with a VERY unique "souvenir" for their home (if they can find somewhere to PUT it there!)

It was the kind of show that you could go to ONE time to say "I've seen it"... other than that, I wouldn't pay to go see it again. After the show, some of the "Blue Men" were in the lobby taking photo's, so I did get a photo with one of them... and it WAS neat the way they would "sign" an autograph if you wanted one. Other than that, I would say to skip this show if you don't have very much time here on your visit to Las Vegas, or simply are not interested.

Hands down, I would definitely go see "The Beatle's Love" Cirque de Soleil show again. It is the kind of show that you would see something different each time that you had missed the first time, and you might have a different experience depending on where you are sitting in the theater! You will walk away feeling the exhilaration of having been to something very special, something unique that you can only find here... in the City Of Entertainment, Las Vegas!

"Help" from the Beatle's Love show, Cirque de Soleil


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